5 Strategies Farmers Can Use to Increase Profits


The agricultural industry has had relatively few advancements when compared to other major industries. Most farming methods, equipment, and distribution systems are the same as used many years ago. 

However, that’s all starting to change thanks to recent technology and e-Commerce. Farmers have the potential to up their game with these five strategies.

1) Pin Duo Duo

Pin duo duo is the largest online agricultural marketplace in China. They make your products easy to discover, which leads to a larger pool of potential buyers. This will widen the market access and create more demand for your product.

Pin duo duo is also committed to improving the quantity and quality of your products. The company backs this up with effective logistic strategies to help you receive more orders. You’ll also receive information on the latest current events in the industry.

2) Digital Agriculture 

Incorporating digital farming can help you better monitor and allocate your resources. It can also help you predict any cultivation issues on your property, which will optimize your input and maximize your output. These optimization tactics can also be used to reduce the use of water, fertilizer, and pesticides in your products. 

Whether you need to manage your inventory or help conserve resources, online programs can give you all the information you need. 

3) Rent Your Land

If you have a lot of land on your farm that is not always in use, consider renting the property out. You may find a market for people willing to rent a few acres. You could also consider expanding your services and turning your farm into an attraction. Families love to take their children to apple pick in September. You may celebrate seasonal events like Halloween and spring with gourmet food products from the farm or consider building a gazebo and hosting weddings. 

You may also want to consider listing turbines, antennae, tractors, etc. You have the potential to make money from rental agreements when you’re not using this equipment, so it’s a great side hustle. 

4) Offer Farm-to-Table Products

Whether you are the consumer or producer, you want the highest quality product possible. As a farmer, you know your produce must be fresh to be the best. To ensure your product is being eaten at its freshest, it should be sent directly to your consumers. 

Farm-to-table farms typically provide food for local restaurants and residents, ensuring a constant demand. Operating in a farm-to-table style makes for the least amount of processing and additives to your products. This process will also decrease the time your product ages before it meets your consumer.

5) Double Cropping

Double cropping is a fairly simple and effective strategy to make your property more profitable. Simply put, double cropping is growing two crops during the same year, on the same plot, at different times. This method is not only profitable but time and land-saving. Double cropping can help protect your ground from soil erosion since you have to invest less money to maintain your soil. Soil erosion can be costly and destroy crops, preventing hours of maintenance and money wasted.

Another way double cropping is beneficial is that it reduces the risk for pests and even disease. This means less money is spent on pesticides and other preventative chemicals and can instead be put towards a better return.  

Modernize Your Business

Not all farmers are content with selling products at a small-business level. It’s possible now more than ever to grow as a farmer with these five strategies. Consider changing your business model to include farm-to-table services. You can also double-crop, rent your land out, and trade online to save time and money.  As a farmer in 2021, you have options.