Liverpool – history and championship times

Liverpool club

On the occasion of the 128-year-old birthday of the club Liverpool, we will keep track of the champions and history of this club. You are an avid fan of this team, read the article along with us!

History of the Liverpool club

Liverpool was formed after an internal dispute by the Everton Club Committee. Everton Club was founded and rented Anfield yard from 1884 to 1891. In 1891, John Houlding, a member of the Everton Committee and the owner of the Anfield pitch, and a number of other members decided to buy back and own Anfield.

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Later, because of some disagreements with John Houlding’s team over financial issues, the remaining Everton Club members moved to another stadium, Goodison Park, just north of the park Stanley. With only 3 players and an empty field, John Houlding decided to establish himself a team on March 15, 1892. The Liverpool club has been created and played at the vacant Anfield. The original name was Everton F.C. and Athletic Grounds Ltd (or Everton Athletic for short), but it was changed to Liverpool F.C. in June 1892 when the English Football Federation refused to recognize the name Everton.

Football playing history and championship times

Statistics of Liverpool championship shows that they have:

  • 18 times champion of England
  • 6 European Cups / UEFA Champions League
  • 3 UEFA Cups
  • 4 European / UEFA Super Cup
  • 1 FIFA Club World Cup
  • 7 FA Cups
  • 8 Football League Cups / EFL Cup
  • 15 FA Charity Shields / FA Community Shield

The team won the Lancashire League in the first season, and was promoted to the English Second Division Soccer League the following season. They went on to win the league and were promoted to the English Premier League (also known as the national championship from 1992 to now, the official name is the English Premier League). They won the First Division for the first time in the 1900-01 season and again for the 1905-06 season. Then they reached the finals of the FA Cup 1914 but lost 1-0 to Burnley.

The club won the First Division for two consecutive years in the seasons 1921-22 and 1922-23, but subsequently did not win any trophies until 1946-47, when they won their fifth national championship. The club reached the 1950 FA Cup finals but lost to Arsenal. Liverpool was relegated in the 1953-54 season. During this period they suffered a 2-1 defeat in the FA Cup against the lesser known team Worcester City, season 1958-59.

Before the final match began, many Liverpool fans attacked Juventus fans. As a result, many Juventus fans were pushed to a wall, causing the wall to collapse, killing 39 of them. The match was followed and Liverpool lost 1-0 by Michel Platini’s penalty in the 57th minute. 14 Liverpool fans received a 3-year sentence for manslaughter. The disaster is called “The darkest hour in the history of UEFA matches”.

Fagan resigned after the disaster and Kenny Dalglish was appointed as coach and player. During his tenure, the team won the First Division three times and won two FA Cups, including a double strike in the 1985-86 season.

In 1989, another disaster involving Liverpool supporters occurred. In the FA Cup semi-final match against Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough Stadium on April 15, 1989, the stadium was so overloaded that many people were forced into the fence separating the stands and the pitch, trampling on each other in vain. 96 fans were killed in this disaster. Then the government had to check the safety of the football fields.

According to the Taylor Report, the main cause of the catastrophe is an overload that leads to police being unable to control the situation. A law was enacted from which the stands were covered with seats. The 1988-89 season also saw Liverpool lose the most surprising first Division title since the tournament was born by goal-loss difference at the end of the season with Arsenal football.

On February 22, 1991, Dalglish suddenly announced his resignation, replacing him as Graeme Souness. Except for the FA Cup in 1992, Souness did not gain any success and was replaced by former Boot Room member Roy Evans. Evans achieved a bit of success in the 1995 League Cup title was his only title. Another highlight is the 4-3 victory over Newcastle United at Anfield on April 3, 1996 considered the best match of the Premier League in 10 years.

Gerard Houllier was appointed co-coach with Roy Evans in the 1998-99 season, but was given full leadership after Evans resigned in November 1998. In 2001, Liverpool won a treble of FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Cup along with two other titles, the European Super Cup and the English Super Cup. Houllier had a heart surgery in the 2001-02 season and Liverpool finished second in the Premier League, behind Arsenal.

In the 2002-03 season, they won another League Cup but the following season did not win any titles, and the play in this period was not convincing.

Rafael Benitez took over, replacing Gérard Houllier when the 2003-04 season ended. Although the team only finished fifth in the Premier League in the 2004-05 season – the first season Benitez led, but they won the Champions League when they beat AC Milan 3-2 on penalties, after a 3-3 draw.

The following season, Liverpool finished third with 82 points, the highest score they have won since 1988. They won the FA Cup by beating West Ham United on penalties after the second half ended with 3-3 ratio.

In the 2006-07 season, the team sought new investments and two American businessmen, George Gillett and Tom Hicks, came to buy the team for £218.9 million. That year, they also reached the Champions League final, but lost 2-1 to the team they had defeated in the Champions League final of AC Milan 2005.

At the end of the 2008-09 season, Liverpool came in second place after Manchester United, winning 86 points – the highest score they’ve ever won since the tournament was called the Premier League.

On January 8, 2011, Roy Hodgson left Liverpool with a “mutual agreement”, his replacement Kenny Dalglish, as many fans had hoped. Dalglish helped Liverpool end a six-year series without a title with the 2012 League Cup championship.

However, after the team finished the 2011-12 Premier League in 8th place, Dalglish was sacked in May 2012. Ending the search for the replacement head coach Kenny Dalglish, Brendan Rodgers was selected. He was very successful with Swansea City last season and promised to bring Tiqui-Taca play based on the ability to hold the ball well to Liverpool.

As his first season in charge Liverpool finished seventh in the Premier League and made it to the round of 32 in the Europa League. The following season, Liverpool made a huge leap forward in the rankings when they finished just behind champions Manchester City and scored 101 goals, and they also got the first place in the C1 Cup after many years of waiting.

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