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OSRS gold on RSgolsfast

RuneScape is one of the most classic and popular games which is played by millions of people all over the world. Being in the market for as long as 15 years, it is still the popular game on different platforms. However, it doesnít get as many players that it used to have, with over 20,000 players on Runescape3 at any particular time. Despite all of this, a lot of people are still in love with this game, and the new mechanics is being implemented by them which makes it still play-worthy.

Before this, a lot of people wished to play this game on their mobile devices. However, with the announcement which was made by the creators, it appears that its mobile version will be available soon. Here are few things that you need to know about Runescape3 mobile

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1. Different mobile platforms

At present, you can play this game on Android as well as iOS systems. After the finish of beta tests, the entire game will appear on both Apple App Store and Google Play. It means that both the new and the old players donít have to convert to different platforms to play this RS mobile. However, for Linux and Windows users, this game wonít be available on these platforms. Things might change in the future.

2. Mobile players will be playing on the Same Server

For those people who are worried that they will require to power-level in this game, then there is good news for them. You donít have to create a new account in case of the mobile version of this game. Once you download this particular app, it can easily connect you to the pre-existing game worlds, and you can easily go on different quests with different PC users.

The developers have said that there are no plans to make a mobile-exclusive server as well as content. This means that they wonít be developing a different mobile-friendly version of this game.

3. RuneScape Mobile will be free

The app wonít cost any money for people to download. Since you share the same account for both the mobile versions and PC, there is no requirement to pay the extra amount to get the mobile version. There will be no requirement to pay an extra subscription fee when you are downloading the RuneScape Mobile. For the players, you will be provided with complete access to all of its available worlds along with member-exclusive content. However, you can also play on different non-member worlds. Along with this, the mobile version wonít be featuring microtransactions. It will be a great money saver which means you can essentially by spending on different other things that you need to prioritise.

4. Smooth Run

At the present moment, the specifications of the mobile version arenít clear. However, the developer team wishes to make sure that the mobile version is accessible to as many devices they can make. The desktop version of this game doesnít require a high-end gaming PC in order to function properly, so it is being assumed that it will be the same for the mobiles too.

It is expected for this game to run at just 60 fps on the most recent devices. The developers are even planning to make major improvements on the interface scaling in order to make sure that you arenít actually penalised for having better screens.

5. Low Mobile Data Usage

The developers had shocked everyone when they released the initial assessment that the game took 103 MB per hour on an average. However, the recent tests have revealed that there are a lot of improvements. Now with the beta tests on the way, it has shown that you can only be consuming mere 500KB to 2MB of data each hour. You need to consider that the actual experience might even change depending on the different situations. The game will come as a 100-MB game instead of initially estimated 30 MB. The reason is that there is pre-caching of data in order to lower the consumption of mobile data.

6. Consistent UI

The developers of the game have assured the gamers that they have imitated the UI of the game as close as they can possibly can. It means that you donít have to get any particular mobile-exclusive shortcuts and things like that. The default of the game is the left-click. It will only be shifting on the right click when you are holding the finger down.

You can control the camera movement with swipes and pinches. If the operating system supports it, you can easily opt to utilise an external keyboard in order to improve the game experience. Some people have butter fingers which can sleep and result in loss of items and death. This concerned a lot of time since mobile users may not be able to compete with the PC users easily. The developers of this game are addressing this problem. They have promised that the UI will certainly have proper scaling before it gets released. The current UI is playable. Even at the current state of this game, the mobile players can still easily compete with the desktop players.

7. Listen to Music while you play the mobile version

The developers have confirmed that this gameís app will run while allowing you to play music from outside of the game. You can also use Spotify and different other music apps and even play favourite songs without even worrying about if you can play or not. This assists a lot in case you are the type of player who wishes to adventure this game will listening to songs.

8. Boosts on this game on Mobile

The mobile version of this game isnít just a new standalone game. The major purpose of this particular app is that it makes it much more convenient for the players to play as well as have the best game experience around. The developers have put in extra efforts as it helps you in spending time on different things that make you feel fun. In case you need a little boost, you can buy RSgoldfast which are available at a reasonable price. To buy these, you just have to click some buttons in a secure and a safe environment.


While dominating the gaming world, RuneScape is launching its mobile version. There will be no requirement to buy the mobile version. There is no extra subscription fees to download and play this game. There are no separate game worlds for mobile users only. This game has various features which allow the mobile users to compete with the desktop users. It will be available on both Android as well as iOS platforms. It will also allow the gamers to listen to music while playing the game. There are a lot of improvement like pre-caching which will be reducing the amount of mobile data being utilized the game. However, the size of the game will be 100 MB instead of 30 MB. There are other features like improved UI with scaling which means that the players having bigger screen sizes wonít be penalized. Along with this there is boost available to this game. You can buy OSRS Gold for boosting the game at quite an affordable price.