IRCTC Registration – Signup Tutorial to Create New Account

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Indian Railway is an important part of India. Over a billion passengers travel by trains every year using Indian railways. When it comes to booking ticket n railways, the task can be quite tedious and full of hassles. In order to mitigate this problem, Indian railway introduce online ticket booking system. So, here comes IRCTC which is online ticket booking system for Indian railways. To use this facility, it is important to first register on the IRCTC website.

IRCTC registration is an easy process. It is quite necessary to create an account on this portal to book railway ticket online. It is quite a simple process, and it only takes few minutes to create an account on IRCTC. To assist you in doing the same, we are presenting you the entire process discussed in detail. All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps to register an account on IRCTC. In this golden era of Indian railways and online world enabled by technology, railway ticket booking is easier rather than standing in long queues. When you have to book at ticket from your home, all you need to do is create an IRCTC account to get started.

In this world of technology, if you need to have an IRCTC account to book ticket online. If you donít have one and donít know how to book a ticket on IRCTC, then you are lacking something very important. Booking ticket via IRCTC is quite an easy process, and it has become very important for all of us as everyone requires to book the ticket once in his lifetime, at least. It provides an opportunity to save a lot of time. So, here we will tell you how to Sign Up on IRCTC and teach you how to book a ticket on IRCTC.

It is important to know that you can book a Train Ticket via IRCTC Connect mobile app. You can even book a Tatkal ticket using this app. All you have to do is download the Rail Connect app from Play Store for Android. If you are an iPhone user, then you can download it from App Store. You can go even to IRCTC registration through this mobile app. It is an easier version than the desktop version.

IRCTC Registration through Mobile App

First, you have to download the IRCTC Connect app from respective app stores.

After then, when you open the app, you will be asked to register or login. In order to Sign Up for a new account, you have to tap on Register button.

irctc registration

After that, you need to fill in all of your details. After doing so, you have to tap on Next.

user registration
user registration 2

Now the app will ask you to fill in your address details.

You might get few errors like Min 3 characters and Max 225 alphabets, number and space are allowed in order to resolve this problem. It is important to make sure that you donít use any special character like \ or -. Now just Enter your plot number. You will also require to have one alphabet in Address, so you can now enter your colony name also.

After then, it will prompt you to verify the Mobile number and email ID.

After verification is done, you can login into IRCTC account using your selected username and password.

Once you have logged in, you can book a ticket on IRCTC connect. Booking the ticket through IRCTC connect app is quite simple.

Now it will ask for your address details.

Creating New Account on IRCTC Website

It is quite convenient to make IRCTC registration of account on its website. All you have to do is follow simple steps.

At first you have to open www.irctc.co.in on your web browser.


Now click on the IRCTC Sign Up Link in order to register on IRCTC.

Then you will be duly redirected to a Registration Form.

desktop registration
submit registration form

After reaching this registration form, you first have to fill the username and check whether it is available or not. Then you have to fill in all of your details with a valid email ID and a mobile number. It will send you a Password as well as a verification code to you via email and message to your mobile.

Then you have to click on the Submit Registration Form button.

Now first fill the username and check itís availability. Then fill all your details with a valid email and Mobile no. As it will send your Password and verification code to your email and mobile.

Then click on the Submit Registration Form button.

Click on Ok to continue your IRCTC registration.

After you complete this step, you will be asked to Accept the terms and conditions. In order to do this, Click on the Accept Button

accept decline

Then a thanking message will appear on your screen with some information.

thank you note

Activate IRCTC Account

Now you have created your account. After creating the account, you have to verify your mobile number as well as email ID. So go to IRCTC login page and then login to the website using your username and password.

mobile number verification

Now click on the button named Verify number with OTP. You will receive an OTP on your mobile number. Enter this OTP which you have received. Similarly, you can also verify your email ID too.

Note that it may take some time to receive OTP on mobile.

Itís now done. You have successfully carried out IRCTC registration. Now you can easily book a ticket online. There are some articles on the web where you can learn about how to book railway ticket online through IRCTC website. Now you donít have to pay to any agent to book a ticket. You can book your ticket from your home with convenience. You no longer have to stand in long lines and waste time there. If you wish to book Tatkal ticket on IRCTC, then you can also search for some articles which explain how to book confirm Tatkal ticket on IRCTC.

Now you have successfully created an account on IRCTC. But it is not enough. You have to learn to book a ticket, and most of the user gets stuck on payment gateway. Many people fear to add their details. But you need not to worry about it. The IRCTC payment gateway is secure and safe. It is also quite user-friendly. Beside using Debit card and net banking, you are provided with options like IRCTC ewallet as well as Paytm wallet, etc. This is a new method of payment-enabled due to technology adoption in IRCTC.


The Indian Railway is evolving with technology. It has introduced many features for the convenience of the passengers. Booking of the ticket remains to be a tedious process. In order to resolve this issue, Indian railway introduced its own portal and mobile app. The app can be downloaded from popular app stores. There is a website too for booking a ticket. In order to book a ticket, you have to first register on IRCTC.

The IRCTC registration process is quite simple and seamless. All you have to do is follow simple instructions, and you are all set to go. By following the proper registration process, you can easily register on its website and then book ticket easily. It offers you the comfort of booking a ticket from your home without wasting time on standing in long queues. Just go through the simple procedure mentioned in this article, register on IRCTC and book your ticket in a user-friendly way. The interface is quite simple. The steps are well laid out. The process is easy enough to follow with every step provided with necessary details.

You are offered also offered to book tickets and pay for them with a variety of options. It is quite safe as well as a secure way to book a ticket. So, just use the IRCTC portal to book your ticket and avoid all the hassles involved with ticket booking.

Let us know, about your experience of registering on IRCTC. We would like to know more about your comments and view regarding this review. Mention them in the section below.