The Tankless Water Heater – Lower Your Utility Bill by Using These Water Heaters

Water Heater

More and more homeowners these days switch to tankless water heaters with their additional storage space, continuous hot water, and lower energy bills.

Knowing the many benefits tankless heaters can offer, youíve finally decided to go tankless on your heating appliance. Now what? You need to choose the best, the right one, of course. The following heaters then are your options: 

1. Rinnaiís RUR98iN GPM Ultra Series

Considered as the best tankless water heater for residential use, this home appliance is very efficient. It has the capability to replace the traditional hot water heating system in any type of climate. Its Wifi capabilities allow you to monitor and alter the settings of your water heating thereby supplying endless hot water supply.

The unit is hassle-free with its warranty guarantee. It does not require an expansion kit. Itís very silent, and its dual pipe makes it more efficient through condensation water.

On the other hand, this can be the priciest unit for residential use. It requires venting and doesnít have a venting kit. More so, it can be very powerful for the smaller residences.

2. Rheemís RTGH-95XLN Prestige

This heater is great for outdoor with its highly rated quality and flow rates. This meets the necessity of the American homes and requires ventilation. It comes with a ten year standard warranty. Itís very high in flow rate and energy efficiency.

It may be a bit pricey up-front but its high energy efficiency will lower down its cost in no time.

3. Takagiís T-KJr2-IN-NG Heater

This natural gas tankless water heater is the best in terms of value. It can generate up to 6.6 GPM heat for about $500. Itís designed and built with a ten-year warranty. Maintaining it is just so easy to do.

Meanwhile, this is a loud heater that doesnít meet your medium-sized house requirement. It is actually more expensive than the other highly-efficient units.

4. Stiebel Eltronís Tempra Plus

This electric tankless heater is very efficient and powerful. Itís easy to use with its digital controls. You can actually install it wherever you wish with its small, sleek design. Whatís more? It can almost equate a natural gas water heaterís energy cost.

The unit comes with the best in terms of electric tankless class flow rates. It has been trusted by verified online purchasing as well as the reviews. You will have peace of mind with its guarantee.

On the other hand, it can cost you a little higher compared to the other heaters. It also needs 2+ units to heat the whole house.

5. EcoSmart ECO Water Heater

This is the best tankless water heater for sink, powder room or in your cabin. The unit provides the perfect hot water even though the water temperature is cold. Itís a great value for your money for its quality and flow rate. It has been trusted by verified online reviews and buyers. You will have peace of mind in using it with its warranty offering.

EcoSmart ECOís downsides include its larger size than what you have expected, loud sound, and its unknown brand.

6. Bosch Electric Tankless Heater

For an under-sink water heater, Bosch Electric Tankless Heater is your best choice. This is a simple unit that provides limitless hot water to your own sink. Itís highly efficient as it requires minimum electricity to operate. You can adjust this unit according to your required hot water. You can fit this unit below the sink without hitting the storage area. It also works quietly unlike the other units.

The only unfavorable feature of this water heater is its limited usefulness for the single sinks.

Tankless water heaters not only benefit households in saving money but they also contribute to environmental conservation. They use a minimal amount of energy, which means less coal is being burned in many power plants.  Routine maintenance is all you need to make the water heater work efficiently and effectively.

Image Credits: Water Heater from Marina Pousheva /Shutterstock