The Top 6 PDF Converters in the Market


Commonly you may go over valuable data in several sites which you may utilize for making reports, presentations and other such records. A client might additionally require the information distributed in the website pages for future reference or change. However in the event that you have to get to the same data without the utilization of active links, you may decide to change over the data in Portable Document Format. It is not a tiresome or troublesome errand to change over the site pages into PDF documents if your business or work requests you to do so, on a regular basis.

Imagine a scenario where you may need to spare the information as website pages. One path is to basically bookmark the page. The other path is to click on the Save catch by setting off to the File Menu of the internet browser that you are using and afterward save the page. Continuing with the process you can use the PDF file converters that are now available in the market to be used for professional, academic and personal reasons.

There are a few sorts of apparatuses and applications with which you can change over the online pages into the convenient archive you desire. Some are free convertible tools accessible on the Internet while others permit you for a free trial for your fulfilment. Numerous machine projects charge you and don’t offer free form on trial premise. The most recent technology in this stream has an easily usable interface that can be used to convert the information found on websites into the PDF documents. These PDF Converter projects offer adaptable and progressed gimmicks of distinctive sorts for you to choose.

DocuFreezer is a software application that can convert documents, images, and drawings to PDF, JPG, TIFF, and PNG formats. It supports various file types including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, and more.

With DocuFreezer, you can convert multiple files at once by adding them to a batch conversion list. You can also choose the output format, adjust the image quality, and set up other conversion parameters. The program is designed to preserve the original layout and formatting of the source files in the converted output.

DocuFreezer is available as a free version with limited functionality and a paid version with additional features. It is compatible with Windows operating systems and can be downloaded from the developer’s website.

The Top 6 PDF Converters:

There are a number of PDF file converters there in the market right now. Some are available for free whereas some include a certain amount as the cost of the tool. Just paying for a certain tool doesnít make it better than the free convertible tools. There are many free tools in the market that meet with the converting function equally or in a better way. In this article the focus is on those free PDF file converting tools. Some of the best in this context are as follows-


The UniPDF is one of the best and most widely used converters in the market. It has gathered some of the best and largest number of reviews from both industry specialists as well as users from all over the world. The best feature of the UniPDF is itís easy to comprehend interface that can be easily utilized even by the most new users who have very limited idea of the different types of documents in the computering world.


The sole function of the UniPDF is to convert the files in PDF format to that in Word file mode. This function is completed by the UniPDF extremely well and is often used by the professionals in the field to accomplish the conversion of important work documents. The best part of this fife star rated converter tool is that it is availed to the users at free of cost.

PDF Online

There are a number of converter tools or sites that require a lot of conditions and rules to be met with before an individual is allowed to meet with their conversion of different PDF document errands. The pdfonline.com works similarly to the UniPDF that is converting the PDF files to Word format for better readability and understanding.


The pdfonline.com works great in professional backgrounds where speed is a considerable factor for choosing the right tool. It is absolutely a no-no to choose a converting tool that takes a lot of time to convert a single file when the need in these backdrops is for tools that can perform immaculately, brilliantly and efficiently in the shortest framework of time. Here is where the pdfonline.com makes a mention-worthy entrance. The best feature of this site is that it does not ask for the submission of email addresses and other details for the delivery for the function.

PDF To Word

One other mention-worthy tool in the very same field of converting PDF Files on a regular basis and in a much faster way is the pdftoword.com. This specific converter tops the list of PDF converters on the Google list of converters and leads amongst the top tools available in the market.


The tool requires the user to mention a specific email address to deliver the converted results. There is a reason that the pdftoword.com ranks third in the list as the above two are much more functional and also perform a faster conversion. Though the best part of using this tool is that it comes for free and performs brilliantly well for its free status.

Free PDF Convert

The freepdfconvert.com is again one of the best tools in the market when it comes to converting PDF files into word files. As per its name itself the pdf converter is available to all its universal users at absolutely no cost at all.


If your prime focus is speed and accuracy, then there is very small a chance that you will overlook this specific tool. Another lucrative feature is that it does not require the submission of an email address or other personal details that makes working with this tool a lot safer an affair.


As the name itself says, convertpdftoword.com is dedicated towards converting PDF files to word files for probability of working with them in a much more efficient way.


Thirty One seconds. Yes, thirty one seconds is all that the tool needs to successfully transfer the PDF formats of the distinct files into word files.


Last but not the least; convertonlinefree.com successfully makes a grand entry to this list of top conversion tools in the market.


It is especially recommended by industry experts for its astounding speed of conversion of twenty eight seconds that is the fastest till date in comparison to all other converters.