Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Review

Data loss can happen in any particular form and can result in blunders at both personal and professional level. Losing data or entire partition of your hard drives with your important files, photos, documents and videos, can be a sheer nightmare.

It may make you lose your mind. But now there are great products such as Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional which comes to your rescue to allow you to recover your lost data fully, even if it is deleted or formatted through simpler steps. It is also known as Windows Partitions Recovery Software which focuses on the task and it performs much better than any similar product present in the market which has led it to be recommended by different technical magazines as well as individuals.


  1. This product comes with quite an advanced recovery options with an easy-to-use user interface (UI). It is among the best product which allows you to restore lost and deleted files which can certainly save your day.
  2. No matter if you lose the data with accidental media formatting or disk corruption, this software will find the required files from the hard drive with quite an ease.
  3. It provides great data recovery from NTFS, FAT and ExFAT drives and volumes.
  4. If you want to find Windows partitions then this is the best software available. It makes it easier to search missing and deleted partitions on the hard drive and provides various range of options to recover them.
    screenshot of stellar
  5. This application comes with advanced ‘Raw Recovery’ option which randomly scan the hard drive for the data you lost in can there isn’t any desired result from recovery modes available to you.
  6. It supports different range of file formats which also include document, photo, video and other files. It is also capable of recovering data even from laptops, memory cards or any external media device such as digital cameras.
  7. It recovers any damaged or wrongfully burnt optical media which includes CDs, DVDs, etc. with even a feature to recover deleted emails from MS Outlook too, with their original formats intact.
  8. One of the most salient feature of this software is the preview feature. Using this feature, the user can get a look on recoverable files allowing them to choose whether or not they wish to buy the software and recover the files.


  1. Its user interface is quite easy to use.
  2. It allows you to recover various formats of file in different conditions.
  3. It is cost efficient in recovering the lost data considering the expensive recovery options that are present in the market.


  1. It can be a bit overwhelming for new users who don’t have any experience dealing with recovery software.
  2. The price, but for people that want to keep it without paying anything can also use their 1GB data for free offer which is again pretty handy for beginners.


This software is a highly reliable and effective software to use, if I put it in simple words than I should say, it can get your job done as expected. There are some limitations of course but still recovering data that’s not more than two years old and you haven’t reinstalled anything like the OS, then you are pretty much safe.

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You can use it for any ransomware and we recommend this tool over many other similar software in market. Do tell us what do you think can be done to improve this software.