Finest Of British Crime Drama on Netflix

1. Bodyguard

The much-loved first season features Richard Madden as protection officer David Budd—a war veteran with intense PTSD assigned to security detail for a conservative parliament member. We don’t need to tell you, but the twisty intrigue and sexy chemistry are both excellent here.

2. The Fall

This cannot be missed as how could you not be into Gillian Anderson matching wits with Jamie Dornan?? She’s the talented, bisexual detective tasked with catching a serial killer and has a complicated past of her own, let’s say. He’s the serial killer, who’s also a family man and also the creepiest person ever.

3. Stay Close

A picture-perfect soccer mom has many dark secrets, and they all come rushing in when a serial killer starts killing again. This is based on a book, if you love crime novels—but be aware the show modified the ending, so you’re technically getting two dramas in one.

4. The Stranger

This is one drama that will have you guessing what will happen next the entire time you watch it. When a total stranger confronts a family man Adam Price and reveals a secret about his wife, it sends him on a spiraling rabbit hole as he tries to uncover the truth.

5. The One

If you are a British crime lover with a side of sci-fi, this is a must-watch. When a DNA researcher believes she has found a way to genetically match you with your perfect partner, she sets up a matchmaking service to help pair people off with their soul mates, and everything seems super exciting and great until someone turns dead.

6. The Irregulars

Any fans of Sherlock Holmes will love this show—it’s a new take on the classic Sherlock tales. It’s about a group of teens in Victorian England who come together to help a sinister Dr. Watson and his mysterious partner Sherlock Holmes solve supernatural crimes.

7. Top Boy

At London’s East End, the drug trade isn’t exactly hidden. And Ra’Nell, whose mother was just admitted to a mental hospital and father died after he killed him, is figuring out how to live a crime-filled life.

8. Criminal

Criminal is a Netflix original web series that is about police interrogations. Having three episodes in each season, it’s super snackable. And each time, you will see three different perspectives: one inside the police interrogation room, the second behind the one-way mirror, and the third, the area outside the two rooms.

9. Safe

A heartbreaking thriller drama about a dad whose daughter disappears in what is supposed to be a gated, secure neighborhood. As he desperately searches for her, he realizes that what he thought was safe is far from it. This kind of show will make you question whether your roommate is your friend or some crazy person.

10. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is in history as one of the most incredible things to come out of England, next to David Beckham and the dress Pippa Middleton wore to Kate and Will’s wedding, so if you haven’t heard of Peaky Blinders, the show, or the viral haircut trend.

Ready to solve some bloody crimes!