10 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in India

Desire to make a career in digital marketing? Over the time digitization has become an indispensable component of communicating. It has become a special channel to connect, learn, share and promote. Purchasers conduct is changing. Today, instead of getting absorbed in books, newspapers, journals and television, readers and viewers seek information through tablets, mobile phones, and other media.

With the rise of technology and the increasing number of internet accessing population, digital marketing has become one of the best career options. It is a fast growing field offering great opportunities for not only experienced professional but also the freshers. If you want to build a career in this field, your need to learn all crucial concepts related to it and also should learn how to practically implement those concepts. Thus, the first measure will be to select the best digital marketing institute for yourself.

A good digital marketing institute is essential in sharpening your digital skills. If you find yourself enrolled in the best training program you will be provided mentorship for a lifetime, you will learn structure and will establish an extensive network. To boost your career and become a specialist in your field you need to choose your institute wisely.

There are many renowned digital marketing institutes in India. In fact, with the rise in the popularity of digital marketing courses, there has been development of many institutes across the country offering this course. Below we provide the list and review of top 10 digital institutes in India so that you can land upright and skyrocket your career.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes in India

1. Delhi school of internet marketing (DSIM) – DSIM comprises of experts in digital marketing from worldwide. Its primary focus is to develop the sense of creativity in the pupils. This institute is so notable that even scholars from other countries are joining it to sharpen their digital marketing skills. It provides full-fledged live classroom training to entrepreneurs, industry executives and business visionaries. It also offers innovative digital marketing courses that cover 17 modules. This class is most recommended for business owners, job seekers, and working professional. Here you learn to do marketing online by industry leaders. Besides, you are taught how to bring traffic to your website, increase brand awareness and generate possible business leads by utilizing platforms such as email marketing, social media, search engines, online display advertising, content marketing and mobile marketing. It upskills the marketers how to enliven right target market advantageously with lowest possible attainable cost.

This institute also provides assistance to get placed leading companies. This institute was established in March 2011. Till date, more than 9000 students have been trained. Alexa ranking of the institute is 2, 792. It also has its branches in Kolkata and Banglore. It also offers online training delivery. The course offered is Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program. Duration of the course may 2 or 4 or 5 month. Course Fee is Rs.48,450 plus service tax.

2. NIIT – NIIT is a leading training institute in India. To provide the students with quality training; it has tied up with Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland. It has a big bunch of talent advancement programs. It provides integrative learning management and training delivery solutions to institutes, corporation, and individuals over 40 nations. To provide you with the latest knowledge and experience it has designed a course of study that will help you to operate in the area of digital merchandising. This institute offers you a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. The diploma will transform you in a digital marketer. The training covers the topics like SEM, social media marketing and mobile marketing. NIIT also provides certificate courses in digital marketing. For holistic learning live lectures, quizzes, case discussion, and projects are conducted.

Your physical presence at any of the centre in mandatory. Online training is not available. Almost 30 cities in India have NIIT centre. They claim to train about 40,000 professional till date. The lead instructor is present at other centres through the live video stream.

Courses offered are:

  • Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing
  • Professional Diploma in Social Media marketing
  • Advanced Online Advertising Program with Web Analytics
  • Advanced Program in Digital Marketing

The duration of courses varies from 4 months to 12 months and the Course fee is non-transparent. Also, there is no job placement guarantee.

3. Digital Vidya – It is one of the leading Digital Marketing & Data Analytics training company in Asia. It was established in 2009 and was the first institute that launched series of Social Media Marketing Workshop in India. For the corporations, the institute offers Digital Marketing & Analytics Training Programs to scale up their business. Even eBay, Nokia, Naukri, Star TV, Toyota, and Reliance have taken part in training courses offered by Digital Vidya. This institute offers eight certification programs and 250 training programs. The online six month course designed for digital marketers, students and entrepreneurs is Certified Marketing Masters (CDMM) COURSE to make the learners and expert. The course fee is 49,900 plus service tax. This course covers modules like social media marketing, e-mail marketing, Web Analytics and SEO. You can also choose to specialize in any module such as super blogging, affiliate marketing or Video Advertising. Weekly assignments and projects are contributed to assist the participants to acquire experience. Digital Vidya has tied up with the leading companies to furnish participants with training. Digital Vidya also offers a research-based internship. Short courses provided by the institute are:

  • Website improvement (SEO)
  • Online networking Marketing (SMM)
  • Web search tool Marketing (SEM)
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Development Hacking
  • Portable Marketing
  • Web Analytics

All courses by Digital Vidya are online courses. The batches are available on both weekdays and weekends. The institute also assist in job placements. Its Alexa ranking is 1, 991. Till date, it has trained more than 12,000 pupils.

4. Simplilearn – It is a Bangalore based training company with its head office in Houston, Texas. In its initial phases Simplilearn.com has been just a blog offering useful tips on digital marketing by Krishna Kumar, but later on, it established as an online training company. It offers certified training courses to the professionals worldwide and has received a rating of the best educational website. Business persons, aspiring marketers, and marketing professionals will find the digital marketing training given here more here idyllic. The course offered by the institute is OMCP Certification (Advance Online Marketing Certification Training). It is 180 days course with nine modules. Training fee is Rs.49, 999 plus taxes. Till date, this institute has trained more than 400, 00 pupils. The Alexa ranking is 1,438. OMCP.org provides the certificate. Also, you will be assisted to get OMCP certification if you have finished extensive training and have gained several year experience of online marketing.

5. IAMAI – Internet and Mobile Association of India, IAMAI is a Mumbai based institute. It offers four classroom-based courses on digital marketing. It has tied up with many leading companies to provide you with learning material and also to provide training to the students. The course offered is Digital Marketing Professional Diploma Course. Topics covered are SEO, SMM, SEM, Inbound Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate marketing and E-mail Marketing. The course fee is Rs.24400. The institute was established in 2004 and its Alexa ranking is 13, 805.

6. EDUKART – EDUKART is a famous figure in delivering distance education. Its headquarters is in Delhi. This institute offers a 6 months online Certification Course in Digital Marketing. This course is certified by IAMAI. The course covers the topics like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Advance Online Advertising, Google Web Analytics, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing. It helps the participants to grow knowledge of online marketing. The course fee is 48, 000. It was established in 2011 and Alexa ranking is 20,296.

7. IMRI – Internet and Mobile Research Institute, IMRI provide one to one and private training and claims to be offering you best training on digital marketing. To furnish the students, this institute follows experiential learning method. Here instead of lectures and theories students work with professionals to master in digital marketing. If you dream to start your venture or upgrade your business, then this course is for you. The courses offered are one month, part-time Executive Program in Digital Marketing (EPDM) Training Program course that costs 40,500. Six months full-time course PPDM Course costs 95,500 and GPDM full-time course of 12 months costs 2,50,000. The Alexa ranking of the institute is 101,119.

8. Learning Catalyst – This institute specializes in mobile/web related programs. It is based in Mumbai. It has the biggest menu of digital programs that appeals many individuals with a background in tech, marketing, and design. They offer ‘A Complete Digital Marketing’ course for graduates, working professionals, and even students. They provide lifetime access to their online course material. You will also be given practical experience. You will have to do summers/winters Internship. Also, the institutes assist you in job placements as well s freelancing jobs.

9. AIMA – All India Management Association, AIMA has launched their own digital marketing program to teach learners how to utilize social media, and online advertising to meet their trade objectives. AIMA has tied with Digital Vidya, for the course material and content. It offers Professional Certification Program in Digital Marketing and Analytics (PCPDMA). This course is divided into seven modules that include Search Engine Optimization, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Web Analytics. The institute also provides online training on Saturday and Sunday for 4 hours.

The duration of the course is three months, and it costs 36,000 plus taxes. Alexa ranking is 698,528.

10. Digital Marketing Training Institute – This Delhi based institute is focused on educating professionals in digital marketing. It offers diploma certificates in SEO, SMO, web designing, Google Adwords and Digital Media. It is a comprehensive course that covers all the aspect of digital marketing. The course offered is ‘Advanced Program in Digital marketing’ that covers topics like SEO, email marketing, ecommerce marketing, Social Media and ORM, Mobile marketing, etc. Its Alexa ranking is 25,345.

We hope our article has offered you an indispensable insight into top 10 digital marketing institutes in India. Wish you the best of fortune in your journey to specialize in digital marketing and gain analytic and strategic accomplishments.