Best Pandora Bracelets 2020: Shopping Guide & Review


Pandora is a brand of jewelry renowned for its unique designs. A decade ago, this company revolutionized the industry by launching its famous Pandora charm bracelets, a revolutionary idea that allows its customers to make their customized pandora bracelets depending on their style. Pandora offers a wide variety of charms and beads that will enable their clients to design the perfect bracelet they will love.

Therefore, what makes Pandora bracelets unique is that they are not only made of high-quality materials (sterling silver and 14-carat gold), but you can even customize your bracelet. However, you wish. That has rendered these exquisite pieces worldwide widely famous. We will explore these initial and elegant bracelets in more depth in this post, to help you pick the best Pandora bracelet for you.

PANDORA sterling silver charms are perhaps among our collection’s most famous charms. There are about 200 sterling silver charms to pick from, from easy to elegant and basic to ornate, and all are 92.5 per cent (.925) pure silver and nickel-free.

The ESSENCE Series is a range of charms and bracelets targeted at symbolizing your life’s inner ideals, aspirations, and dreams. The bracelets are slimmer, with the charms more elegant and petite. As for the charms in our set of signatures, ESSENCE charms are all hand-made from authentic materials.

PANDORA gold charms are offered in 14 K yellow gold and come in sleek and basic styles. Models may contain gems of valuable interest, pearls, cubic zirconia, and even diamonds.

Two-tone silver and gold PANDORA charms display a charming blend of both precious metals and lend each bracelet or necklace a distinctive shine.

Share your animal love with PANDORA pet charms that involve cute puppies, cats, horses, birds and more. This series is available in sterling silver, all of which are accentuated by decorative enamel or gemstones.

PANDORA Murano charms are designed from Italian Murano glass and bring to your jewelry a particular color burst and style. All the colors and patterns are in the bottle, not just on the exterior.

Key Facts About Pandora Bracelets

Pandora bracelets are based on a very creative concept: You can build your own unique, customized style thanks to the various charms and beads with different themes.

Items from the company are made of valuable materials such as silver sterling and gold 14 carats.

Choose the right bracelet for you, bearing in mind specific considerations, such as style and height.

The Best Pandora Bracelets on the U.S. Market

If you are into sporting jewelry and accessories, you are likely to know about Pandora bracelets. These pieces, which come in a number of varied collections to fit a variety of types, can be fully personalized: for those who are more intimate, more sophisticated, or who have a plain, timeless look. Let’s glance at some of the better bracelets available in Pandora at the moment.

Best Sterling Silver Pandora Bracelet

This Pandora bracelet is made of Sterling Silver. This luxurious material is both long-lasting and hypoallergenic and is also suitable for those whose skin allergic to other metals. The basic but beautiful style with the iconic Pandora core is 7.5 inches in diameter, making it an ideal gift for your beloved ones.

Best Yellow Gold Pandora Bracelet

This Pandora yellow gold bracelet features a sleek, contemporary bangle pattern, with a streamlined circular loop etched with the famous Pandora logo. For a simpler look, the bangle style can be worn with a reduced amount of charms, or you can fill your bangle with as many charms as you want, depending on the look you choose to opt for!

Best Reflexions Pandora Bracelet

The Reflections Series is one of Pandora’s most stylish sets, so you will need a particular Reflections bracelet if you want to carry the lovely charms from that set. This beautiful necklace is plated with 18k gold and a unique, stylish band you are going to love to wear every day!

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Shopping Guide: Everything That You Need To Know About Pandora Bracelets

Thanks to Pandora’s nearly infinite range of charms with a multitude of specific styles, you are guaranteed to be able to find the look that fits you, no matter what you want. If you are trying to purchase one of those stunning jewelry pieces, here are some of the responses you may have in mind.

When was Pandora founded?

Pandora brand roots stretch back to Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1982. Here Per Enevoldsen and his wife had a jewelry company that initially marketed Thailand wholesale products. Nevertheless, they wanted to create their line, which would allow them to be more imaginative and inventive.

The duo launched their first Pandora bracelet in the year 2000. That was the beginning of something even more significant, and the company was shipping 3 million pieces of jewelry a month just nine years later. The key to their success was their revolutionary design, which was implemented using high-quality fabrics and handcrafted parts.

There is proof that charms were used by these ancient humans to fend off bad forces and to keep them healthy. They were made of wood, plaster, stone or bone, which were finely formed into different shapes. Often, it will use an oddly formed surface as a charm. These were held close, sometimes worn around the waist, to shield the owner from enemies. These old charms were used in America, Asia, and Europe.

What is Pandora Bracelets Made From?

One of the main factors for Pandora bracelets’ success is the materials used in creating the jewelry pieces that the company designs. Such bracelets are more often crafted from sterling silver, but 14-carat gold versions are popular as well.

Pandora is now offering items that are plated in 14-carat gold, which are moderately priced, and no less exclusive since they want to cater to all price levels. Also, versions are made from authentic leather or cotton thread. At the other side, objects of precious and semi-precious stones can be contained in Pandora.

Do Pandora bracelets have a special meaning?

Yes, indeed: All Pandora bracelets have a specific significance, no matter what significance you want them to offer personally. That is because you can pick which charms you want, each having its meaning. Pandora bracelets are available with different themes like friendship and affection to Holidays, leisure, relatives, and animals.

Each of these little pieces represents an idea that encourages the wearer to choose the ones that best reflect their passions and dreams. When you enjoy photos, you should select a charm in-camera shape. Instead, you might add a heart-shaped amulet to your devotion, or carry a clover or horseshoe for luck.

What Are Pandora Bracelets, And How Should One Use Them?

Charms are Pandora’s initial idea and are the brand’s base. Such charms come in different types, designs, and sizes that can be applied to your Pandora necklace, which has a tiny split that helps you to attach charms.

Among other things, pandora charms may be crafted from sterling silver, 14-carat gold or Murano glass. Depending on your tastes and the size of the bracelet, you can attach as many charms as you want. You should also wear a new necklace every day since the charms are interchangeable!

How Should I Clean My Pandora Bracelet?

It’s necessary to keep your jewelry properly so that they do not lose their shine and beauty and also that they remain of the same quality. You will make sure to disinfect it frequently to keep your Pandora bracelet from collecting dirt and bacteria. The easiest way to achieve so is to moisturize your necklace with warm water, and then clean it with a gentle toothbrush and a rinse. If your Pandora bracelet is very filthy, you can first soak it in water for about 15 minutes. Finally, scrub with a gentle cloth in hot water, then dry carefully.

  • Save your jewelry from scratching by keeping it in its original case.
  • Clean your bracelet by rinsing it with warm water and scrubbing it with a gentle toothbrush and a little soap.
  • Prevent hitting or breaking your bracelet.
  • You should avoid wearing your pandora bracelet while you are sleeping as you can break it easily. 

What Type Of Pandora Bracelets Are There?

Pandora bracelets are available in three main sets, each with its distinctive look and design. They are produced mainly of sterling silver, but versions are also available in 14-carat gold and natural leather. They often come in traditional or compact styles and feature a range of closures.

Collections of the Moments: this cannot be underestimated, as the Moments series is undoubtedly the most common.

The Reflections series: This range includes mesh bracelets that include or can be worn separately with clip style charms.

Nature set: the most elegant and stylish range, these are to be combined for this line’s unique charms.

Pandora often offers individual styles of bracelets that display crystals and enamel, which are distinctive for their clarity.

What size Pandora Bracelet Should I Choose?

Many consumers are unsure of what size Pandora bracelet they require. That would depend on the series-for example, and you ought to weigh the wrist and add 1/2 inch for the Reflections set. You should attach a whole inch to the Moments set.

On the other side, you can pick a necklace for the Essence range, which is 1/2 inch wider than your forearm. Of course also relevant is the material from which the bracelet is produced. Leather and denim bands can expand with time, and after a year of use, you can expect them to extend by around 1/2 inch.

Buyer’s Guide For Pandora Bracelets

Pandora bracelets are relatively cheap jewelry, so while their expense depends on how many charms you pick, it is doubtful that they would be significant. When buying a Pandora bracelet, there are a few basic guidelines to bear in mind:


The style is the first factor that should be taken into account when buying a Pandora bracelet. You must enjoy the style as an accessory that you would wear all the time. It’s a smart idea to become acquainted with the different Pandora collections so you can pick the one that better fits your tastes.


Another equally essential factor is the content the jewelry is crafted. Sterling silver is the most popular material, but it is often made of certain quality products, such as 14-carat gold. You can find the Rose range, along with models of authentic leather and cotton bands, which is ideal for those who enjoy pink items.


The design of your Pandora bracelet may rely not just on the design of your wrist but also on how many charms you want to carry. Bear in mind that the bigger the charms you choose, the bigger the bracelet. The maker usually advises that the cuff will be 1/2 to 1 inch wider than the hand.


Your Pandora bracelet is only the first step, as you can customize this item with the different charms you attach to it. That means you can bear in mind the charms you want to place on it while selecting your bracelet. Pandora charms are available in several different themes and colors, including creatures, things, hearts, and Murano glass. You can carry between 15 and 20 charms, depending on the size of the bracelet.

Pandora bracelets have been the signature line of the Scandinavian business since its inception. It is not shocking, therefore, that such collections are created with the most excellent standard and attention to detail. This jewelry will seamlessly conform to the style of any individual, from its variety of styles to its high-quality materials.

The company Pandora has become one of the world’s most famous jewelry designers. One of their most significant benefits is that you can pick a bracelet and tailor it entirely to your preferences and design. Best still, if you want, you can adjust the charms and give you a new bracelet every day!

We hope you have enjoyed reading this guide on how to buy the perfect Pandora bracelet for you and your loved ones.