How to make a blurry picture clear

make blurry picture clear

Pictures are supposed to be your reminder of happy, unique events, and you can’t help but hate it when they get blurry. Someone might’ve moved during the shoot, the background might’ve been poorly lit, or you could say that it was just bad luck it doesn’t matter, as there’s little there can do about these situations.

You can, however, fix blurry photos if you have just a bit of a know-how. There are tons of photo fixer apps types that can help you unblur pictures, images, and photos, and we’re here to help you choose the right one.

Fixing a blurry photo unblur images with ease

Simply put, there are apps for everything, including photo deblur. One of the most widely used program for that is “Photoshop”, which you must’ve already heard about. This software was specifically designed to help people get the best out of their photos, and the creators of this fine little program had this in mind as well.

There are multiple ways to use the “Photoshop” software, so let’s start from the very beginning:

Easy way adding another layer over your picture

The first, and the easiest way to unblur pictures is to add another layer. The process is simple and the result easily noticeable your “new” picture will be “sharper”, to say the least.

How should you do this? Well, once you’ve opened the “Photoshop” software, simply press the “control” (ctrl) key and the “J” key in order to duplicate your background layer. You should then open the Layer 1 (found within the Layers drop-down menu), after which you’ll find the Filter -> Other.

Among “other” options, you’ll find the “Custom”, “HSB/HSL”, “Maximum”, “Minimum”, and the “High Pass”. Go with the “High Pass” for best results.

This will, however, darken your image, so make sure to find the “Blend” within the “Layers” section (just below the magnifying glass), and choose “Hard Light”.

Other options help yourself to a “fix blurry pictures app”

“How to fix photo blur” might just be one of the most common questions in the photographer’s world, as far as beginners are concerned, that is, right after “how to unblur images” and “how to unblur photos”. Using the clever apps to unblur your pictures is the second option out of many, and it’s just as easy as the “Photoshop” variant.

We’ll recommend several apps, so you are free to choose whichever you like, just be mindful that most of them come at a certain price. Even though they’re not exactly expensive, most applications of this sort aren’t free.


“Blurity” is one of Mac and Windows best programs, and it was specifically designed to deblur photos. It’s ridiculously easy to use it, as you’ll be prompted to hit several clicks, and voila your image is sharp as a knife.

The only nuisance you’ll have to bother with is the Blurity Tutorial which is, sadly, can’t be skipped. Once you’ve completed it, simply hit “open image” option and click on the part of your image which is obviously blurred. There’s a neat little “process” button which will let you preview the fixed picture before you decide whether you like it or not. If you’re interested, Blurity comes at approximately $80 price.

IColorama App

If you’re using an iPhone, there are tons of applications that will be able to help you with your blurry problems. One of the best apps is the iColorama. It’s very easy to use, and it’s quite effective. Upload your image (“Photo”, just on the upper-left section of your screen) by choosing it from your library. Select your desired picture resolution, and find the “style” once you’re prompted to do so.

There are various options for you to choose from at this point, involving “flow”, “simplify”, “tensor”, “auto” and more. Choose “Simplify”, tweak with the “opacity” setting, and experiment with the presets you’re offered.


Now that you’ve seen some of the ways to fix blurry photos, you can rest at ease that the photos you take in the future won’t be ruined, even if they’re not as sharp as you want them to. Note that this problem seldom comes alone, so you might want to explore the market for similar applications.

Most apps are connected, so once you’ve tried several “unblur” apps, you’ll simply get recommended similar ones. Tone, sharpen, and colorize your memories as you take pictures.