What is a Blog? The Definition And The Meaning

Blog is a website that contains entries that appear in a chronological order (usually reverse), every new entry will appear first.

A blog normally include certain features like comment block to receive thoughts and interactivity from users.

Like this website SaveDelete.com is a blog that contains entries in a reverse chronological order and in the end of every entry you will see a comment box for increasing user interactivity.

There are few common words that appear repeatedly and are directly related to the term blog:

Blogging, Blogger, Blogosphere

Blogging means the act of writing.

Blogger means a person who write entries for/on a blog.

Blogosphere means a group or community of blogs/bloggers.

Blogging has changed a lot in recent times as single author blog have got accompaniedwith multi author blogs. It means

So, now you know what is a blog, let’s learn more about its birth and how did it went from a technical aspect to a very easy thing.

In late 1990, writing online was only done by people who knew technical languages like HTML, CSS and a bit of FTP. But as the graphic user interface got changed the interactivity also changed.

With new blog sites like WordPress and Blogger, it became easier to start a blog.

Another great thing is there are plenty of free blog sites that allow you to open a blog within minutes.

There are several advantages of blogging and one of them is that you canmake money blogging. As per a prediction 2016 is the year of blogging. You will see thousands of blogs getting started and millions of text, photos and videos beingpublished online.

This concludes this blog entry and if you want to know more about blogs do read my blogging guide.

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