Top 10 Amazon Prime Series and Movies to watch in Quarantine

Top 10 Amazon Prime Series

Staying at Home and social distancing has become part of our lives. We don’t know how long the current situation will last. But to keep your mind distracted, video streaming apps like Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar, can give you a number of entertainment options. You can kill your quarantine time with these amazing series on amazon prime. We have made the Top 10 Amazon Prime Series and Movies list for you to spend your time watching and rewatching these shows without getting bore in this lockdown period.

1. Patal Lok

A new hot release on Amazon Prime on 15th May 2020. Paatal Lok is about corruption in our society. Inspired by the ancient realms of heaven, earth, and Hades, this Neo-Noir series revolves around the game played within the four pillars of democracy. The series is a digital tribute to Bollywood star actress Anushka Sharma as a producer.

Paatal Lok

2 The Boys

It’s an American superhero web television series on amazon prime. Superheroes fight selflessly for us but what happens when they no longer do that. A really unique and dark take on the genre of Super-Heroes which is well put together and with enough story and suspense that you will complete the first season in a day. The show started on 26th July 2019 on Amazon prime and got 4.7 ratings online.

The Boys

3. Start up

There is no reason you should not be watching it. Every Entrepreneur should watch it. There is a lot of things which you can learn from this series. Start-Up is an amazing amazon prime series with 8 out of 10 ratings, first launched on 6th September 2016. There is 3 seasons of this series waiting for you, just sit back, relax, nd enjoy this wonderfully crafted storyline online.

Top 10 Amazon Prime Series - Start Up

4. Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan is one of the best television shows released in years. In the action and thriller genre, this series is going to be your favorite one. Jack Ryan is a story of Men a CIA Analyst Jack Ryan works with the US Government to bring down one of the biggest terrorists in the world named Suleiman. First launched on 31st August 2018. Don’t miss out the complete package of action, thriller series.

Jack Ryan

5. Breath

Breathtaking, engaging, and thrilling. No other words can describe this amazing web series. The series will give you a complete roller coaster ride and suspense. You can not expect what can happen next. First launched on 26th Jan 2018. It’s an emotional and passionate story about a father who faced extraordinary circumstances while seeking an organ transplant for his dying son.


6. Suits

Believe it or not, you will get addicted to this amazing Law Drama. This series isn’t too much drama or too slow, it has just the right pace of story, drama & entertainment. The storyline circulates around Mike Ross a talented college drop out a student who luckily got hired by Harvey Specter “A famous Lawer of the New York’s City”. Associate Mike Rose & Harvey started to handle a number of high profile cases while keeping Mike’s education qualification a secret.

Top 10 Amazon Prime Series - Suits


It is an American Science Fiction drama which is premiered on 1st May 2020. The concept of the series is based on a technology where a man can able to choose is own afterlife after his death.


8. Hannah

Hanna series is full of greatest action scenes and thrilling and intense at certain points too. HANNA series is a journey of an extraordinary young girl raised in the forest, as she evades the relentless pursuit of an off-book CIA agent and tries to unearth the truth behind who she is. The series was premiered on 3rd Feb 2019.


9. The Last Ship

If you love action drama and war movies and series than this series is the perfect choice for you. The cast, production quality, and storyline is flawless. So go on, just watch the first few minutes and decide. The story is about a crew in US Ship finding a cure for a global viral pandemic that has wiped out over 80% of the world’s population.

The Last Ship

10. Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon, is awesome, smart, witty, clean and really holds up your interest. Sheldon Cooper struggles to fit in with his unintellectual family in Texas.

Top 10 Amazon Prime Series - Young Sheldon

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