7 Most Unusual Mobile Phones in The World

“No other technology in the world has not been picked up so quickly and so many people,” – wrote in 2006, sociologist James Katz in his book “Magic in the air. Mobile Communications and the transformation of society. “In today’s world almost impossible to imagine a person without a mobile phone – it even has a Bedouin. And, of course, stand on this huge and diverse market want everyone – both sellers and buyers, and designers, and cellular companies.

From all this diversity, SaveDelete selected the 7 most bizarre cell phones of those that today you can buy commercially available

NeoWood Cobra Limited Edition

Wooden mobile

Estimated price: € 349

Manufacturer: www.thalbach.com

The fruit of the efforts of the Swiss design company Thalbach Design Manufaktur, Neowood Cobra was conceived as an anti-Vertu. At its heart – a tiny Swedish phone Neonode N2, which appeared on the market in 2007, and ignominiously disappeared a year later, when the manufacturer has declared bankruptcy. Neonode N2 was done with the famous Swedish grace, and probably would win its share of the market: he was very small, weighing only 60 grams and had all the positions with the phone functions – mp3-player, camera, web browser and even the ability to play videos. Buttons he had been denied, but was equipped with a patented zForce, accurately tracks the movement of the fingers.Actually, he managed very unbanal way – for example, the virtual keyboard causes the movement of a finger from the middle of the screen to the upper edge, and a call was dumped in the same movement – from the right edge of the screen to the left.

Of touchscreens, like Neopode N2, in the market at the moment and really was not, but all through the month went on sale, “iPhones” and Neopode N2, which also cost $ 860 indecent, infamously sank.And here is part of the unsold units and bought in bulk Swiss company that invented them for the amazing wood frame maple wood and tsirikote, which is used for making musical instruments. Now that “neopodam” no one to compete, they have become purely a design, but very nice trinket, which then calls, taking pictures, playing music and apparently did not sink. And it should be two times cheaper than before, but for an extra € 5 on the body can do any engraving. Minus one – to change the SIM-card is not easier than to dismantle and assemble a Swiss watch.

ZTE s312

Mobile Solar Powered

Estimated price: $ 35

Manufacturer: www.zte.com.cn

The joint project of major Chinese electronics manufacturer ZTE and Jamaican mobile operator Digicell Group is designed primarily for the poorest countries in the world: its target group – consumers, lacking access to electricity. Charging the phone socket and do not need – he is charged by solar panel, built into the lid. Poyavivshic in February 2009, the phone quickly spread throughout the Caribbean, and later became sold in Africa, India and China.

Videopriznanie Kenyan winner ZTE s312 quite accurately reflects the portrait of the typical buyer of this model. ”I’ve been looking for a farm – he says – and had been forced to go every time to recharge the phone market. This is a decent distance. My employer bought me this phone for the 2999 ??Kenyan shillings (about $ 35. - Forbes ), so I wandered less and worked more. Now I do not remember the last time I was searching for an outlet – it takes well, charging from the sun even in the rainy season. And besides, I’m saving, because the market for a single charge, I paid 20 shillings guys, so I saved a couple thousand. ”

The phone even has FM-radio and GPRS, and generally responds well ZTE s312 current vogue for all green: right after he got into all possible dozens of “green” phones on the planet. Sino-Jamaican initiative has not gone unnoticed: the summer of 2010 appeared Puma Phone (a joint project of Puma and Sagem Telecommunications) with built-in solar panel. It is worth it, of course, not $ 35, € 399. To date, phones with solar panels have LG, Samsung (Blue Earth, which is made from recycled plastic bottles), and is rumored to be coming soon and Apple.

Stun Master 800,000 volt


Estimated price: $ 19.95 – $ 39.95

Manufacturer: www.stungunsupply.com

The invention, which caused quite a stir in America, especially after September 11. To look and feel – this is the usual cheap phone, but in reality – a compact electric shock that runs on two lithium batteries.Using them is simple: remove the fuse (disguised as a volume control) and press the large silver button that mimics the joystick. After pressing the two almost invisible arcs in the conventional antenna skips a powerful discharge. Power level depends on the model: there is a tiny model of a 100 000 volts is armor-SM-Multi by 2.7 million volts.

Call Stun Master does not know how, and on occasion he even had the FBI conduct a special meeting: Security at airports was not prepared for the fact that mobiles can be dangerous. In fact, thanks to Stun Master in American airports (and follow them everywhere) are necessarily shine through mobile phones. Later, it is this measure allowed catch one Serb with a miniature pistol disguised as a mobile phone (falshantenna served as the barrel, and placed four small gun bullets, shoots out by pressing buttons 5, 6, 7 and 8). Stun Master can use at your own risk – they (like any other stun) is prohibited in nine U.S. states, Canada and many other countries.

Ilkone i800

Phone for Muslims

Estimated price: $ 496

Manufacturer: Ilkone Mobile Telecommunications

The Islamic world has never been a stranger to technological innovations: ringtones with reading verses appeared about the same time as ourselves and ringtones, but with the increasing popularity of SMS in Islamic countries – primarily in Southeast Asia – there were SMS-service, notifying the Muslims, it’s time to pray. It is known that a Muslim must pray five times a day, and hear the muezzin call to prayer in the bustling city is not easy. This is where the SMS-reminders have been very helpful.

The first to break the bank on the huge Islamic market (the world over one billion Muslims) tried in 2003, the company LG, which released a phone with a built-in digital compass that indicates where Mecca. Sales have been quite successful, but really the concept of “Islamic phones” embodies the company SAMCOM, small start-up of the Emirates, which launched a year later a much more equipped phone – ilkone i800.

It also has a compass pointing to Mecca, in addition, it loaded the text of the Quran in Arabic and English, as well – the lunar calendar used by Muslims to determine the calendar holidays. Signals, reminiscent of the daily prayers, you can customize quite a flexible way, including establishing a voice of the muezzin of Mecca, Medina and Cairo. The database ilkone i800 have the exact time of prayer for 5,000 cities, and it automatically switch to silent mode at the time of prayer. Otherwise, this is a common “clamshell,” but with a catchy Arabic design.

The success of the model was very noisy, but the reaction of the Muslim audience was mixed. ”This should be on the road, and so, why?” – Assosiated Press quoted 15-year visitor to the Rotterdam mosque. ”You can pray 5 times a day, memorizing the Koran on the phone and know where Mecca. But if your heart is unclean, and you have sinned, what’s the point? “- A typical reaction to the premiere ilkone i800 on one of the Islamic sites. Characteristically, in themselves Emirates, where the influence of conservatives most strongly, the phone on the market and not enrolled. However, none of the Muslim clergy has not opposed, and the company before selling secured all possible permissions and papers – the phone was “certified” at the Islamic University Al-Azhar University in Cairo and the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development.

At the beginning of sales of 800 was not cheap Ilkone – $ 496, and soon formed a niche in the smaller manufacturers have rushed. In Malaysia, has sold greenbacks phone Hadari for $ 222 – also with the Qur’an and a compass, and soon – a tiny mobile phone Hidaya for only $ 32. Today, the choice of such phones has expanded extraordinarily, even though the concept of “Islamic phones in many respects has lost meaning – all important for a Muslim to perform the functions now are small applications that can be installed on almost any modern phone.



Telephone hours

Estimated price: $ 100

Manufacturer: www.qxmc.com

On the phone the size of a watch dreamed all spies of all time, and their dreams began to come true a few years ago, when technology finally allowed to fit a mobile phone in a box the size of a watch “Flight”.Since 2007, when the widespread introduction of touchscreens, mobile phones appeared several hours: LG-GD910, iCell and iMobile. CECT M600 – This is the third iteration of the Hong Kong-based phone (before this M300 and M500), and to date – the most advanced: it not only supports tri-band GSM, can play video and audio, record short voice messages (all of which can and others phones), but also boasts a built-in 3G – that is, on this tiny small screen, you can optionally try to examine the web page. Talking on the CECT M600, naturally, with aid of bluetooth-headset.

However, these phones is far from surprising inventions designer Adam Huffman zapihnuvshego mobile phone and mp3-player in the body of traditional pocket watch with chain. Unfortunately, his concept to production while no one is running.

Xian Yan Wang XYW 3838

Phone-cigarette case

Estimated price: $ 100 – $ 175

Manufacturer unknown

Brilliant creation gloomy Chinese genius seems simultaneously to a fake “Rolex” Rubik’s Cube and nameless mp3-players from the market in Guangzhou. Telephone Wang XYW 3838 is made in the company red-gold tones popular brand of Chinese cigarettes Chonghwa and not simply imitate cigarette pack, and also serves as a cigarette case.The housing fits seven standard conditions of cigarettes – enough to open the plastic cover. The rest is a normal phone: with a color screen and camera with flash (it’s embedded in the butt). On the pack, as it has been copied all the warnings of the local Chinese Ministry of Health.

A favorite English tehnoblog, Wang XYW 3838 became famous far beyond the Middle Kingdom, although in China it is virtually unknown. Phone is only sold in Taiwan, and, apparently, Shanghai Tobacco, manufacturers Chonghwa, this phone still have no relation, despite the fact that some shops have met the Taiwanese version of the VIP-XYW 3838: in a special carrying case, complete with a lighter pack and firm Chonghwa Chonghwa. Judging by the fact that wholesalers have offered to buy avariety XYW 3838 under the brand Marlbara (imitating a pack already, “Marlborough”), unknown manufacturers XYW 3838 soberly assess their place in the world.

Haier P7 Pen Phone


Estimated price: £ 165

Manufacturer: www.haier.com

Looks like the fruit of an unnatural connection joystick and a thermometer, Haier P7 Pen Phone is like to dream of a private detective television series of the 1950s: a pen, which calls, photographs and records. Inside the 65-gram crafts – recorder with the ability to record a conversation hour and a half, the camera (resolution, but only 640×480), a fairly bright small screen, polyphonic ringtones and set – quite unexpectedly – supporting tri-band GSM: 900, 1800 and 1900. Batteries missing for 4 hours talking.

Haier – China’s largest company manufacturing all consumer electronics, and his hand-phone, they decided to promote primarily the UK market.However, it has gained in popularity: most that could achieve the manufacturers approving reviews in the magazine Hello! and Sunday Times. Attempts to distribute phones to celebrities in the hope that they will sit with them, too, not to have failed: to press the small buttons oblique was uncomfortable. Modern phones are already quite tiny, but no other advantages for Haier P7 Pen Phone no. In addition, this pen does not write.