Building a Bankroll


Any aspiring professional or gambling enthusiast understands the importance of a bankroll. For those new to the term, a bankroll represents your gambling assets and is completely separated from your life income and expense, with the advantage of getting benefits from the winnings obtained.

Although you don’t need millions to build a healthy bankroll, proper management is crucial for achieving success, and this quick guide is intended to make you catch your goal as a winning gambler.

Know your Game

Is important to know what kind of game are you playing, and how much control you have on the final result.

Card games, especially poker and blackjack, allow players to have more control over the game as the can choose to quit or continue on a given moment to minimize losses or increase winnings. Sports bettors, although they rely on statistical information to build their odds, once a bet is put, there are more likely in the passenger’s seat, trusting in the chosen driver.

Choose a game that passions you and learn its whole nuts and bolts.

Bankroll Sizing

Regardless of the game, you want to play, is important to consider these three elements: income, buy-ins, and risk tolerance


It’s important to know how much money you can afford to lose without compromising your normal life; if gambling requires taking away food from your table in order to play then we have a serious problem. But if you can spare or save at least a £100 a month for a start, you have my blessing.


A Buy-in is the amount of money required to make a bet or participate in a game. This can range from a couple of pounds up to hundreds of thousands. The more buy-ins you have the more times you can play and try to win.

Risk tolerance

Some players are more enthusiastic to take the play big win big approach while others might decide to have constant small winnings. Betting while feeling comfortable that you have enough buy-ins helps to focus on your game without the risk of making mistakes and blow out your bankroll.

So how much is good to start a bankroll?

A starting bankroll of $500 is a good one to start as you can divide it according to your gambling style:

  • Aggressive players: 25 £20 buy-ins
  • Standard players:  50 £10 buy-ins
  • Conservative players: 100 £5 buy-ins

Some games have bigger variance levels and will require larger bankrolls of up to a 1000 buy-ins to play in a profitable way.

Key Advice

Always improve your game

Building a bankroll without perfecting your strategies is wasted money. Keep always on track your results at iGaming companies and analyze why you did well or wrong, this way you can identify which spots are more favorable to make a profit and minimize your losses.

Learn when to step up and down

It can be tempting to “test the waters” and bet at higher levels once our bankroll fats a little. To avoid a bitter end to our gambling career, we must set high and low limits to the stakes we play.

From a conservative approach, if our bankroll has reached £4000 and we are currently paying £20 buy-ins, we can allow ourselves to pay up to £40 buy-ins. On the contrary, if we are paying £20 buy-ins and our bankroll drops to a £1000 or less, we should step down to £10 buy-ins or lower in order to avoid any negative variance in our game.

But be patient, you have to stop if there are signs of compulsive behavior. If you could not do it yourself, there are self-exclusion systems like Gamstop available for the United Kingdom players. But you should be aware of the fact that there are plenty of brand new bookies not on Gamstop system in 2019 and therefore you will have a possibility to place a bet there if you have self-excluded yourself. In this case, some internet traffic blockers could be useful.

More risk-tolerant players can go up with fewer buy-ins with positive results, yet the key to proper bankroll growth is flexibility.

Cash-out those profits

Those long hours burning your eyelids crunching numbers and the cold sweating during the in-game twists have their juicy rewards and are the main reason of why you build a bankroll. Like stepping, set yourself a profit margin between 20%-50% once you reach a determined goal.

For example, reaching a £3000 bankroll with £15 buy-ins allows you to make 40% (£1200) cash out and still leaving enough money to continue playing.

Don’t be afraid to start again

In the event that you got beaten by several bad streaks and bust out, is not the end of the world, just treat gambling as entertainment, even the best players have busted several times. Just remember, learn from your mistakes, shake the dust and start again, harder, and better.