Shikakai Benefits For Hair

Leaving behind all the hairs products that claim to promote strong, healthy and shiny hair, shikakai has made its comeback with its amazing hair benefits. Because of its remarkable results, this hair fruit is taking the world of hair by storm.

For centuries shikakai has been used for hair care. But we can’t deny the fact that considering shikakai, traditional grandmother’s ingredient to wash hair we lured into using chemical loaded shampoos. Chemical loaded shampoos and hair products may have delivered instant smooth hair, but in long-term, they steal the natural oils resulting in dry scalp and increased hair fall. Many of us have now reverted to natural hair care ingredients.

What Is Shikakai?

Shikakai is a climbing shrub that is commonly found across the tropical forests on India and other parts of Asia. The seeds are crushed to make a powder that is used to treats scalp issues, hair growth and to treat other hair disorders. Also, its bark has saponins. When the bark powder is mixed with water, it moderately lathers the hairs.

For hair treatment, the bark, leaves and fruit pods of shikakai is dried in the sun and then grind to make powder. This powder is mixed with water to make a paste and is used to clean hair.

The botanical name of Shikakai is Acacia concinna. It is rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K. Also, it is rich in antioxidants that fight free radical damage. This hair fruit is also rich in many micronutrients that nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth.

Let’s have a profound knowledge of the benefits of shikakai for hair

Benefits Of Shikakai For Hair

  1. Mild Hair Cleanser- The low pH of this hair fruit makes it a mild hair cleanser. It maintains the natural pH of the scalp. As a result, our scalp is neither too dry or too oily. It does not strip the natural oil from scalp. Hence scalp is healthy. Shikakai is a natural cleanser that lathers mildly and thus cleans the hair and scalp along with improving the texture of hair.
  2. Makes Hair Soft And Shiny– Being rich in vitamin E shikakai moisturizes your hair and keeps the hair cuticles closed. The silky cleansing property of shikakai makes hair soft, tangle free and easy to manage. This, in turn, reduces hair damage and hair loss. Shikakai is boon for those with curly, unruly hair.
  3. Treats Dandruff- As discussed above this wonderful grandmother’s hair cleansing ingredients is rich in antioxidants. It maintains the natural pH of the scalp that does not allow fungi to thrive. Thus, regular use of shikakai can treat dandruff.
  4. Treats Dry Scalp- Being a cooling agent our hair fruit soothes the scalp, reduces inflammation and heals minor abrasion and cuts on the scalp. Not only it cleanses the scalp but also induces the secretion of sebum that keeps scalp hydrated and prevents dry scalp.
  5. Promotes Hair Growth– The antifungal property of shikakai prevents follicle-clogging. Being rich in vitamin C, it nourishes hair follicles, stimulates the collagen production and promotes hair growth.
  6. Gives Thicker And Stronger Hair- Everybody desires thick and strong hair. Shikakai is a cheap way to attain thicker, stronger, long and bouncy hair.
  7. Conditions Hair- Those who have dry hair suffers from an itchy scalp. On scratching dry scalp, you will witness white flakes that are not dandruff. To treat the itchy scalp, you need to apply hair moisturizers, hair oil and hair conditioners. Shikakai makes hair porous, increases the moisture holding capacity of the scalp and its anti-inflammatory abilities eradicate itchiness.
  8. Benefits Oily Scalp Too– The over-reactive sebaceous glands of scalp leads to excessive oil production that attracts the dirt and makes hair sticky as well as produces dandruff. In worse cases, hair roots are clogged and lead to hair loss. Being porous shikakai helps to get rid of oily scalp and that too without taking away the unwanted sebum from scalp and hair moisture.
  9. Prevents Greying Of Hair– This traditional grandmother’s hair cleansing ingredient is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and prevents premature greying of hair and retains the youthfulness of hair for long.

Those who already have grey hairs and apply dye (we strongly recommend to use homemade hair dye or hair dye with natural ingredients) are advised to wash your hair with shikakai first so that dye is absorbed better in your hair.

  1. Prevents hair lice- Hair lice is annoying. Children are more susceptible to them. They cause irresistible itching. Scratching a lot leads to scalp inflammation. Do not worry as we have the natural solution to prevent lice. Regular use of shikakai halts the growth of lice eliminates them and keeps lice at bay.
  2. Prevents Split Ends- Pollution, chemical shampoos, poor diet and hair styling causes split ends. Except for haircut, there is no way to heal split ends. After the haircut, there comes shikakai as your saviour. It neutralizes damage-causing free radicals, promotes secretion of sebum, moisturizes hair and prevents split ends in the future.
  3. Relieves Stress- As shikakai has a cooling effect, it is used to massage head to alleviate stress and headache.

Shikakai is a natural alternative to harsh chemical loaded hair products. But apart from the  benefits of shikakai for hair, you have one more reason to use it; shikakai is cheap and easily available.

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    I love to wash my hair with amla,shikakai and reetha once a week.

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