Amitabh Bachchan, Kajol my favourite Bollywood actors: Waqar

Legendary Pakistan pacer Waqar Younis has revealed that Amitabh Bachchan is his favourite Bollywood actor while Kajol his favourite actress.

In a freewheeling chat at GloFans Twitter platform during ‘Q20’, Waqar revealed this while responding to a fan.

During the session, the former Pakistan captain also said that he loved watching Navjot Singh Sidhu at ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ especially when Kapil Sharma took a dig on the famous golden duck moment.

It was Wasim Akram who made the revelations during his guest appearance at the show that left Sidhu in trouble and gave Kapil new jibe to take a dig at the former Indian cricketer since then till the time he was at the show. Waqar revealed how much he enjoyed watching Sidhu being teased on the show.

“I have seen The Kapil Sharma Show few times and I know my name has been mentioned several times regarding Sidhu paaji when I got him out in 1990. And, I got him on a very very first ball. I know he has been teased a lot because of that,” Waqar confessed during the chat.

“And, it was a wonderful game of cricket. We always used to enjoy playing against India in those days because we used to win against India a lot those days. Not nowadays, though.

“But yes, Sidhu paaji has always been a great friend and a good mentor also. He is a lovely human being and I’ve done a lot of shows with him and cricket shows also,” he added.

Waqar, 48, represented Pakistan in 87 Tests and 262 ODIs in which he scalped 373 and 416 wickets respectively.