How to Get My iPhone Out of Recovery Mode without a Computer?


iPhone often gets stuck when you enter them in the Recovery Mode. If you are here, then it means your iPhone is also facing the same problem.

You might have already searched about the solutions and found out that most of them require costly apps which have complicated interfaces and Mac/Pc at your desk. But people dont want to use them and often ask, how to get my iPhone out of Recovery Mode without a computer?Lucky for you as I am discussing the simplest software, UltFone iOS System Repair, in this guide which you can opt for to get out of Recovery Mode.

What’s the Recovery Mode on iPhone?

Recovery Mode is a lifesaver that iPhone users usually use when they forget their password. This tool erases everything, and then people can easily get access to their mobiles without any issue.

Recovery Mode is actually a troubleshooting program that usually runs when you connect your iPhone to a PC/Mac to resolve some bugs with or without the help of additional software. Generally, iTunes and Finders are used with the Recovery Mode to fix different problems.

Why Does My iPhone Go Into Recovery Mode?

You will need help from Recovery Mode when different issues arise with your iPhone. In addition to resetting the phone, Recovery Mode can also troubleshoot and fix issues like phone screen stuck, when the mobile becomes unresponsive, to update the system, etc.

But the problem is that phones get stuck in Recovery Mode. The troubleshooting process or the fixing step stops at some point and people have no idea what to do then. You cant use your iPhone and you can also not fix the issue that has been troubling you.

But luckily, there is a way! You can get help from UltFone iOS System Repair to get out of Recovery Mode process in no time.

Why Do I Choose UltFone iOS System Repair to Get My iPhone Out of Recovery Mode?

UltFone iOS System Repair is one of the advanced system repair software we have today that can fix almost every issue your iPhone is facing. Since it was launched, people started downloading it because of all the features and benefits it was offering them. Today, it has millions of users all around the world and almost everyone has given it a five-star rating.

The Top-notch UltFone iOS System Repair Has Features as below:

  • One Click to enter and exit recovery mode on iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • Downgrade from iOS 16 beta without iTunes.
  • Fix 150+ iOS system issues like Apple logo, reboot loop, and black screen without data loss.
  • Reset iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without password/iTunes/Finder.
  • Support all iOS versions and iPhone models, including the latest iPhone 13 series and iOS 16 beta.

 So, give UltFone iOS System Recovery a try, and you wont face any more bugs.

Now, lets see how you can exit an iPhone out of recovery mode.

How to Get My iPhone Out of Recovery Mode via UltFone iOS System Repair

Below is a simple guide to how to use UltFone iOS System Repair to exit iOS recovery mode:

Step 1 Launch the software, connect your iPhone to the computer via a digital cable, and click the Exit Recovery Mode on the softwares main interface.

Step 2 In a while, your iPhone will restart and get out of recovery mode. Thats it!

People Also Ask

Q1: In Which Scenarios Do I Use UltFone iOS System Repair? 

You can use UltFone iOS System Repair in many scenarios. It can repair 150+ system bugs or problems easily.

Use UltFone when:

  • You have to enter or exit Recovery Mode.
  • When Apple Logo stuck problem arises.
  • When the screen goes completely black or white.
  • When the battery drains quickly.
  • Factory Reset iPhone/iPad/iPod without Password.

Q2: Can I Downgrade from iOS 16 Beta without Losing Data Using UltFone iOS System Repair?

Yes, you can downgrade from IOS 16 Beta using UltFone iOS System Repair (even without iTunes), and still, you wont lose any data in doing this. The software will show the available options you can choose to downgrade iOS 16. You can also upgrade the iOS via this software easily when you want to.

Q3: Free Trial vs Pro Version- What Is the Difference?

There are many differences between the Free and Pro versions. In the Pro version, you get access to many premium features like downgrade/ upgrade iOS, fix Apple logo stuck issues, fix frozen screen, get rid of white or black screen, unlock iPhone without a password, and many more. 

Concluding Thoughts

So, how to get my iPhone out of Recovery Mode without a computer? There are different software that claims to help with this Recovery Mode problem, but the best one that does not require any additional programs is UltFone iOS System Repair. Its system repair feature can smoothly fix more than 150 system bugs/ problems, and stuck Recovery Mode is one of them. The software will need only a minute to work, and your iPhone will be restarted and start working again smoothly. So, download it and say goodbye to the stuck Recovery Mode issue.