A New Year Event in Overwatch

The Overwatch has long been seen as something incredible and insanely fascinating. Each element here is of so high quality that you cannot stop admiring “magic of Blizzard” even after a couple of dozen hours in the game. Open beta testing, which attracted the attention of almost ten million users, allowed everyone to get acquainted with a shooter. Moreover, the two-week wait after the end of “beta” was excruciating – I really wanted to get back to the heroes.

Overwatch is a multiplayer team shooter, which puts gameplay above everything else. No story campaigns, introductory videos, dialogues – you can only run a match with live opponents or bots. Blizzard develops created universe outside of the game, publishing short cartoons or comics, and many users are upset by this approach. Nowadays it`s very popular to create games of this type and with all the computer graphics achievements it has become very easy just like you need help writing a research paper and you start searching for the best variant on the web But it is hard to imagine how a single campaign with two dozens of bright characters would look, so an approach chosen by the authors appears more or less justified.

Moreover, there is no need to regret the absence of all this because there is an excellent multiplayer. After a successful match, you will want to finish one more, each time giving yourself a promise that “this one will be the last.” Presented modes are enough for enjoyment for several weeks, and developers promise to constantly Overwatch update.

Let’s Plunge into the Game

In total there are twenty-one characters, and heroes are divided into four categories. Stormtroopers move quickly and can cause considerable damage, but often have a small margin of health. The mentioned shortage is deprived of “tanks”, which will have to be killed much longer. Defenders protect objects to which enemies cannot be allowed, and support characters help the allies, healing them, giving additional shields or increasing their speed. Whichever style the player prefers, he will find a suitable hero.

Since all modes presuppose protection of an object or an attack on it, and there are no restrictions when choosing heroes, each new Overwatch battle is different from previous one. When choosing heroes, the game will tell you which classes are not enough, and it is advisable to stick to these tips – if no one treats anyone, and protection is not worth a corresponding character, you will have to try very hard to win. You can change wards any time, and this allows you easily react to what is happening on the map.

Each hero has strengths and weaknesses, and a player that knows them will easily determine who he should switch to help a team and bring it closer to victory.


Best Gaming Experience with Overwatch

You are offered unique heroes who serve a single cause and at the same time play completely differently. You can take the role of a sniper with a rifle, and you can choose climbing on the walls of an archer. Running after everyone and curing them while playing for Lucio, later you will want to switch to Symmetry and place protective turrets, shells of which will slow enemies. And after a couple of great moments with Tracer, it’s better to choose Pharah and shoot all of the rocket, flying over the ground.

Here everything is connected exclusively with territories or objects. There is a great mode “Object Control”, where players tend to grab a point and hold it as long as possible. And one more fun is when team grabs the load and then accompanies it.

For each mode, three cards are drawn, and they are located in different parts of the world. Design is perfect: there are always places for snipers, for defending a team, and for heroes capable of rapidly circumventing enemies from the flank.

Which Surprises Has Santa Prepared for Overwatch Fans?

New Year is the most favorite holiday for most people, but the gamers are waiting for Overwatch New Year event even more impatiently.

Now the game offers enough content to attract players for a long time and not seem monotonous: a large number of characters, twelve cards and an infinite number of different tactics allow the game to stay fresh for a long time. However, the best gift for its fans will be Overwatch news with the best Overwatch skins and modes. And for sure, developers will surprise with some new containers, where one can find a lot of things to change character appearance, overall look, emotions.

Hope that there will be some new competitive mode, where players will be able to demonstrate their skills and abilities in trying to climb as high as possible on rating ladder. Good news is that Overwatch event is approaching.