How to track mobile phones using a tracking app

Our smartphones are one of the dearest things to us these days. They are like our companion, or more like a personal assistant who is informing us of our emails, calendar entries, meetings, and birthdays. It’s our portable notification center. Even a morning jog is incomplete without a phone.

It’s our music player and a GPS device too. Well that’s enough to remind about your phone’s actual worth to you. So why are we so groggy about our phone’s protection— it can be lost or stolen by a street thug, leaving your life into aboriginal time frame.

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How to Track Mobile Phone?

A good way to track mobile phone is by using a cell phone tracker. Smartphone trackers are not just meant to track your own phone, they can also be used to track your kid’s device and even your employees’ location. Here is how these apps works.

Show Real-Time Location Details: This feature is handy to keep logs of your kids’ all day activities. It’s effective for employee tracking too. Delivery and courier businesses can make a great use of it by saving on other forms of monitoring techniques. This feature reveals the longitude and latitude along with the time stamps. A single click will give you the exact location on the map. If the targeted device shows any un-authorized location, then you can take action immediately. This comes in handy in case of any emergency when kids need your immediate help.

Use Mobile GPS: Most of the tracking apps rely on the mobile GPS for getting insights about its location. This method is also helpful in case your mobile is lost or stolen, but the problem with this method is that it requires you to make sure the GPS on the targeted device is enabled.

Get Help from Wi-Fi Signals and Cell Phone Towers: If your kids or employees are smart enough to disable the GPS, then still it is fine, as some tracking apps do not require GPS for tracking the location. Instead, they use Wi-Fi signals and cell phone towers to find the whereabouts.

Is There Anything Else That Tracking App Can Do?

This smartphone tracker can do a lot more than tracking, it monitors. It’s a remote parent and an e-manager for the employees. The app can access all the contacts, calls, SMS, IM chats, photos, videos, and recordings from the target device. It can also remotely control the device by locking it, wiping data over it (in case you lost your phone and couldn’t retrieve it) or sending certain commands on the device.