The Best Free Music Apps for your Android Devices

Most of us loves music, regardless of genre, whether it’s classical, rock, metal, most people love music in one or another form. And if you have got an Android phone, you may play back your favorite tunes on the go.

Android has lot of apps to playback and manage your tunes. Below is the list of certain apps which manages your music locally.  These apps can run on Froyo or higher. Some of them are available on websites, while others on third party app markets.

1. Songbird – Its an elegant music player for your smartphone which makes browsing and playback more simpler and easier. It has a clean and clear interface with unique “now playing” drawer offering quick access to album art and additional details, including Facebook and Flickr integration. It supports full featured search.

2. Winamp Its a complete music management solutions for your Android 2.1 OS & above. Its some of the features are free and some are locked until you pay $4.99. It supports syncing with Winamp for Mac Beta. You can import and access iTunes from thousands of internet radio stations with SHOUT cast.

3. MixZing is an advanced media player for Android smartphones. It supports unique and more advanced features. One of the best known  feature is that it can retrieve information about the currently playing song at the tap of a single button. Other features include Tag editor, Sleep timer, Graphic equalizer, etc.

4. doubleTwist Player is the best music app available for Android 2.2 OS & above. You may import iTunes playlists, music ratings and playcounts from your Mac/PC. AirSync allows you to sync with your Mac or PC. While AirTwist and AirPlay allows you to stream to an XBox, PlayStation 3, or AppleTV.


5. Cubed or ³, is one of the unique music player for your Smartphone. This app is not rich in features, but it makes all things much more simpler and easier. It has a very smooth, polished and minimalistic screen.

Don’t forget to share your experience about any of the above or any other free Android music player with us.