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Certified Scrum Product Owner certification

The Certified Scrum Product Owner certification allows you to take on the mantle of Product Owner and allows you lead successful projects while keeping you focused on your Agile journey. As Product owner, you will bear full responsibility to lead the project, manage customers and vendors, key in the input from collaborators, and manage the overall business value of the project.

Being well versed with the framework of Scrum in the position of Product Owner increases your chances of getting maximum ROI for your product.

Getting a CSPO certification from the Scrum Alliance will expand your toolkit when working towards delivering a successful product. Register for KnowledgeHut’s extensive CSPO training to maximize your understanding of the principles and strategies of Scrum.

What the Course is About

The CSPO training will give you a professional advantage while also strengthening your concepts of the framework of Scrum. While it is preferred that you have some prior experience with using the framework, the training will also cover the basics of Scrum such as the vocabulary, the core components, and Scrum Flow.

With the CSPO certification, you will be concentrating on your role as Product Owner. The course delved into detail the responsibilities of said Product Owner. With this will come the knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of Scrum Master and the various other team roles.

Many of the qualities of being the leader of a project, such as vision, seem almost intangible. With KnowledgeHut, you will be given a valuable insight into the importance of vision and how it can affect the team performance and the final output. Knowing how to present the vision to your team is imperative and learning which qualities of your vision is key to the success of your project is also a key factor. You will also gain an understanding on the role of prep work required for the project.

A key element of the CSPO training is understanding estimation and the various impacts it can have on different levels of the team. Estimation can be an extremely tricky principle and must be dealt with in a reliable manner.

Other core concepts that you will learn in your CSPO training are Product Backlog, Sprinting, Prioritizing, and Release Management. With a firm grasp of these concepts you will be able to get your team to work efficiently with high productivity.

Key Takeaways

The CSPO course offered by KnowledgeHut is a two-day course held in a classroom environment where you will benefit from the face-to-face instruction mode. Once you clear your training, you will get the necessary CSPO certification along with a 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance which will put you in contact with several resources. You will also be able to use a special CSPO logo to indicate your credentials.

Why Agile Management Scrum Training?

With KnowledgeHut, a Global REP of Scrum Alliance, students are offered comprehensive CSPO training by Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs) who are preapproved by Scum Alliance. Not only will this enviable partnership make sure that you learn how to be an effective Product Owner, you will also be privy to the various tips and tricks of the CSTs who have had many years of experience with Scrum in various applications.

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