Why Is Data Recovery Software Vital?

Software developer checking data

At times it happens while you are working on an exquisite project or document, and the computer system starts displaying a blank screen? When while working with the PC, one of the partitions does not recognize by the System’s BIOS – from 1 to 10 issues, it can be anything.

Let’s try to understand whether it is a warning from the computer about something fishy going on in the system, or a mishappening is going to happen like system crash, hard disk failure, or any other sort of problem which will be causing the system to shut down itself? Don’t get surprised! Such kind of behaviour can lead the computer system to shut and become dead, and the valuable data will be gone forever. Don’t Panic, and take a shy of relief.

The data that seems to be lost and gets inaccessible for a normal user, on a real note is not forever lost. The lost data can be recovered with professional data and photo recovery services and utilities.

Many organizations and individuals do not give much importance to such kind of incidents and afterwards, suffer a major loss of their valuable data. In such situations, when the computer system shutdowns or reboots, there can be symptoms of disk failure, it brings to notice that the computer system requires a hasty amendment.

You require a data recovery software when you experience inaccessibility of files or folders, virus attacks, any unrecognized format, permanent deletion of files, accidental deletions, inaccessible partitions, unexpected system shutdowns, corrupt documents, error messages while opening a file. There can be endless reasons due to which you cannot access your data.

Data Recovery software efficiently repairs and recovers files, databases, storage media, corrupt partitions and brings back your data safely. Data & photo recovery software is helpful and effectively recovers back your lost, deleted data, which can be easily purchased through on-line sale transactions. Almost every data recovery company provide a demo version of their data recovery software range.

Guide to Data Recovery for Beginners

Whenever data is lost from a drive, it may result in the following scenarios:

1) OS is fine, hard disk is still accessible, but files are missing

2) the computer doesn’t boot up, some noises are heard coming weirdly from the hard disk.

Check out the full step by step process to tackle both the scenarios.

To tackle scenario 1:

  • Never write to the hard disk anything after any such data loss as whenever a user deletes files from the hard drive, OS never delete that information permanently. It happens to show the user that there is more free space, but the deleted information still occupies them. User, himself will not be able to locate it, but data recovery software will do it for him.
  • If you have taken the backups of every important information, check backups and restore to get the vital information retrieved that was lost. In case no backup is taken, follow the data recovery steps as mentioned in the steps below. It is always better to get a backup of important information regularly.
  • The place where the data loss has occurred, never install the data recovery software in that drive. The reason is simple, that when you install on the same drive, the data might get overwritten on the lost data.
  • Always switch off the system after the data loss to be on a safer side. Every operation of the OS, depend on the read and write with the hard drive, which may result in overwriting the lost data.
  • It is better to remove the hard disk from the system and replace it with a new hard drive. After installing the OS in the new hard drive, try connecting the previous hard disk to the computer like a secondary drive and try to access it without writing into it. Preferring not installing any OS, try running a Linux live CD in place of it. Put the hard disk into a USB hard drive slot to connect it to the computer thru a USB to access the files.
  • When data loss is happened due to a virus attack, ensure to install anti-virus on the second computer before performing any data recovery activity.

There are several free data recovery software available on the internet, select the appropriate one and recover your data.

To tackle scenario 2:

  • Whenever there is a hard disk failure, it becomes impossible to access the hard drive by any means. The most common reason being the head crash. The head is a part of the system responsible for reading the magnetic surface of the disk. Whenever there is a hardware failure, it leads to grinding of it over the metal surface, thereby making the process of reads impossible. In case of a hard drive failure, follow the steps below:
  • Please switch off the computer and don’t try to start it again as this can result in further damage to the hard drive.
  • It is better to keep the hard disk in a secure place when the hard drive failure occurred due to the external problem like a flood, preserve it in water and don’t try to dry it on your own.
  • We cannot fix the physical error on our own whenever it occurs. It is better to contact a good data recovery company and identify which component(s) need to be replaced.

Most of the data recovery companies does not charge anything in case they are unable to recover the data. They may give estimation time for analyzing the hard drive. Use a wrapping material for secure handing of the hard drive. Use foam to prevent the sudden jerks and to secure the hard disk from inside. Be hopeful that these measures will be able to fix the physical errors and recover the lost data.


Data Recovery is a critical activity for people in the computer world. The essential data can be lost or get corrupted at any point in time, or the partitions might become inaccessible. In this scenario(s) you have to contact a data recovery specialist.

The key to data recovery importance can be determined by the number of companies going for data recovery services and asking for the help of data recovery service providers.