How to Play Pokemon Go on Your Home Computer

pokemon go

In the event that you are not living under a stone, you probably found out about the most recent web sensation, Pokémon GO, which depends on enlarged reality. Presently getting to the heart of the matter, many of my friends asked me whether an individual truly needs to walk and go outside, in actuality, to move his symbol in the game. I revealed to them the game that the amusement is about and they got frantic! The reason was that they can’t always go outside their house; moreover, they don’t have much time.

All things considered, they were not over-responding but rather were in reality right. It was simply been seven days the game was discharged and we had officially heard such huge numbers of mischance the game has caused and once in a while, I think that it is hazardous to play around my territory in light of the activity, poor street conditions and obviously the not really safe world we live in.

So today I am will demonstrate to you how you can play the Pokémon GO on your PC securely and get the vibe of the game in the meantime. The procedure won’t be basic however don’t stress, I will give a point by point well-ordered guide that you can take after and execute with no issues. So how about we begin by downloading every one of the files we require.

You need to download following files

  • Download and install BlueStacks Player on your PC. The establishment is straightforward and you basically need to take after the on-screen guidelines to finish the setup. Once the program is installed, don’t launch it yet. We should download a couple of more files previously we begin.
  • Download KingRoot APK and LuckyPatcher APK. These applications will be utilized to pick up Root access on BlueStacks player and afterward install the application as a framework application.
  • Download Mock Locations (fake GPS way) and Developer Options Tool APK.
  • At last, download the most recent rendition of Pokémon GO.

You can save each one of these files anyplace; be that as it may, Mock Locations ought to be spared in the Documents envelope on your PC.

How to make your BlueStacks Player ready for Pokemon Go

  • Open BlueStacks Player and sit tight for it to install. Once that is done, explore to the Android tab and from the left sidebar tap on APK to install KingRoot APK. Once the application is installed, you will discover it in the applications area. Run it once to pick up root access on the BlueStacks Player.
  • Similarly, introduce the Lucky Patcher application and run it. At the point when incited for Root Permissions, acknowledge and close the application.
  • Presently to install the Location Spoofer application, open Lucky Patcher you just installed and afterward click Rebuild and Install at the base. Here, explore to SD Card – > Windows – > Documents and tap on the Mock Locations application to install it. Ensure you select Install as a System App when asked by Lucky Patcher.
  • Install Developer Options Tool APK ordinarily and kill the choice, in the event that you see it turned on. Additionally, open up the Settings menu in BlueStacks and under area settings, ensure High Accuracy is chosen.
  • At long last, install the Pokémon GO application to begin playing the game.

Now play the game

At last, when everything is set, open Lucky Patcher and launch the Mock Locations application. After the application is propelled, snap and hang on two areas on the guide (the region which you need to investigate in Pokémon GO), which at that point get chose. Next, tap on the Play catch. You will be requested to choose a speed and here, give 4 kmph with 1 hour as an imperative modifier and begin the way. Your Android gadget will now get your gadget area from the application which is the key fixing to play the Pokémon GO game.

Presently launch the Pokémon GO game, sign in utilizing your Google account and begin playing the game. The symbol will take after the way you have given in the Mock Location application and you can gather Pokémons, take things from PokéStops and furthermore do exercise center fights. If you don’t mind to ensure you kill the AR (Augmented Reality) mode and play the game in a virtual situation.


In this way, that was all people, you would now be able to play Pokémon GO on your PC. Continuously do guarantee you don’t do enormous hops on the map or you may get banned for area ridiculing. Additionally, kill the area of Windows PC on the off chance that you are getting area blunders while playing the game. Be that as it may, in the event that you have a major stop in your encompassing and it’s protected out there, I would demand you attempt the game there. It’s significantly more fun that way.