How To Choose The Right Bong

Finding the Best bong for you

Choosing the best bong for you can be quite a struggle, especially with tons of new products and companies popping up lately. Plus, just about everyone has something different to say about what to look for when sourcing the perfect glass bong. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to find the perfect bong to match your smoking style.

Concentrate or Dry Herb

Water pipes can be used for both concentrates and legal dry herb. Which type of water pipe you choose will depend mostly on which form of legal cannabis you enjoy using the majority of the time. Typically, the difference between a water pipe for concentrates and a traditional dry herb piece is in the downstem of the pipe.  A water pipe with the stem at a 45-degree angle is typically used for dry herb, and one with a 90-degree angle is used for concentrates in order to avoid dripping over the side of the piece during use.

The Design that is Right for You

Not only are there different types of bongs for whatever form of legal cannabis you are using, but there are also various designs within these overarching groups. All bongs fall under two main categories, heady or scientific. Heady glass water pipes are focused primarily on form over function, like art pieces. Scientific glass water pipes, on the other hand, are more focused on function with far less concern for the aesthetics. There are two main bong shapes: Beaker bongs and straight tubes.

Whether you choose to go with a heady or scientific bong, there are a few different options to choose from when it comes to the percolator system used within the piece itself. Percolator bongs use points of diffusion that provide a more refined hit based on your smoking preferences. To familiarize yourself with the different forms of percolation, take a look at the most common options out there.

Tree– this is the most popular form of percolation available. A tree-style perc utilizes long, limb-like glass tubes within the bong that create great amounts of diffusion. This form of percolation is great for beginners because it creates a smoother draw that is easier to handle.

Inline– this style percolator is one of the most common ones available. Inline percs work by diffusing smoke through water with the use of small holes lined up along a single glass tube within the bong.

Showerhead– another popular option for percolation is the showerhead style. This form provides diffusion through a bunch of small holes attached to a bulb within the water pipe. Much like the fixture it is named after, a showerhead percolator provides a great amount of diffusion in a small space, making it another great choice for beginners.

Honeycomb– much like the showerhead style, a honeycomb percolator diffuses smoke through a bunch of small holes. However, the main difference is that these small holes are positioned in a disc shape within the main body of the bong. The diffusion is not as concentrated as with a showerhead perc, but this style still allows for nice, smooth draws.

Final Thoughts

No matter which type of percolator you choose to go with, you can’t really go wrong. Percolation is more about personal preference, meaning you can go with just about any option without much worry. The most important factor to determine when choosing the perfect glass bong is what you will be using the piece for. Figure out if you would rather use concentrates or dry herb and then go from there. Finding the piece that fits your preferred smoking style can be difficult, but there are tons of options out there and you can’t really go wrong with the water pipe that jumps out at you.

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