10 Best Online Proofreading Tools


Writing is an art. Exquisite writing can deliver the message to its readers with clarity. It takes years to get mastery in writing flawless content. As a freelance writer or a blogger, I think all of you must admit the fact that high-quality content is essential to captivate your readers and make them interested in your content.

Most of us spend our time in evaluating and deciding the topics for our target audience. We create numerous drafts and even rewrite the final article in order to achieve the best possible result. However, we forget one essential thing. We don’t spend time on proofreading. If you aren’t aware of this aspect, then let me tell you that proofreading is the most important part of any article or blog post. It not only improves the quality of the article but also make it appealing by inculcating better vocabulary, improved sentence formation and fluency.

As a blogger, my prime aim is to check the quality of my article and its language owing to the fact that English isn’t my mother tongue. Like most of the writers especially the beginners, I tend to make a lot of avoidable silly mistakes like wrong use of tense, improper usage of tenses, wrong choice of words and many more. I still remember the times when I started blogging when I used to hate proofreading my articles. It seems like a tedious task and I tried to avoid it as it was inconvenient for me at that time. With time, I learned the importance of proofreading the hard way.

With growing experience, proofreading became an essential part of my writing. For this particular purpose, I went on to develop a necessary habit. Once I have finished my article, I will do its proofreading after few hours or next day. This allowed me to achieve best possible content with a fresh mind and it also allowed me to foster new ideas while I proofread my articles. I writtent hundreds of articles for over two years, and still, I tend to make some of the basic writing errors and mistakes, but with the assistance of proofreading, I can reduce a plethora of errors in my writing.

Best Online Proofreading Tools

There are certain essential things that I keep in my mind whenever I am proofreading my article. Some of them which I recommend to you are:

  1. Before proofreading your finished article, take a break. If you proofread your written content after an hour or next day, I guarantee that it will be much better.
  2. You should find a quiet place for proofreading as it enhances your concentration and makes you more accurate to spot errors and find good replacement words.
  3. While you are proofreading, I recommend you read the content loudly. It will allow you to figure out what is wrong in the structure of your sentence.
  4. Once you have found the error, make the necessary changes or edit it instantly. Don’t wait till you have read the entire article.
  5. Use proofreading tools. Some of them provide free proofreading. They will certainly help you out in finding errors, improving grammar, finding right words and improving sentence structure.

I always prefer to use and recommend proofreading tools. These tools will certainly help you to detect errors and issues in your article swiftly so that you can easily edit them and improve the quality of your article. However, only using any proofreading tool isn’t enough. It is essential to read your articles even after you have used the tool. In case there is any grammatical error or improper sentence formation, you will be able to find it. Often, I use free online proofreading tool. It not only improves my article but also saves me money.

Now, let me introduce to you the ten best online proofreading tools which will certainly assist you in improving your article’s quality and its readability. However, you should keep one fact in mind that none of these tools will provide you with the ability to be 100% accurate because they are just software. Nothing can replace a human mind and its ability. Still, these tools will help you a lot in minimizing numerous common English grammatical and spelling errors.

1. Grammarly – (my best online proofreading tool)

At present, Grammarly is the most accurate and recommended tool for grammar correction available on the market. This particular tool not only helps you in finding grammatical errors in your written content but also provide you with a relevant explanation of each mistake you have made. It is a huge advantage for those people whose native language isn’t English.

It also has a built-in plagiarism checker which will help you in finding the duplicate contents in your copy. It searches from billions of web pages and shows you the duplicate content. You must know that duplicate content can hamper your website quality and its ranking. So, this tool is certainly unique and offer great advantages. It also checks the word count as well as gives you precise details about the document that you are working on. It also checks the conciseness of the article. It suggests tense and active/passive changes. Some of the other benefits of this proofreading tool to write content free of error are:

  • It eliminates almost all writing mistakes.
  • It works where you write online. This tools also helps you write mistake free in Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn and almost everywhere you write on the web.
  • It is built by the leading linguists in the world.

2. SpellChecker

This tool checker is rather different from other tools that we have mentioned in this article. This tool for online proofreading offers you to check your article in different languages and also suggest you different treasures. It also provides you to 1 check your complete website. However, this proofreading tool is more beneficial for small blogs.

3. PolishMyWriting

Also known as After the Deadline, Polishmywriting is a excellent proofreading tool which allows you to check your entire text to detect any grammatical errors, spelling or style if there are any. It is language checker for online users with features like Contextual Spell Checking, Intelligent Grammar Checking and Advanced Style Checking.

The unique and advanced feature of this tool is that it uses artificial intelligence along with natural language processing technology to detect grammatical errors in your written content and provides you with better and more relevant suggestions.

Using this tool is quite simple. Simply copy your text and just paste it in the box provided on its website and then simply click on the button named “Check Writing”. The most salient feature of this tool is it that it provides a free plugin called “After the Deadline” for the users of WordPress.

4. Slick Write

In case you are a novelist, a blogger or just a student writing an essay for your school assignment, SlickWrite proofreading tool makes it quite easy to check your written content for grammatical errors and assists you to improve your writing to take it to whole new level.

If you wish to improvize your writing skills and become a great writer especially if you are a beginner, then consider this tool. It is among the simplest online proofreading tools that will make it easier to detect errors as well as typos in your document. This proofreading online free tool has various other brilliant features:

  1. The grammar check of this tool is lightning fast.
  2. It offers customizable feedback in order to suit your style and audience.
  3. It is completely free of cost.

5. PaperRater

Often, we encounter situations when we use correctly spelt words used in the wrong context which can be quite embarrassing. It can also make your content unclear to your readers and may convey misguided notions. So, this particular tool helps you with its most advanced “contextual spell checker” to easily rectify all of your grammatical errors.

It is a free online proofreading tool which utilises Artificial intelligence to help the writers to write great content with better accuracy. Its brilliant features include:

  1. Grammar and Spelling Check
  2. No requirement of Downloads.
  3. Free online proofreading.
  4. It detects duplicate contents using its in-built plagiarism detection tools.
  5. It offers writing suggestions to improve your written content. 

6. Ginger

It may be certainly difficult for you to believe, but Ginger is the best grammar checker in the world. It is among the best online proofreading tools available on the market which easily correct your sentences without any hassles.

If you wish to improve your writing as well as productivity on the go, then I recommend you start using this tool. It will offers you a wide range of effortless features to enhance your writing skills without committing any errors. If you are prone to commit silly mistakes while writing essays or blog posts, then you should certainly try Ginger. It will make sure that your writing is flawless. However, it does require you to stay online in case you wish to make changes on the go. As per Ginger website, it utilises “patent-pending” sophisticated technology to decipher the context of text input as well as semantic meaning by comparing the written content with billions of similarly written sentences on the web.

Few of the most powerful features of this proofreading tool are:

  1. It provides great English corrections.
  2. It works in browsers as well as Microsoft Office.
  3. It is a lightweight application with great design.
  4. It comes with a built-in dictionary and an automatic translator.

7. Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best free online proofreading tools. It offers not only free proofreading online but also provides excellent features to edit your written content on the go. You can also add numerous Add-ons such like Thesaurus, Template gallery, Lucidchart diagrams etc. to make your entire editing process quite easier while writing.

You can also save the files even offline when you have lost the connection or if you simply wish to write without being online. Google Docs is a perfect proofreading writing tool for all the writers who are into copywriting, essay writing etc.

Some of the most salient features of Google Docs for editing are:

  1. It provides 15 GB of free space of all of the Gmail users,
  2. You can easily save almost any file.
  3. It is safe as well as secure, and you can easily share how you want. 

8. Proof Guru

It is a free proofreading online tool which offers a plethora of packaged style guides as well as checklists which are relevant for various kinds of content. You can utilise the packaged checklists as well as create your own custom checklists and style guides to improve your proofreading. This tool specifically checks your spelling and suggests edits to your documents automatically.

It basically consists of two distinct parts- The Proof Guru Checker and The Proof Guru Website.

Proof Guru Checker is a free desktop application for Windows which works in Microsoft Word to check Word documents. Proof Guru website can be used to maintain checklists, style guides, subscription and standards.

9. Spell check plus

This proofreading tool utilises an advanced, user-friendly interface to check your text to detect any errors in it. The most distinctive feature of this free online proofreading tool is that it primarily targets a number of errors which are made by the second language learners of English. It is a godsend for those whose native language isn’t English and who wish to improve their writing skills in English.

It is designed to resemble the MS Word interface, but it catches more grammatical errors that MS Word won’t catch. It allows you to simply paste the text into the text box simply. After entering the text, you will view if there are any errors in your copy once you have clicked on the button name “Check Text”.

This tool is able to find problems with the words which sound phonetically same. It also catches thousands of most commonly confused worlds that other tools ignore. Some of its salient features are:

  1. It is available online. Hence, it is accessible from any computer.
  2. It follows a pedagogical approach which encourages the writer towards learning
  3. It automatically updates. 

10. Reverso

It is a free online dictionary, translation, spell check and grammar tool which offers you a great variety of features to edit your writing quite easily.

This tool provides the online translation into different languages: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese and Hebrew.

Few of the most salient features of this free online proofreading tool are:

  1. You can take benefit from its translation service which has been tested on millions of translations and also improved constantly.
  2. It optimises the translation quality with the assistance of the automatic spell checking of the errors which are in the original text of your documents.
  3. It improves your oral skills as well as the accent by listening to the pronunciation of whole texts of a native speaker.


So next time if you wish to write flawless content without committing any grammatical mistakes or typos and want to deliver your message as well as impress your readers with your writing, ensure that you use any of the above-mentioned proofreading tools. No matter which online proofreading tool you use, there will always be one defect in it. These tools can’t rectify grammatical mistakes with 100% accuracy even with today’s technology. However, you shouldn’t get disappointed. Just make sure that you read better-written material and keep on writing every single day to improve and hone your writing skills.