Give a tough fight to your competitors with these top 10+ free backlink checker tools

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A Backlink Checker is a tool that counts or displays links to a web page. In this article, you will find a few handy backlink checker online tools that can help you with SEO.

Before you begin looking for a new backlink checker, remember most of the tools are not free, they may be a freemium type. It means they allow you to search a few times, or they may not seek each link. So, if you are serious about finding backlinks, I recommend you go with a paid backlink checker.

Once you learn about Blogging and its benefits, the next thing you will be searching for is Off-Page SEO and Backlinks.


Here we have listed free and paid resources that allow you to check the backlinks of a website or a web page. Online backlink checker tool can make it easy to find what your competitors are doing to come up in search results.

On SaveDelete, I have used several techniques of SEO, and most of them have succeeded. The ones that got failed were a learning point for me.

The time you decide to check the backlinks of your competitors, you will find that natural methods create most of those backlinks. So, don’t try to be extra clever and start spamming your website links in forums, blog comments, article directories, or bookmarking services.

One quality backlink can make a difference, so grab that opportunity by making excellent content. This will work for a longer time.


Every few months, SEO changes and search results get affected, but the basic of SEO never changes. That important fundamental thing is backlinks.

The new age funda is to get quality links, and as much as you can get them, your site results will show up on the first few pages of any search engine.

Have you always put content development on your to-do list but never had the time or resources to put your ideas down on paper? If you answered “yes,” it’s time to seriously consider outsourcing content writing.

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Note: All the backlink tools below are tested and used by me.

1. Linkminer


LinkMiner was created with the sole purpose of checking backlinks. Since it’s a Mangools tool, you’ll need a Mangools account to use it.

LinkMiner, like other apps, allows you to filter links by nofollow, removed, fresh, and lost.

One feature you can try is the ability to ‘favourite’ backlinks so you can quickly return to them. This may be a perfect way to build a shortlist of backlinks to target from competitors.

This function can also be used to keep track of any broken backlinks that you want to repair. You might, for example, make a list of missing backlinks that you want to focus on restoring.

2. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest has a backlink checking capability that is used to analyse backlinks for various websites. This checker tool offers many features. It enables its users to easily determine links to building their websites, and therefore allows them to make quality links to their websites.

You can easily search the most common pages of your competitors along with their back-links. The backlinks of any website may be accessible for 3 years of history. This tool is super user-friendly.

3. Backlink Checker by Sitechecker

This tool will help you analyze the backlink profile for your site. Using this tool, you will be able to understand the dofollow to nofollow ratio of your backlink profile and find all the backlinks and referring domains. This tool will also show you all anchor texts and top pages by backlinks. Backlink Checker is a free tool that is great for analyzing backlinks of your website or competitors.

4. Rankwatch


It is one of the best resources available in the category of free backlink detector. RankWatch offers different features to its users. The complete backlinks of each website can be easily found. Also with this app, find the missing and active backlinks.

The overall confidence and quotation score is readily accessible to RankWatch users. You can have access to the pattern to acquire a connection background too. A user can check the total number of domains that refer to their website. A detailed backlink to any website and to the anchor text can be obtained. This tool is easy to use and offers its users many advantages because it has many important features.

5. Rank signals

Rank signals-savedelete.com

This tool is fully available for all its users free of charge. It offers the following features to its users. Nofollows or connections to any of your websites can be easily found. · You can identify any competition’s links easily. ·

It also offers the ability of its users to find any website toxic or spam links. · You can also find any website links deleted or broken. This tool allows you to easily scan several methods such as the domain and traffic, internal and external connections and so on. You can understand and use this method easily. It also offers its users fully free unlimited searches.

6. Linkody


Online businesses, bloggers, and startups are often interested in maintaining backlinks they have already built and monitoring their competitors’ link-building efforts to improve their SERPs. This is where backlink monitoring tools come in. And Linkody is a perfect solution for this purpose:

With Linkody you can:

  • Monitor your backlinks
  • Do Competitor research and track their backlinks
  • Disavow rule generator
  • Monitor the SEO metrics
  • And get email notifications about backlinks you get and/or lose

Linkody offers the perfect balance between the price and the features.

7. BackLinkWatch


This is one among the most excellent online backlinks checker tool utilized by many webmasters and bloggers. You can make use of this tool to check the quantity and quality of the backlinks pointing your blog. It’ll show you PageRank, anchor text, and total amount of outbound links present on that particular page.

You also will be capable of seeing whether a backlink is dofollow or nofollow. It makes use of Ahref (World biggest Backlink Reporter) API, has a simpler interface, gives you the list of your site backlinks. It shows you all the top domains that are linking to your site in addition to the anchor text that is linked.

8. OpenSiteExplorer.org


Site Explorer is also the top backlinks checker tool offered by the SEOmoz community. The tool has gained much more popularity all over the whole world. Site Explorer provides numerous SEO opportunities for webmasters and bloggers.

This tool includes two packs: free and paid. If somebody wants to get automatically backlinks reports on an everyday basis, then you need to verify your blogs for paid version.

It is the best site to find backlinks. Great index of links, updates of data in every 15 minutes, deep data analysis and have in a friendly way made the Site Explorer world’s strongest tool to check links. The tool quickly can show the links (including internal and new), linking anchors, domains, and most great pages of any domain.

Most of the reports and features of Site Explorer are quite similar to ahrefs. It allows you to check backlinks free as well as get analysis reports. This is an advanced tool that helps you to find backlinks that are linked to your site, you can perform the same for all your competitors and can get advantages by getting the links from the sites that your competitor get.

9. Semrush


With all new features of SEMRush, the 14-day trial is a real time saver and a life saver for bloggers like me. I liked the tool, and it has many features that an SEO must have. Although it is a paid tool if you need a quick review and don’t need backlink checking every day then 14 days trial is enough.

If you want to learn more about a particular section of this overview, simply click the link beneath it to access the full article.

You can use SEMRush to see what links your site has, which can help you identify any problems including low-quality links. In reality, SEMRush makes it simple for you by displaying the total number of links a page linking to you has. If there are hundreds of links on a list, it may be a spammy website.

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The Ahrefs Site Explorer was introduced in the year 2011 as an alternative to the Yahoo! Site Explorer that was shut down completely on 21 November 2011. Even if it is paid tool however reports from the free version are pretty impressive.

When you sign in for the free account, you’ll be able to produce complete backlink examination report for up to almost ten pages together with the anchor text report.

Except for this, you also will get information such as how many backlinks you have obtained from different TDL’ssuch as .com.edu, .gov, etc. and what number of them are nofollow and dofollow.

11. RankSignals


This is a free backlinks checker tool that allows you to check site backlinks quickly with analysis. The tool also shows you rank of site linking to your site in addition to how your site will get linked by text or image, if it is the anchor text then it’ll also show you most used anchor texts pointing to any website.

You can make use of this tool for linking anchor text, checking the total amount of backlinks or PageRank of a page from where you are getting backlinks.

Not just it offers you backlinks report; however also shows you your current Alexa Rank and Pagerank. The best thing about Rank Signals tends to be its clutter-free and clean look.

12. SmallSeoTools


This is another free online backlinks checker tool that gives you backlinks report with information such as page PageRank, site PageRank, and anchor text, along with whether the link is nofollow or dofollow.

Compared to the other Backlinks checkers, the Small SEO tool backlinks check is a bit slower. The most excellent thing is it is available for free and gives you all backlink reports; a few backlinks may not get shown, as their database does not update frequently. You might not find this particular tool as cool as others; however, the information it provides is astonishing. So, give it one try, at least.

13. Majestic Seo

Majestic Seo-savedelete.com

This is one of the best online Backlinks checker tools. It was solely developed to check Backlinks. The tool offers great deals. You can grab the premium package or a free account to check your blog’s backlinks position. This tool provides a few other excellent SEO opportunities similar to site explorer.

14. Raventools


It gathers all backlinks for a URL or domain, including Citation Flow, source URL, and even the no-follow status.

In a way, this Raven Tools is similar to SEOMoz as it offers a group of tools to manage your online campaigns. Its Backlink Explorer reports include Source URL, Anchor text, Citation Flow, Nofollow status, and much more.


Well, there are several backlink resources available online, but you must figure out the right one! These tools make checking their activities and connections incredibly easy for their users. However, at any time, everybody can use these free backlink checking tools. What could be better than the totally free use of these beautiful check tools? These tools help you scan your backlinks in greater detail along with the anchor text, external and internal connections, etc.