The Best Social Media Analytics in 2017

The Best Social Media Analytics in 2017

When running a qualified small business corporation, you will need tools to measure your success and impact. The best tools will make it possible to see how your pages are doing, the interaction, and even growth prospects.

Which is the best on the market? This list is certainly not exhaustible as there are tonnes of them out there, but we like these the best.

  • Sprout Social

This social media management tool analyzes growth across all social sites, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, making it possible to get all your results on one platform. It is the excellent choice for those companies with more than one active social sites, and it is quite affordable. The first month is free.

  • Snaplytics

While the rest of the social sites allow you to collect data, Snapchat doesnt leave much information. Still, you want to see the activity there to help you take the appropriate action. Snaplytics is one of the only analytics tools on the market that allows you to derive as much data as possible. The monthly price varies according to your preferred plan, and it is recommended for those managers who want to check on Instagram and Snapchat. Other alternatives that work the same way include Storyheap and Delmondo.

  • Iconosquare

Instagram is a significant marketing tool now, and its only fair that it has a designated analytics tool. What makes Iconosquare unique is its ability to take into account traffic coming from Insta stories. Most of the devices on the market do not do that.

This tool is only ideal for Instagram, and the fee starts at $9 a month. It certainly favors companies heavily invested in Instagram marketing. Alternatives include Later and Instagram Insights.

  • Tailwind

Tailwind analyses the third most popular visual social media landscape after Instagram and Snapchat; Pinterest. Pinterest is arguably very busy, and those who use it as their primary marketing tool need a designated analytics tool. The best in the market at the moment is Tailwind, but there are alternative such as Viralwoot and Pinterest Analytics. The monthly cost starts at $9.90.

  • Google Analytics

We have it last, not for its inefficiency, but for the fact that it is not explicitly a social media analytics tool. That said, we will have you know that GA is one of the best tools for a wide range of marketing products. It will even measure social ROI. It is ideal for all online marketing platforms, and it is free!

The only way to make the most of online marketing is through a social media marketing tool. Any of these will get the job done.