What Color Roof Lasts the Longest?

Color Roof

Choosing a roof comes with a variety of options. Apart from picking specific roofing materials, you also need to pay attention to color. The color of the roofing material has an essential effect on the look of a home.

There are myths that light-colored roofs last longer than dark-colored shingles. This article helps you understand better what color roof lasts the longest. You will also know how to choose the best color for your home.

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Which Color for Roofs Lasts Longer?

Various property owners believe that light shingles last longer than dark roofs. Nonetheless, some shingle makers say that there is no evidence that particular color of shingles lasts longer. The permanency of a roof rests on the quality of the material used and maintenance, but not the color.

If you wish to have a durable roof, don’t concentrate much on the color. In its place, be apt to energy-efficient shingles. Both dark and light-colored roofs can last longer upon necessary maintenance.

Light VS. Dark-Colored Roofs

A rooftop is a prominent part of a house. It defends your home against strong winds, sun heat, rainfall, and even the collected weight of snow on the roof. However, when picking out the best color of Roofing Lubbock, your best choice depends on various conditions that you should weigh in on with the help of a contractor.

Some of the conditions include the following.


The color of your rooftop can affect the temperature in your attic by a considerable margin. This makes a difference in the heating and cooling of your home. Light-colored roofs impact the temperatures inside your house, while dark shingles absorb energy to heat, making the interiors hotter.

Dark-colored roofs are helpful for houses in cold climates since dark shingles help in melting the ice and snow more competently.

Light-colored roofs reflect heat rays from the sun, keeping the attic and your rooms cool during warm weather. The building’s cooling load decreases, giving you a comfortable stay and saving money on energy bills.


Before choosing between a dark or light-colored roof, consider first what would go best with the color of your home. Your house’s stuccos, bricks, trims, or sliders should match whichever color you choose.

Though a dark-colored roof can make your house look smaller, it executes a more classic and traditional look. However, a light-colored roof makes a home look broader and modern.


Another consideration when choosing the best color for your roof is insulation. If you go for a dark-colored roof, such shingles absorb heat leading to a buildup of moisture on your roof’s interiors. Always be keen on any “sweating” on your ceiling to avoid mold and mildew.

Neighborhood Standards

When building a house for resale purposes, avoid having a unique house in the neighborhood Instead, use a color that blends with what other builders in your zone are using. This is true mainly when homes are close to each other or have large trees in front or around them.

In addition, always go through the building permit and pick a color in line with local regulations to avoid fines and negative consequences.


Adding color to your roof makes it fun, but it can lead to extra costs. Therefore, go for a color that works well within your budget. Standard colors can cost less, while more specific paints upsurges cost.

Advantages of Color Coated Roofs

Every building requires a solid and stable roof with the ability to protect occupants from natural conditions. Among recent technologies in building and construction is the availability of color-coated roofing sheets. Such roofing materials come with a range of benefits that includes the following.

1.    Flexibility

Colored roofing sheets are easy to handle and can have a wide range of applications. The sheets are easy to work with, making the installation process much more manageable. Also, you can customize the colored sheets according to the construction needs.

2.    Durable

Colored sheets boast a high rate of resistance to corrosion. Therefore, the sheets can endure all kinds of temperature and environmental conditions hence increasing their durability. Also, the color-coated sheets can last for up to 100 years with the least upkeep.

3.    Attractive

Color-coated sheets are visually pleasing to look at. The sheets come in different colors to choose from, which improves the overall visual appeal of your house. 

4.    Weather Resistant

Color-coated sheets can withstand harsh weather like extreme winters and summers. Its quality remains unaffected in severe weather conditions, even during heavy rainfall conditions.

5.    Low Heat Conductivity

The sheet’s color coating comes with some excellent insulation properties. Therefore, it is hard to permit too much heat to pass through, thus guaranteeing a safe and cool setting within the building.

6.    Environment-Friendly

It is easy to recycle color-coated roofing sheets. The materials used to manufacture the sheets preserve the environment.

7.    Fireproof Performance

The color-coated sheets come with outstanding fireproof performance and are not easy to burn in fire.

Disadvantages of Color Roofing Sheets

Every nice thing comes with its share of cons. Here are various limitations related to a color roofing sheet.

1)    Easy to Rust

CColoredsheets are a product of the steel sheet and spraying process. After prolonged use, the coated surface is likely to peel off, making the internal sheet prone to rust which significantly lessens the use effect.

2)    High Maintenance Cost

A color-coated roofing sheet is spray-painted and plastic-sprayed. The coating is likely to fall off after some time, hence affecting its appearance. This requires frequent maintenance, like after every two years.

Final Words

As seen above, it is easy to conclude that the color of a roof doesn’t guarantee its durability. Any color, whether dark or light, can last longer upon primary care. If you get confused about the best color for your house, take a walk around your area and view a variety of roof colors from where you can decide on which color best suits your roof.