How to Build Backlinks in 2016 and Promote your Local Business

Traditional link building and building backlinks for local business is totally different. Today we will learn how can we build backlinks for your local business in 2016.

In traditional link building we focus on quality of link, Domain Authority (DA) of your website linker, which has to be good.

But in case of local link building, we can be happy with a nofollow link and also a low DA can work great.

Local links have one big benefit and it’s the brand visibility.

Let’s see some highly successful tips that you can apply on building backlinks for your local business.

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1.Offer Place for Meetups

So, you have a business in your area and you want people to know about it, go to Meetup.com find groups that need place for a meetup.

You can get a link back to your business site, and it may not cost you anything. Of Course you can provide snacks that will only cost about $50 or so.

In turn you will get a genuine link back and people will come to know about your business and place.

2. Event Hosting

Invite you city for a party, choose an event that’s open to all, your local automobile dealers and property experts do these quite frequently.

What you will get? Links and social mentions (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.)

3. Make List of Good Places in your City

A resourceful list of places, services and businesses that are real and genuine. Where you would go with your family. Many people from outside your city would find it helpful.

This can fetch you links and other sites may like you more.

4. Local Awards in your Niche

Is there a award being presented to the type of business you are doing? Get yourself nominated, the results will surely get published and with that you will also gain backlinks.

5. Grab local figures and interview them

If you know a popular person in your area, and if it’s possible for you to get an interview then don’t wait and set an interview.

You will surely get local backlinks and social shares with this.

6. Local directories and blogs

Local directories and blogs of city should be knowing you by now, if not go to them or try to network with them, ask them to list your business and you will get your desired result with this.

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Do you have any other way of building backlinks for your local business, do share them with us from the comment section below.