Almond Oil For Hair

Almonds have been valued for their health and healing properties. Categorized as dry fruits they are rich in proteins, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, omega-9 fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids, potassium, zinc, vitamin and other vitamins and minerals. Almond oil is extracted by pressing the almond nuts and is recommended to use as a hair oil to improve the strength and shine of hair.

Almond oil is aromatic and light. It has a sweet smell and is not at all sticky. But these are not the only reason we recommend you almond oil for hair but because of the benefits mentioned below.

Benefits Of Almond Oil For Hair

  1. Promotes Hair Growth– Almond oil is rich in nutrients. It nourishes the scalp. It is a natural emollient. Although research has shown no direct relation between almond oil and hair growth, almond oil scalp massage makes hair roots healthy and strong. A healthy scalp means healthy hair. Almond oil restores the scalp health and ensures the hair growth. It also has the potential to stimulate the re-growth of dormant hair follicles.
  2. Leave-in Conditioner- Instead of using anti-frizz serum sold in the market that contains chemicals, use almond oil. It is rich in vitamins. Just apply a few drops of it as a leave-in conditioner and continue rest of the day as usual.
  3. Anti-inflammatory– Dust, pollution and lack of hair care leads to scalp irritation and infection. Almond oil is anti-inflammatory, and it soothes the symptoms.
  4. Nourishes Scalp– Almond oil being rich in vitamin E is a potent antioxidant. It fights free radical damage and maintains the health of hair. Almond oil head massage improves the blood circulation and ensures that follicles are nourished to produce healthy hair.
  5. Bye-bye Split Ends– Too much hair stylingand poor nutrition are to blame for split ends. Almond oil is rich in vitamins and minerals. Regular application of almond oil for a few months will prevent split ends. You may not see the immediate results but have patience and be consistent with its use.
  6. Strengthens the Hair– Mangenisum is great to enhance the hair, and almond oil is rich in magnesium.
  7. Repairs The Damage-Hair styling tools such as straightening iron, curling rod or blow dryers damage hair. Also, chemical loaded hair products damage your hair. Application of almond oil minimizes the hair breakage and damage.
  8. Softens Hair– Almond oil is emollient. It fills the hair gaps at the cellular level, makes your hair smooth and provides with a smooth texture. To get rid of hair tangle and make it easier for you to comb or style your hair incorporate almond oil in your daily hair care routine.
  9. Prevents Dry Scalp– Being a great moisturizer almond oil hydrates the scalp. It has high penetration and locks the moisture, thus prevents dry scalp.
  10. Prevents Dandruff And Treat Scalp Condition– Almond oil treats scalp psoriasis and flaky scalp. It is potent antimicrobial, maintains the scalp pH and thus prevents dandruff. Dandruff accumulates around the hair shaft and does not let the oxygen reach the hair roots. Almond oil softens and loosens dandruff and makes it easy to clean out dandruff when you shampoo your hair after oiling.
  11. Controls The Oil Production– In people with oily scalp hair fall is more common. This is because of overzealous sebaceous glands. But, almond oil calms and controls the production of oil.

Reasons To Choose Almond Oil For Hair

There are many natural oils for hair such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil etc. Choosing one is not an easy task. Almond oil is light. It penetrates skin and hair follicle. Unlike many other natural oils, with strong unpleasant odour, almond oil has a pleasant sweet smell.

*Almond oil is ideal for both dry and oily scalp.

How To Use Almond Oil For hair

  1. For Deep Conditioning and as massage oil- The simplest way to use almond oil is overnight oiling. For this damp your hair. Make sure hair is not dripping. Almond oil absorbs well if your hair is wet. Comb your damp hair to get rid of tangles and then massage your scalp with almond oil. Apply oil to hair from root to tip. Comb your hair once again with a wide-toothed comb so that oil is evenly distributed on the scalp. Leave the oil overnight and in the morning shampoo as usual.

*Head massage with almond oil 2-3 times in a week can do wonders.

  1. As Hair Spray or Hair Gel- You can efficiently manage unkempt and frizzy hair with almond oil. Instead of using chemical hair gel or hairspray use a dab of almond oil and apply to your hair.

*Application of almond oil on your hair before heat styling is not recommended as the oil will heat up and could burn your hair shaft and scalp.

Almond Oil Hair Masks

  1. Olive Oil, almond Oil And Honey Hair softening Mask

Ingredients Needed

  • Sweet Almond Oil- 2 tablespoons
  • Extra virgin olive oil- 1 tablespoon
  • Raw honey- 1 tablespoon
  • Tea tree oil- 2 drops

How to Use

Mix the ingredients. Heat the oil by rubbing in between your hands and apply to your scalp and from root to tip. Cover your head with a warm steaming towel and leave it for 20 minutes. Remove the towel and shampoo as usual but avoid conditioner. Towel dry your hair. Avoid synthetic hair spar or gels.

  1. Almond Oil, Castor Oil and Olive Oil No More Split Ends Hair Mask

Ingredients Needed

  • Castor oil- 1 tablespoon
  • Olive oil- 1 tablespoon
  • Almond oil- 1 tablespoon

What To Do

Mix the oil. Apply oil to your wet hair and massage scalp gently. Leave it for 2 hours or overnight and then wash your hair.

  1. Yoghurt and almond oil hair mask to curb hair loss

Ingredients required

  • Almond oil- 1 tablespoon
  • Yoghurt- 1 cup

What To Do

Mix yoghurt and almond oil in a bowl and leave it for a few minutes. Wash and dry your hair with a towel. Apply yoghurt and almond oil hair mask to freshly washed hair. Leave for half an hour and then wash your hair with mild shampoo. Do not condition. For best results repeat this two times a week.

  1. Amla Powder And Almond Oil Anti-Dandruff Hair mask

Ingredients required

  • Amla powder- 1 teaspoon
  • Almond oil- 2 tablespoons

What To Do

Mix amla powder and almond oil. Apply to your scalp and leave it for an hour. After an hour rinse your hair.

  1. Banana And Almond Oil Hair Mask For Dry Scalp

Ingredients Required

  • Banana- 1 ripe banana
  • Almond Oil- 1 tablespoon
  • Honey- 1 tablespoon


Mash the banana in a bowl leaving no lumps behind. Add almond oil and honey and mix the ingredients. Wet and dry hair and apply the mask evenly. After 45 minutes shampoo as usual. You do not need hair conditioner as this mask profoundly conditions your hair making your hair silky and smooth.

  1. Almond Oil And Egg Nourishing Hair Mask

Ingredients Required

  • Egg- 1
  • Almond Oil- 4 tablespoons

What To Do

Whisk egg and mix almond oil to it to make a smooth mixture. Wash and dry your hair and apply the mask to your hair. After 40 minutes wash hair with mild shampoo.

Many brands offer almond oil for hair but for best results we strongly recommend you to use cold-pressed sweet almond oil without any adulteration.

*Almond oil is safe to use on hair. But if you are allergic to almond oil better avoid it.