Stephenie Meyer releasing Twilight Prequal “Midnight Sun” – Twihards Save the Date

Twilight Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun: Now it’s Edward’s turn.

Twilights author reveals the new book, Midnight Sun after 15 years. The Book form Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series is going to release on 4th August 2020. It’s almost a decade since the Twihards are waiting for the book to get released.

On Monday morning, Meyer gave the news on GMA (Good Morning America) and her website. After the exclusive reveal of the cover of the new book from Stephenie Meyer, the long-anticipated retelling of Twilight from Edward Cullens point of view, the internet is full of happiness and joy.

Stephenie Meyer once canceled the manuscript of Twilight’s companion novel “Midnight Sun,” about 12 years ago. It was because of some part of the bok was illegally leaked at that time. And on Monday, she broke the news of releasing the book on 4th August 2020.

The first book, “Twilight,” was narrated from the perspective of female character Bella Swan and the story was all about “How can a Human falls in love with a Vampire?” The “Midnight Sun” is all about Edward Cullin’s Point of View and his battle against his own nature “How can he fall in love with someone whose blood he wants to drink?”

Meyer said reporters, “It feels strange to be making this announcement when the world is suffering through a pandemic, and no one knows whats next. I thought seriously about delaying this announcement until things were back to normal; however, that felt wrong, considering how long those who are eager for this book have already waited”.

After Twilight, Twiilight Saga : New Moon, Twiilight Saga : Eclipse and Twiilight Saga :Breaking Down, new book from twilight saga is releasing and there is no doubt the 13 year teenage inside us can’t be more happy than this.

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