8 Best Free Hilarious iPhone Apps To Make You Laugh

Technology in last few years has seen great advancement. Consider the case of iPhones/iPads. Itís one cool source of entertainment right there in your pockets. A friend of mine brought a new mobile recently and showed me some cool apps that actually made me smile for a while.

Checking out those apps that my friend downloaded free from the net, I got the idea to write a post on some really humorous iPhone apps. What next, I started my search.

The craze for iPhones is ever increasing and this new gizmo is making many people drool over. Perhaps, itís the most hyped gadget today. My post is dedicated to all the geeky freaks who have iPhones in their pockets and those who have been itching to buy one.

The great thing in the technologically advanced era is that thereís a huge range of options available to make your iPhone more fun and entertaining. Pinned below is the list of 8 free unusual cool iPhone apps for pure delight.

1. Talking Tom Cat

Itís one of the most hilarious apps. The talking Tom Cat is pet that will make you smile. Anything you do to this cat, it responds. Punch it in the stomach, slap its face, stomp its feet, pull its tail or whatever, this tom cat responds to it. And yes, did I forget to tell you that it mimics you! It repeats everything you say with a funny voice.

2. Kitty! Annoy your cat

“Kitty! PLUS” is a cool app that will let you grab your catsí attention. Annoy your kitty, in fact make it go nuts. There are eight real life cat sound effects that will actually spark curiosity in your kitty. I bet itíll be fun to sit back and enjoy your cat go crazy with different sounds.

3. Atomic Fart

Now this one as the name hints is hilarious. Imagine yourself with a gang of friends and suddenly there is a fart sound. Word of caution: You can be punched by your friends. Tell them about the app and have a good laugh.


Yesterdays were amazing for the fact that we had enough time to see cartoons, check out newspapers and comic magazines that brought smiles on our face. In todayís fast paced life, itís somewhat impossible to take some time out to enjoy cool cartoon clippings that actually make you smile. TIMIWIT is the ideal iPhone app with different cartoon clippings to make you smile for a while.



As the name hints, Lolcat is an app of the cat that makes you laugh out aloud. Each time you touch the cat, it laughs and makes you laugh too. Chuckle with your chumsÖlaugh out aloud. Itís simply hilarious.

6. Best Jokes 500

Okay, if you want a break in between your work, you can go for a good laugh with the Best Jokes 500 app. The app will crack you up with the funniest, hilarious one liner jokes from funny comedy legends. You simply need to shake/tap your iPhone to check out the joke. There is another method too. Swipe left or up and joke appears. Read emí aloud, let your buddies enjoy too.

7. Tickle Me!

Tickle your iPhone and watch Andy wiggle giggle. Hilarious it is. You will actually go crazy rolling in laughter. Just an ideal way to have a good laugh in todayís hectic life when we donít have time to spare to sit in front of television sets. Andy promises to make you have a good laugh!

8. Hilarious Pickup Lines 17+

Itís a constantly updated gallery that comprises of pickup lines. The funniest part is that you just donít read these cool lines instead you hear them. †Okay, here goes the word of caution. If you use these pickup lines with someone unknown there are chances that they punch you. Lol. Just shake your iPhone to get a new random pickup line.

Checking out the apps mentioned in the list above, surely youíll come to know how crazy can your iPhone be that too merely at the tap of your finger. I simply enjoyed each part of writing about the hilarious apps. Believe me; these apps will make you roll with laughter. Then what are yíall waiting for? Download these for free and have fun. Enjoy!