7 Qualities that Make an Awesome User Interface

User Interface is about creating an interaction in between user and an application. It’s not about the looks,it’sabout the work. Picking a color or button does not make an interface prettier, it’s more about selecting the right tool for the purpose.I feel that making an interface that has a backend support does not need to have a backend functionality first. Rather it needs to have a good solid design user interface, back-end architecture can be made afterward.

So, what are characteristics that are required for a good User Interface :

1. No Need For A Manual : If you have to design something that requires a manual, then it means the language, flow & hierarchy have something missing. You just need to create it like user have visual clarity and at the same time they don’t make too many mistakes while using it.

2. Keep it to the Point : Too many things on screen due to over clarifying and labellings can bloat the interface. Here comes the challenge to make a user interface clear and concise at the same time.

3. Real Life Communications : For first timers, if they can recall what does a folder-style tabs used for, like in navigational menus – than it creates a visual aid which has familiarity to it. You can make things such that the user can feel him-selves that this icon or button is always used for navigation or menus.


4. Processing Speed : A good interface has to be quick, responsive and feedback to the user has to be concise.

5. Once in, The User should be able to identify patterns : If a user has spent sometime in understanding the interface, then we need to have the consistency for the next part as well. Again creating a different pattern for the same application can make user agitated.

6. Make user Happier : You don’t require to make the interface attractive, but it should be enjoyable and it should make the user happier.

7. Everyone makes mistakes : Handling a mistake is what it matters, Creating a file deletion system with a option of recovering the data – can take care of users and their mistakes.

Assembling all these together can be tricky, because one or the other quality can clash together. Creating something that is easy, elegant, simple with all clarity and consistency is a toughest job for a user interface designer.

I hope you have liked the article and it’s time for you guys to tell us what characteristics are required to make a good User Interface.

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