A Complete Guide To Commission Junction

commision junction

The new, modern name for Commission Junction, one of the largest and more prevalent online affiliate networks, is CJ Affiliate by Conversant. Affiliate marketing is a fantastic network for beginners, so here’s a quick guide to how to set up and get started.

Commission Junction is a highly accurate, freelance affiliate marketing website. The idea of pay for performance drives this website. It helps create a fantastic relationship between the advertisers and publishers, which, in effect, lets this network communicate regularly with a large number of consumers.

Signing up for a Contract Junction account isn’t a boring process at all. It’s effortless and trouble-free to create an account. Click on the ‘Free Publisher Signup’ tab to view the Homepage. Select ‘Sign Up’ Today, to start the process. Use the Signup form to pick your language, currency, and country, and press ‘Next.’ Read and agree to the Service Agreement.

You will need to enter your contact details and website details in the next step. Click on ‘Accept Terms’ after completing all of this. Your application will be processed, and you will receive an email that will provide you with details of your Login. Go to the Homepage once you have received the Login details.

Advantages of Commission Junction

Following are the advantages of Commission Junction:

  • On this website, advertisers, and merchants sell goods and services belonging to popular brands that, in effect, ensure the excellent quality of the services and products. This makes the website tremendously dependable.
  • One of the best features is that the site makes the payment and not the merchants.
  • The tracking system is simply amazing, as it offers the option to encrypt connections.
  • The publisher’s application is accepted immediately without delay.
  • Another significant benefit is that you can quickly pass your account to someone else without having to think about it.

Disadvantages Of Commission Junction

Following are the disadvantages of Commission Junction:

  • Even though this website offers you the opportunity to choose from different merchants, they will not all accept you as an affiliate. For this, each merchant has to be given an application individually.
  • The goods and services on this website are of high quality because they belong to well-known brands. This results in low payouts for affiliates since the profit margin for merchants is very low.
  • Customer Care support is only available via email, which is not helpful in situations where assistance is desperately needed.

CJ Affiliate Program Requirements

You need to be an affiliate publisher if you want to make money through CJ. This means that you are the person who owns a website where you advertise products and sends offers for traffic. You get paid when the traffic converts; however, before you can join as a publisher, CJ has some requirements.

You need to commit. Affiliate marketing is not something you can necessarily do on the monetization side and expect some significant results to be achieved. Most advertisers don’t want to agree with publishers who aren’t in it.

You need a website with optimization. Traffic is the secret to making money with the affiliate ads, and SEO is the secret to traffic. Make sure that your SEO is as spotless as possible.

You need content that is of quality. These days the key to SEO is content, and users love content. The days of making a small site with a handful of affiliate links are gone. Not only will you be penalized in the search rankings, but advertisers who don’t want their reputations blackened will also drop you.

You need to have time. Affiliate marketing isn’t an hour-a-day industry; you typically pull long hours doing all yourself until you make enough money to hire others to do some for you.

You have to produce results. CJ tracks your commissions and keeps a record of their success.

Building A Site

The first thing to do is to have a good, high-quality site. This alone is no mean feat, but you can do some stuff to make it easier.

If you are entirely planning to make money through CJ, you ‘re going to want to do some work and find out what kind of deals are available. All I can tell you here and now is that they have several partner programs with applications and cloud services within their network. Resellers eBay, Dreamhost, Hostgator, and so on are all on the list.

A review platform is usually the perfect format for a site offering these kinds of services. The Internet is therefore filled with these review pages.

You’ll want to find out a niche within the niche to be successful. Hosting can be either business-specific or hosting packages that explicitly function for game servers. You can choose anything.

Once you have a niche, start writing articles of general interest in the topic. Be as specific as you like, but try not to hyper-focus your site on a narrow niche until you are sure that you will be able to register in the right offerings.

Finding Offers

You can register for CJ Affiliate once you have set up a site with a reasonable amount of traffic and believe you can submit traffic to the right offers – maybe you are using another affiliate program as a check.

You will be able to look into the various affiliate programs that CJ has to offer when you are on the site. Honestly, it doesn’t matter too much, which gives you to pick right off the bat; to best match the deals to promote them, you’ll need to make changes to your site. It doesn’t even matter at this point whether you stretch the truth to refer users; get them to pay, and you’re golden.

It is critical to adjust the tone and focus of your copy.

Here SEO becomes more important because you want to capture visitors who are looking for reasons to sign up for the program that you are already promoting. They want constructive reinforcement, so you have to be both encouraging and rational. You can’t sell a system like it doesn’t have any flaws; that’s a rookie mistake. Be frank about the shortcomings, but clarify why they are mitigated or why they are the smallest of the many systems that you’ve tried.

Interestingly, CJ Affiliate has a platform accessible for performers. You should aspire to be one of the best performers on the web when you’re a publisher. The better you are, the more likely you will be called into the CJP. This performance program hooks you to working with you with priority tech support, advanced analytics, custom reports, and a unique sales rep.

Because CJ takes a slice of each commission, they want to promote their largest earners. After all, the more money you earn, the more money they make. They dedicate some support to your site and strategy analysis and take steps to optimize this strategy.

You need to make at least $10,000 a month in commissions to apply for the CJP. That is not a small bar! Don’t worry if, after a year, or two, you’re not working anywhere near it. You will need to partner with can advertisers, meaning more than a single offer via CJ.

Above all, you must pass a quality review of the network. This review will audit your traffic and ensure that all legitimate, valid users are the people you get on your site and the people you send to your advertisers. Buying traffic can’t cheat them; you need to be perfect.

That is not entirely feasible for many people, understandably. You need the right niche to strike gold, and it will take a while to hit. Thankfully, you can have the same chance as everyone else, if you’re successful.

Comparison Of Commission Junction With Other Affiliate Networks

Various alternative websites that deliver freelance affiliate marketing are present online. Compared with ClickBank, getting used to Commission Junction woocommerce is a little more challenging.

Commission Junction is better than ShareASale because it offers products belonging to well-known brands as opposed to Share A Sale, which offers products belonging to small brands.

Compared to the commission rate on ClickBank, the commission rate on CJ is much lower. The quality of the goods and services provided at CJ is significantly improved over the websites of its competitors.

Because of its reputation and credibility, the top-notch publishers around the world choose Commission Junction to market their products.

Commission Junction Review

commission junction

If you’re looking for ways for your website or blog to make some serious money, then I’m glad you’ve come to the right spot.

When we are sleeping, we all dream of producing profits, but we get stuck at how.

The same happened to me a couple of years ago before I discovered Commission Junction woocommerce’s affiliate program to the CJ, now known as Conversant. Only let’s say I was lucky.

The concept behind an affiliate program is to help you gain a profit by selling the goods of other people and end up buying them. This is mostly achieved through a network of affiliates. And it’s no secret that Commission Junction (CJ) is among the ten best-networking sites for affiliates.

That’s why I’m here to share with you my detailed manual on how to set up your CJ account to help you earn money. But let’s think a little bit about how the CJ affiliate system functions before we get into that. You are ready, then?

Commission Junction As A Merchant

As advertiser CJ calls it, a merchant is someone who has something to sell. They pay the affiliate a commission for every sales conversion, whether it’s a product, service, or experience.

  • It can be either a big company or a lone entrepreneur.
  • CJ currently boasts over 3000 advertisers on its website. And you’ll be able to see big names like Apple, Boden, TurboTax, Home Depot and more to it.
  • So Identify yourself as a merchant if you have a product to sell or a service to offer and are willing to pay a commission to affiliates to promote your product on their websites or blogs.

Commission Junction As A Publisher

Also known as an Affiliate is this group. Much like the retailer, an affiliate may also be a large corporation or a single person selling affiliate goods through a wide range of distribution models, such as social media, blogs, email, search, mobile devices, offline marketing, and more.

They seek to draw and influence potential buyers by showing them the interest of the product to be sold from the advertiser.

So if you’re a publisher, your visitor will be recommended for the book. If you persuade them, then they click on the shared connection and are led to the website of the merchant. And if you buy from the client, you get billed. Just isn’t it?

The Consumer Or The Customer

Let me just put it like this. If there are no buyers, so there would be no profits to pay.

Without sales, the merchants would have no fee for you (the affiliate) to give out.

Also, customers are not limited to a specific platform. The affiliates can also choose to market on whatever platform they find fit.

Today, customers do not always know if they are a part of affiliate marketing. It depends entirely on the affiliates. Some chose to stay clear about it, while others in the context let the tracking device work.

The Network

A network acts as the merchant-affiliate intermediary.

CJ, acting as an affiliate network, helps to find and cultivate a partnership between the advertiser and the publisher without distraction and direct relationship overhead.

Not only that, but it also provides excellent insight into the data, reporting features, and regular payout intervals.

I don’t think you ‘d want to let that chance go. Therefore I will direct you through the four simple steps to help you set up your CJ affiliate program account.

And in case you ask, the good news is that it’s safe. Yeah, you understood it right!

How To Become An Affiliate With Commission Junction In 4 Steps?

Following are the steps to become an affiliate with Commission Junction:

Step 1: Sign-Up

The first move is to open the CJ homepage. Then click on the sign-up button at the right under the heading of the publisher. Begin by selecting your preferred language, then enter the necessary information — your name and email address. Once you have entered your email ID, you should receive an email confirmation.

Step 2: Complete Your Application

The next move after you have checked your email ID is to complete your application to join the CJ network.

You’ll need to choose your currency and country. Then fill in other contact information, your website details and review the service agreement with the publisher. Click the ‘Accept Terms’ button to adhere to their terms and policies.

Within 30 minutes of your application receipt, CJ will send you an email with an acceptance message and your login details.

Step 3: Login To Your Publisher Account

Go to the homepage again to sign in to your account, and press the ‘Login’ button in the top right corner. After you have signed in, you will be able to see your dashboard and then discover all of its functionality. The very first thing you have to do is enter your tax details under the ‘Account’ tab. We’ll proceed to the next step after you complete it.

Step 4: Explore And Apply

Now that all of you are set with details about your account, it’s time to explore some items.

You can either pick the advertisers from the list or choose the categories of products.

When you apply, you can receive the links to your affiliate. You will have different options to choose from when you click on the ‘Connection Form.’ But let me tell you, only after your application has been accepted will these become available.

Commission Junction Review

Commission Junction is an online advertising company owned by ValueClick, which operates in the marketing of affiliates. The business is North America’s largest partner network, which operates worldwide. Of the top 500 retailers that use marketing software for 3rd party affiliates, 62 percent are powered by Commission Junction.

Since 2001, I have been a CJ affiliate and witnessed their tremendous growth in the affiliate marketing business. Since then, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs with them, the lowest point was when my contract was all of a sudden terminated in 2001/02, and my partner commissions were gone.

I hope this review of the Commission Junction will shed some light on how CJ operates, and what to expect as an affiliate of CJ.

  • Wide Selection Of Offers – CJ also offers different types of offers, in addition to having tons of merchants. You may also find Pay-Per-Lead or Pay-Per-Call deals, in addition to the standard Pay-Per-Sale contract.
  • Developed Merchants – The majority of CJ merchants tend to be of the more traditional, Fortune-500 category of firms. That means, for affiliates.
  • Commission Junction Stats Transparent Efficiency Stats – CJ’s tiny green bar and 3 Month / 7 Day EPC (Earnings Per 1,000 Clicks) shows you precisely how individual merchants do within the CJ network. This is very useful because we just want to support merchants who do their affiliates justice.
  • Tons of Affiliate Banners – There are tons of banners and marketing material in every merchant, hosted by CJ. Each banner shows the same, too.
  • Individual Product Connections – While this is not valid for all retailers, you may also connect directly to the particular goods. As you might be aware, linking directly to a company is the most successful way of making affiliate sales. Quality statistics so you can opt to use only those banners that perform well.
  • Centralized Partner Fees – All commissions are paid by CJ, not the individual merchants themselves that means you have predictable and secure paychecks.

Affiliate Automation With Commission Junction

One of the most significant problems we face as a blogger is getting the individual referral links for items we ‘re talking about on our site, and we’re missing a massive chunk of revenue because of this.

CJ by Conversant is a popular affiliate marketplace where all the top products are to be found, and now they have introduced a new feature called Automation. This function is possibly the easiest way to monetize your commercial links without editing the old links manually.

The new automation feature will allow you to add a simple JavaScript line to your website and convert your outbound links to affiliate links automatically.

The CJ team is indeed a great addition to this app, but I don’t find it as successful as Viglink or Skimlinks. The reason being, few criteria need to be met before this algorithm sincerely links your current connection to the affiliate connection. Here are the rules: 

  • You need to have an active relationship with CJ advertisers (if you don’t have an active relationship this feature is useless to you) 
  • Advertisers need to have deep link integration and correct domains in CJAM to engage in Deep Link Automation.

Deep Link Generator Feature

In this feature, you can build an affiliate deep connection f0r to any of the CJ advertisements you are affiliated with. All you need to do is drag and drop the bookmarklet from this page to your bookmark browser. You can click on the bookmarklet to generate a direct link to the specific page on any of your associated CJ advertiser websites (Any page).

Again, this feature seems to be useful to current CJ affiliate marketers, but one more find print for this feature is: 

  • You must have access to a deep connection for the advertiser in the CJ Account Manager.
  • If you are looking forward to making some good money through affiliate marketing, you can sign up for CJ, and it’s free.

How Can You Become An Entrepreneur With Commission Junction?

You can gain extra revenue as a micro-entrepreneurial company by affiliate marketing. Commission Junction is an extensive partner system intended for website and blog advertisers and publishers. If you (the micro-entrepreneur and publisher) are interested, then you can put links on your website and blog to participating merchants.

Affiliate marketing works like this: You get a percentage of the sale each time someone clicks on the connection and buys something. If anyone clicks on the connection and fills in a form, you will be given a commission to attract a sales lead. If that person returns to the site and buys something or fills out the form, then you can still get a commission.

Many vendors placed a tracking code (called a cookie) on your machine to help track the sales and mark you as the reference source. The cookie can be on for as long as 90 days, which means you can still get paid if anyone buys up to 90 days through your referral connection.

IF you want to make money as affiliates with significant, big names like JP Morgan, Home Depot, and hundreds of other familiar businesses, then Commission Junction is for you. Follow just  five steps:

Look For An Advertiser

If you get accepted and when you do, you can select from more than 1,000 advertisers (many are popular names). You can browse by category to see what would be a fit for the target audience of your blog or website. Make sure you visit the company website to ensure its offers are right for your audience.

Agree To The Terms And Conditions

Some programs automatically approve you, and some manually approve of you, which takes time. Commission Junction adds it to a “link relationship list” after you’ve been accepted for a plan, which is a list of all the advertisers who have allowed you to post their links on your website or blog.

Get Link From Advertisers

Click on the tab “For Ties” on the Commission Junction homepage. A list of advertisers appears you’ve accepted.

You do not collect a commission on any sales or leads if you choose to post a link from an advertiser that isn’t active or hasn’t approved you yet.

Choose A Link Or Banner And Publish

If you click on “View Links,” a list will pop up for all the links you can share on your website or blog. Click on it when you find a link you like, and you can copy HTML or Java for that link and paste it into your website or blog from there.

Is Commission Junction A Good Platform For Affiliates? All About Commission Junction Referral Program

Most online entrepreneurs would agree that promoting affiliates is a lucrative way to earn an online income, but that doesn’t make it easy. When you get started, there’s plenty to consider.

Just to be clear, CJ.com is also known as Commission Junction, Conversant’s CJ Affiliate, and CJ, so throughout this review, I will use those names interchangeably. If that answering explanation is “What is CJ.com? ” then let us get started.

CJ Affiliate was founded in Santa Barbara, California, in 1998 as a way to help create relationships between advertisers and publishers. They have expanded in the last 20 years and now have 15 offices worldwide. CJ.com is a member of Alliance Data Systems, a Fortune 500 organization that comprises CJ Partner, Epsilon, and Conversant.

Commission junction referral program continues to develop innovative technologies with a full team of employee engineers to improve affiliate performance monitoring, and to enhance partnerships between advertisers and publishers.

How Does Commission Junction Work?

CJ.com has one of the largest pools of publishers who can support partner partnership goods. They have broad editors such as CNN, Time, Kiplinger, Digg, Buzzfeed, Wirecutter, LoyaltyOne, and so on. They have other even smaller publishers, too: small startups and large firms. Consequently, when an advertiser establishes an account with CJ.com, they can market their goods and services to a broad audience.

When you are a CJ.com advertiser, you will be listed in the directory where publishers will go to read your terms of service, what you are selling to their audience and what terms of payment you are providing to them.

As a retailer, you would have been able to continue to advertise from very reputable brands. Many of the brands operated at CJ.com that have their partner programs are household names.

Helps Increase The Sales

The goal of registering with CJ.com as an advertiser is to improve interaction with your company with new prospects. By tapping into influencers’ relationships with their followers, you can obtain warm leads, shorten the sales cycle, and increase sales.

Cost Per Sale

As an author, you can enter affiliate programs that will pay you for each sale. Publishers produce useful and beneficial content (usually with an informative tone), and the affiliate gets compensated when customers decide to make a buying decision as a result of the material.

Cost Per Lead

You may also get charged for cost-per-lead ads for businesses, as an alternative to cost-per-sale ads. Some publishers will pay a sum in return for the details provided on the lead. The features that a prospect would share would usually include name, email, telephone number, and the answers to a few questions. Upon completion of the intake form by the prospect, CJ.com will monitor the transaction and credit the affiliate for their contribution.

How Much Can You Make With Commission Junction?

CJ.com has so many different partner systems with so many different terms of service and so many costs for goods and services that there’s no way to give you a clear response about how much you can buy.

Sometimes clients don’t want to show themselves, and in their case studies, marketing firms have to understand that. CJ Affiliate appears to have a few advertiser reports like that on their website. CJ Affiliate ran a VIP Influencer advertisement advertising the forthcoming launch, where they had some of the publishers.

This was a complete guide on Commission Junction, which is now also considered as a most promising network for affiliates. Do not pay much attention to the rumors and sign up yourself to achieve higher revenues in your sales. 

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