The qualities single women want in a guy

single women want in a guy

What do women want? A good question, isn’t it? Scientists and psychologists from all over the world can’t find the exact answer. Still, there are certain things all experts are united in. They think the qualities in guys that are particularly attractive for single girls can be listed in detail. And, by the way, these traits are equally essential not only when getting to know each other but also when living together.  

We have asked the specialists of the reputable international matchmaking platform https://uadates.com/brown-hair-women to share their experience in this respect with us. Together we have researched the most different things, behaviors, and actions that make men particularly lovable. And the results are apparent – the scientists’ theory is correct! Perhaps, the knowledge from this article will help you rediscover yourself in one of these matters.

The well-groomed appearance

You don’t need to think all females are superficial at this point. Although appearance has a direct impact on your success at the flirting stage. As well as in arranging further dates and maintaining mutual interest, by the by.

Let’s be honest, hardly any woman will immediately fall in love with a man’s character and rich inner world. Because she only gets to know this part of your personality at the first meeting. So for single men, it definitely makes sense to appear well-groomed, and above all – to pay attention to hands to be clean. After all, these are the first point of attraction – just like proper clothing and a self-confident attitude.

The depth of the soul

If your advantages end up with a handsome face, genuine love or a long-term relationship will hardly develop from a flirtation. The guarantee of spiritual unity and happy marriage, in the long run, is hidden in the depth of your soul.

Men who confidently know what they want in life, have many interests, and combine these with a good and open heart are particularly popular with single ladies.

The ability to fall and then rise again

If you throw yourself crazy into the next adventure without summing up its pros and cons – don’t consider it your test of courage. If then you desperately fall onto the couch and do nothing – you are one of those daredevils who warm the hearts of women. In fact, most females want a wild cowboy who can hold onto his craziness and still have a soft part deep inside.

The unwillingness to hide your emotional side

Even if guys are mostly made of sterner stuff than girls, they still have the right to show feelings and emotions! If you have a tender soul and are afraid to demonstrate it to your girlfriend – your strategy is false. In reality – you will take the heart of any lady by assault (when having such a characteristic).

The desire to protect and help

For many women, one safety aspect is significant above anything else. This does not have to be clearly related to finances and economic security – but rather to a strong shoulder that each of them can lean on. What should I do if the washing machine fails? Who do I call if my car breaks down? The feeling of having a reliable savior by her side is infinitely essential for many females. The soulful, kind, caring, and down-to-earth partner seems to precisely be the king of girls’ hearts.

Do you have what women want? The men who manage to create a healthy mix of these qualities become real dream partners for everyone. Ladies are by no means about perfection but about openness and tension – about conflicts, emotions, and the classic, strong shoulder that is always there when one’s own nerves fail. Always remember these words!