China COVID-19 Vaccine Third Phase Trial – China needs International Cooperation for testing

China COVID-19 Vaccine Third Phase Trial

Its almost half a year has gone since the whole world is struggling with the global pandemic COVID-19. There is a long race going on in the world to search for the coronavirus cure. Various research institutes trying to develop the COVID-19 vaccine, these projects are in several stages from development to clinical trial. Beijing-based Sinovac Biotech Ltd is one of the three top Chinese companies which is running ahead in this race with China COVID-19 Vaccine.

Covid 19 Vaccine Trial
Covid 19 Vaccine Trial

Sinavoc Biotech has taken another step towards the trial production of the vaccine. The firm got the approval for Phase 1 or phase 2 trial and testing and successfully completed the process. Now they are moving towards the Third phase trial which is expected in July.

CEO Yin Weidong said “As we begin our phase I trials, we will also accelerate the progress of our research in order to support the worldwide fight against COVID-19. Sinovac remains committed to developing vaccines for global use”.

COVID 19 Pandemic

The Sinovac Biotech is proposing regulatory bodies in other countries, and the WHO, to conduct the vaccine trial and seeking international cooperation. “To evaluate whether the vaccine can give protection, we need to study the relationship between disease incidence and vaccination, You cant do that when there are no cases,” Yin said. The growth rate of the corona infection has been highly decreased in-country China hence the firm needs active zones to test the vaccine.

Beijing-based Sinovac Biotech Ltd is trying to make a proposal to start China COVID-19 Vaccine Phase 3 trial in the region where the coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly.

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