Top 10 Best Home Security Systems in 2018

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With the advent of Internet of Things, it has become quite easier to setup a smart home where you can control your door locks, lights, thermostats, vacuums and pet feeder, remotely, by using an app on your smartphone.

It has become quite simple to watch the activities at your home along with monitoring your home with the use of smart security system.

These systems are highly customizable and available as DIY (do-it-yourself) kits or even a full setup which may require installation by professionals.

You can choose a system which allows you to monitor the home all by yourself, or you can pay a subscription fee to let your home monitored 24/7 by professionals who will get connected with police and fire departments in case any alarm is triggered.

With the increased coverage, you may have to pay a little more. Here, we have mentioned the requirements when you decide to outfit your home with state-of-the-art systems. After reviewing them, compare system costs and features to make your decision.


A smart home security connects you to your home’s Wi-Fi network by which you can monitor and also control the security devices, by using an app and a smartphone.

Most of the entry level systems include door and window sensors along with a motion detector and a hub that connects all these devices using one or more wireless protocols like Wi-Fi, Z-wave or even proprietary mesh network.

You also get the option to add extra sensors for the door, windows for wider coverage of your house and create a complete system which will include door locks, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, water sensors and more sensors for monitoring different things in the home.

Integration and App

Most of the smart home security systems provide various components that can operate together in a seamless environment along with customized rules for manipulating them. For instance, you can also state rules to have the lights of the house to turn ON in case any motion is detected or have the door unlocked when a smoke alarm goes off.

Some systems also record video locally in hard drive while other provides cloud storage. Cloud storage is a better option to store and also accessing recorded videos, but it does come with expensive plans according to your subscription.

Almost all the systems comes a mobile app that allows you to utilize your smartphone as a command center to activate and deactivate sensors, create rules, adding or deleting components and also provide push notifications in case any alarm is triggered.

Most of the apps provide live view and recorded video along with lock and unlock door facilities. You can also change settings of the thermostat and silent alarms.

There are few apps that even utilize your location to automatically activate and deactivate the system corresponding to your physical location.

Most of the expensive systems come with a wall-mounted panel which performs as communication hubs. They have touch-screen display that provides the ability to you to do anything the app does.

It can also be used to communicate with professional monitoring service in case any alarm is triggered.

Choice between DIY Kits and Professionally Installed

When it comes to DIY setups like iSmartAlarm, SkylinkNet Alarm System and the SimpliSafe Home Security System, they are perfect for homeowners who are on a budget as they can save a lot of installation charges along with subscription fees.

Most of these Do-It-Yourself systems are generally sold as kits which you can easily configure according to your requirements, and this also provides you the option to add additional components in the future at your own convenience. For a more professional installation of this DIY home security system a local locksmith can assist. Use the locksmith near me finder at 247locksmiths.us or Yelp to find a suitable (24/7) locksmith professional in your local area.

In the case of iSmartAlarm system, it is easy to install the system, with a simple method of configuration. Although, it doesn’t provide any way to monitor your home, which essentially means that if someone has entered your house without your permission, it will be up to you to call the local police.

It does provide various components but fails to provide support for door locks, smoke alarms, and even thermostats.

The SkylinkNet Alarm System is among the most affordable DIY kits present in the market which can be installed within minutes. However, it is quite basic and utilizes a proprietary wireless protocol (M-code) instead of common protocols which means that it won’t work with third-party Wi-Fi, Z-Wave or any Zigbee components.

The SimpliSafe system doesn’t have support for third-party devices, and there can be many modification to make in its mobile app.

Although it provides paid monitoring service, this system is quite easy to install.

If you don’t wish to use DIY systems, then Vivint Sky is a great alternative. This system has door and window sensors along with door locks, indoor & outdoor cameras, motion detectors, smoke alarms, and many more components. It is a multi-protocol system which communicates with RF, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave wireless components. It provides 24/7 monitoring along with direct alerts to local authorities and fire department.

It also feature a great mobile app along with a 7-inch control panel which allows you to communicate with live support representative in case any alarm is triggered. It does require professional installation, and it is quite expensive.

Best Home Security Systems of 2017

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1. Frontpoint


This home security system is highly flexible, and consumers love it, as it provides you control to design the security system according to your needs. You can choose sensors, contract terms, monitoring packages as per your desired wants.

Although the cost is a bit more, and other systems may be cheaper, but still, if you can afford it I will recommend you to buy this one.

2. iSmartAlarm Premium Package


Using the iSmartAlarm, you can fix a system for your home with a smartphone-enabled security system at very small cost.  However, this system won’t alert the police in case there is any break-in, but it will surely send you lot of notifications and dials up to the phone numbers to inform you about the breach. The app is well-designed and with a simple interface, it is quite user-friendly.

With easy-to-set-up system and detailed data related to entrance and departures, this system provides all round information about the status of your home. Just try this system and let go off all the worries related to possible break-ins.

3. Protect America


Its one of the most affordable and almost a free home security option out there. You can get it at a very low upfront costs, and there is no fees of any activations and installations as well.

But if you are looking for some complete surveillance then you can select the other options available.

4. SkylinkNet Alarm System


This system kit provides an inexpensive way to outfit your home with a simple security system. It provides the ability to the users to monitor their homes with their smartphones. But, it does lack some well-desired features.

5. ADT Monitoring


ADT is a very reliable name in the home security business. You can convert your home into an unbeatable fortress with ADT’s home automation and new technologies.

A unique protection plan that comes with medical alert and almost every feature other competitors have. But it comes at a cost, and if you have good budget, then you should consider using it.

6. SimpliSafe


In case you are looking for a system that can secure and monitor your home remotely, without spending a lot, then this system is a perfect choice. It is quite versatile and easy-to-use DIY system.

7. Link Interactive


Another great product that comes with free installation, shipping, and support. You will not get anything in this price zone with that much of features and reliability.

8. Vivint Sky


This smart home system provides 24/7 security monitoring. It gives remote control of your door locks, thermostat, cameras and other components. It does require a monthly subscription and it does feature best video doorbell solutions available in the market.

9. LiveWatch


LiveWatch is relatively new when compared to the competitors, but still, it has excellent customer satisfaction ratio.

Their service is reliable, and their friendly contract terms make them one of the top home security system that monitors your property.

10. Protection 1


Protection 1 has lots of high-tech features like wireless monitoring with cell phones and broadband connectivity to start with. With excellent customer support and flexibility in plans it another good choice for home security systems.

These ten home security systems are not the only ones providing security, you will find some small surveillance products that work pretty great. But at the end, you need to realize how important the home security systems are and on this website we have some good resources to back our sayings.

I hope you make your decision quickly and make it according to your needs and budget. Have a safe time ahead!!! Do leave comments and contact us in case you need any info. We will be glad to answer your queries.