Ideal solutions to Create Knowledge base: KnoBis

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Have you heard about KnoBis??

If you have stopped using Knowledge base softwares, as most of them are hard to use, try Knobis. It is a simple and intuitive knowledge management platform that doesnít even require training. This software will help companies provide real-time and relevant information to the clients, employees and partners whenever required. It provides the organizations and business tools needed to create customizable, accessible and functional repository.

So if you are looking for some ideal solution to maintain and create a knowledge base for purposes such as customer support, employee training, sales enbalement, company intranet and document management you can trust KnoBis blindly.

Looking for more information about KnoBis?

Just go through the complete article and all your queries related to KnoBis will be answered.

What is KnoBis


Knobis has been designed especially given the needs for Slack and Google Apps teams and has deep integration with both the platforms. This software will help you to assist in tapping knowledge that is generated in the companyís ecosystem and will put the information in the hands of the needy employees.

With the help of KnoBis businesses can facilitate the organization, capture and sharing of information generated within teams.

The best part is that the relevancy of the information is very high because of the integrated content engine running in the background. Also, there is a social feature empowering the employees so that they can engage with each other and the management.

One of the truth, many of us ignore is that the information is also generated in forms of conversations. KnoBis will allow you to capture such conversations. And this is the unique feature of KnoBis that makes it different from other knowledge base.

In short, Knobis captures the information in any form and makes it accessible any place and time of choice.

And you know what??
KnoBis can even combine with apps and tools beyond Slack. Letís have a look at other special features and benefits of KnoBis.

KnoBis features- An overview:

  1. Excellent feature for content editing
  2. Intelligent search- The software can search through the documents for example- PDF and word.
  3. Open API
  4. Security protocols are tight.
  5. Custom themes and roles.
  6. Customization option.
  7. User friendly interface.
  8. Multimedia content.
  9. The key features about KnoeBis is that it can capture information in any format whether it is in the form of conversation, an article, multimedia file or playbooks.
  • There is an engine for content monitoring that will tell if the content needs any improvement or not.

KnoBis is designed to provide the companies with updated information so that well-equipped and informed data could be taken when needed. This would fasten the decision making. Thus, it accelerates the flow of the information also the rework process is minimized.

Let us have a quick overview of the problems that KnoBis can solve

  1. It will allow the partners and the customers for self support themselves from the information automation. This will reduce the workload of customer service teams.
  2. This software can be used to create database for customer support in just a few clicks. The customer will be informed and will respond faster. This will ensure high customer satisfaction.
  3. There will be a better synchronization between the marketing teams and sales.
  4. Employee engagement in sharing knowledge, commenting and providing a feedback will enhance. This will have a positive impact on the business.
  5. New employees can quickly and easily access the information as knoBis increases the rate of their on-boarding process.

I guess the above features and benefits of KnoBis are enough to motivate you to get rid of ill-fitting knowledge base platforms and select Knobis as it will provide you with all the elements you need to succeed. Another system that I recommend is†a really good knowledge management system that will help you build your teams in a more efficient manner.

To know more about the technical details and pricing of KnoBis visit the site www.knobis.co