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Why Good APIs Matter and How to Design One

To an average person, the question “What is an API?” might seem pretty straightforward. However, this is not exactly a simple question. If you don’t have any experience with code whatsoever, APIs may confuse you a bit.

How to attract out-of-town talent?

Most of the organizations recognize the diversity within their workforce, not only in terms of gender, religion or ethnicity, but also their geographical location. Additionally, firms know if they cast their net wider, their chances of…

How to Move WordPress Hosting

The process of moving a WordPress site from one host to another isn’t too easy, but it’s also not diabolically difficult either. It’s important to understand that you’re not only talking about the front-end files with your site, but also…

How to Prevent Laptop Burns

In today’s bustling society, computers are a must almost everywhere you go. School children as young as three years of age are now required to complete part of their schooling on a computer. With the invention of the laptop, we are now able…