The Best Hunting Trip Destinations for First-Time Traveling Hunters

Hunting Trip Destinations

The Internet has become one of the ultimate tools in the arsenal of every avid hunter. You can browse for equipment, look for opinions from the esteemed sources, and rediscover new and exciting travel destinations. If you are a first-time traveler to the lands you’ve never previously visited – at the very least, as a hunter – there are at least a few destinations that you should consider first.

Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Alaska is one of the final frontiers. A spectacular landscape of colossal glaciers and gargantuan mountain ranges that never end attracts adventurers for every corner of the globe, including the hunters that are particularly interested in adding Sitka blacktail deer to their list of trophies. Take the extra time to prepare well for this sort of outing.

After all, deer hunting is a complicated activity that requires skill and know-how. Prince Wales Island is a wonderful playground for hunting this game, though take it only as a preferred suggestion Kodiak islands are also home to this type of deer.

Beyond that, Alaska, in general, is renowned for some interesting game – such as Yukon Moose, Caribou, Dall sheep, etc. It might require ample financial resources, but you will, without a doubt, get the bang for your buck.

Windhoek, Namibia

Photo :https://unsplash.com/photos/f39eYqp2f8E

Namibia is one of the most beloved destinations in Africa right now. The spellbinding desert landscapes with an enchanting appeal and irresistibly hospitable population make for a winning recipe. Even if you embark on this trip for hunting, why not spoil yourself a bit with some old-fashioned holiday relaxing? You could make time for both.

That being said, Namibia is usually at the top of the list of any hunter worth their salt – the continent of Africa itself is an obligatory rite of passage for gun-wielders. If you’ve never been on a safari, and you’ve had the means to travel to other continents to hunt game, you simply have to rearrange your priorities!

Local companies with exceptional hunter lodges are usually run by families and they have a laid-back appeal. You’ll come across well-organized tent camps in the wilderness and partake in innumerable camping activities. You’ll also get a chance to base yourself wherever you like in order to hunt for the big-game: Cape buffalos, crocodiles, warthogs, and even hippos! The allure of Africa’s heartland awaits!

Montenegro (of the Balkans)

Slowly but surely, South-Eastern Europe is turning into the hippest place for hunters around the world. It’s as if the world is discovering, only now, how rich and resplendent in non-endangered wildlife the Balkans are.

Montenegro counts among the countries that you should definitely consider adding to your travel list. It is simply all too unique: having the unique features of Dinaric heartland and Mediterranean appeal at the same time.

Montenegro is the ultimate dream for hunters that are eager to hunt the birds of a feather. Fowl hunters will probably turn into regulars, wherever they came from, and snipes, quails, and doves are also plentiful.

South Island, New Zealand

Before you embark on an epic flight to the ends of the Earth and base yourself in one of the lodges on the windy slopes of New Zealand’s South Island, you have to ensure one thing: learn the list of protected species by heart and stick to the rules with utmost seriousness. Otherwise, you might find yourself in serious legal and financial trouble.

Apart from that, red stags, fallow deer, elk (wapiti), sika, rusa, sambar deer (are you noticing a pattern there?) as well as wild boar, ram and water buffalo – these are all fair game in anyone’s book. The prime-time season is between March and April, so if you can time it just right, you might just have one of the most productive hunting trips in your life!


You know how the drill goes: a solid preparatory work is the foundation of a successful hunting trip. Whether you plan to utilize the services of a traveling agency or venture out by yourself (which can be a potent adventure of discovery in and of itself), the bottom line remains the same – you have to do your homework, and lists such as the one above can offer you some nice broad strokes for the hunting trip filled with exciting discoveries.  

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