The best payment methods in online casinos in Ireland

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Gambling is attracting more and more users. But in many cases, not a bright interface or the latest technologies become the reason why users go to casino sites. They come for money. Big wins are real, just like everything else. But to get them, you need to invest money in your game account. After careful studying of online gambling regulation in Ireland, you can go and choose a payment method. And already at this stage, you may have contradictions and many questions.

  • Firstly, the payment methods vary from site to site.
  • Secondly, the terms and conditions of making payments may also be very different.

But do not despair, the years of operation have already brought the casino gold standards, which are worth focusing on when choosing a place and payment method. It is about them that we will tell you about today.


Deservedly, it is considered the fastest, most reliable, and proven method of making payments. This system works in 200 countries, and of course, Ireland is one of them.

In recent times, there is even no need to create a new account to use this system. Thanks to the ability to open a temporary guest account, anyone can transfer money from their card to the casino. You only need to link your bank card and enter the needed amount, as the funds will be credited instantly. In addition, your bank will only know that the funds have been transferred to the Paypal account.  Acting as an intermediary, the system allows you to hide the real destination of payments and no one will know where you actually transferred the funds.

When you want to withdraw money from your game account, you will not be able to do with a guest account. Register a free one and easily withdraw honestly earned money. Please note that the casino and the system charge a certain percentage of the commission, so take this into account when you count on a certain sum.


For those who have not come across this name before, a brief explanation is given. Paysafecard is a prepaid card, which nowadays is synonymous with security in the context of online transfers on the Internet.

The principle of its operation is that you purchase a card at the point of sale and can use it on any website. There are more than half a million points of sale, and the value of the cards is from 5 to 100 dollars.

By the way, an application for this card has recently become available, with which you can control all funds and store 16-digit secret codes for cards in one place. Players in Ireland prefer this method because they like to choose privacy and information protection. This card is not linked to any bank account, so the possibility of leakage of personal information is simply excluded.


A wide range of cryptocurrencies is used as a payment method on modern gaming sites. Moreover, they are increasingly appearing in our information space. The main advantages include not only security and withdrawal speed but also high withdrawal limits an excellent option for those who like to play big. It is known that decentralization and anonymity are the foundation and the main advantages of any cryptocurrency.

By the way, it is important to mention that bitcoin on many sites can be chosen as the main currency of the account instead of the traditional dollars and euros. And here comes the time of the best and proven online casinos that accept bitcoin, on which you can play safely and enjoy the game.

As you can see, there are absolutely no secrets when choosing payment methods in an online casino everything is extremely transparent and clear.

In addition, thanks to active gambling growth, there are solutions considered to be the best on the market. So why not start using them today and go for a short slot game? If you want to play slots using one of the methods you are welcome to study any detailed review and score high!