How to Play Free Fire on PC with Keyboard and Mouse Controls

free fire play

Free Fire is a popular mobile survival shooter game where 50-100 players join in a battle and fight for the last spot. In the gaming process, all players need to find themselves weapons, gears, and vehicles if necessary, only for one goal: stay in the safe zone and survive to the end. This amazing battle royale game attracts thousands of mobile gamer and now the good news is, they can also play Free Fire on PC with an Android emulator.

What are the differences between playing Free Fire on mobile devices and PC? Well, playing Free Fire on your Windows computer can bring you advantages that you canít get from your mobile devices. For example, you can use keyboard and mouse to control your games, which is more precise and convenient. The following is a simple guide on how to play Free Fire on PC.

How to Download Free Fire on PC

Download an Android emulator

You need to download and install an Android emulator for your PC first. Itís recommended to use LDPlayer, which is available for playing Free Fire in high FPS. LDPlayer is a free Android emulator for PC and you can download it from the official website.

Set up and download Free Fire

Once the installation is completed, you can open LDPlayer from your desktop and search Free Fire on app store. The next step is to install Free Fire on LDPlayer. After that, you are able to launch Free Fire on your PC with the help of the virtual Android device. Additionally, you can also try the APK installer if you prefer to download the APK files from other sources.

Configure your controls to begin playing

Playing Free Fire on your computer is not the same as on mobile device. Accordingly, before you begin playing Free Fire on PC with LDPlayer, you may need to configure the keyboard mapping for Free Fire and get familiar with the new controls.


Why Choose LDPlayer as Free Fire Emulator?

LDPlayer is a free Android emulator for PC, which emulates the Android environment and works like a mobile device on PC. It makes use of the virtualization technology to speed up your virtual machine and offers stable performance on Windows PC. It also provides high compatibility with most Android games. In terms of Free Fire, LDPlayer has been optimized to enhance the gameplay with a default keymapping and other exclusive settings. Below is a setting guide that can greatly speed up the gaming performance.

The Best Settings to Play Free Fire on PC

Enable Ultra Graphics

In the main menu of Free Fire, you can enter the setting center to adjust graphics quality. If your computer has high configuration, itís suggested that you can put graphics in ultra quality to enjoy the stunning gameplay. Also, by enabling the ultra graphics you can set high FPS next. This is the only way to enable high FPS in Free Fire.

Select High FPS

After you enable ultra graphics, you can next select high FPS to enjoy better gaming performance when playing Free Fire on PC with LDPlayer. Also, the game would run smoother with high FPS and you donít have to worry about lags that would influence your gameplay.

Customize Controls Setting

There are many features at Controls setting and here are some recommended settings which is beneficial to Free Fire PC gameplay. You can click Precise on Scope for aim precision. Then, turn off the Weapon Switch and Quick Reload. Next, you could choose One-Handed for vehicle controls. At last, you could put other settings in the default mode.

Default Keymapping Tip

Take notice that you should not change the location of the crosshair key used to change view. If you move the key command to other place, you will find it hard to change your view in the game according to whatís been said on LDPlayer official website. Therefore, do not change the location of crosshair key if youíre using the default keymapping provided by LDPlayer.


In short, if you want to play Free Fire on PC, you could pick LDPlayer Android emulator. When playing Free Fire on LDPlayer, you can customize the emulator settings and optimize the game settings, which is beneficial to your Free Fire PC gaming experience. Now feel free to download and install LDPlayer on your Windows computer and start your new Free Fire PC journey.