Looking For A Loan (Talktime & Internet Data Loan) Number? The List Of All Network Loan Numbers


The telecommunication industry has outgrown all the expectations of the experts. Today, every telecom network company has a provision of providing talk time as well as internet data loans to their customers. This provision has allowed the users to take advantage of their services when their main account balance runs out. This is one of the smartest techniques introduced by telecom network companies that has been opted by users across the globe. With the help of these services, one can easily take a small amount of talk time balance either for calling or data services. 

How can you prevail in this service? All the pre-paid GSM customers can easily make a call to immediately get the loan in case of the insufficient balance. 

Talk Time Loan – This is the loan service provided by the companies to provide additional Rs. 5, 10, and 20 credit loan to make a call. 

Internet Loan – This is the service in which the telecom companies offer an additional 50MB to 100 MB of Internet data to the user when the data balance runs out. 

Here, in this piece, we are going to mention the loan numbers of every network company. Here, we have covered all the major telecom companies including Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, Idea, Telenor, Jio, Vodafone, and Reliance to make no matter what network provider you use, this article helps you get the desired information. 

Let’s start with the list. 

Loan Number & Loan USSD Codes For Both Talk Time & Data Loan Services 

Airtel Loan Numbers 

Airtel Talk Time Loan Number – 

If you are among thousands of Airtel users and have run out of your talk time balance or data balance, don’t worry. The company has a special credit loan provision for you. To avail these facilities of talk time or internet data loan all you have to do is Dial *141* 10# or simply call 52141

Easy, right? 

Once, you do that, you will be given Rs. 10 loan, that will be charged during the next recharge on your number. 

Airtel Internet Data Loan Number / Airtel Ineternet MB Loan Code – 

Not only, talk time, the company also has a provision of Internet data loans for its users. In the case when you run out of your Internet balance, all you have to do is Dial Code – *141*567# and your number will be credited with 50MB internet data. The only condition is that it will be available only for 2 days. 

Once, done, Rs. 15 will be charged on your number during your next recharge. 

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Vodafone Loan Numbers / Loan Codes

Vodafone Talktime Loan – 

Vodafone users can also enjoy the facility of talk time and internet data loans. If you have insufficient balance, all you have to do is dial Vodafone Loan Code 12411 or send an SMS “CREDIT” to 144 and your number will be credited with Rs.5. 

In addition to this, you can also Dial *111*1*3# and then press 1 to select talktime loan or chotta credit option from the menu. 

Vodafone Internet Loan (Vodafone Interent MB Loan Code) – 

Dial *111*1*3# & Press 2 to select the Internet Data Loan Option to get 30 MB additional 3G data for 1 day. For this, you will be charged Rs. 10 during the next recharge. 

Idea Loan Numbers (Idea Loan Code) 

If you are using Idea network operator, you also have the provision of enjoying both talktime and internet data loan. 

Idea Talktime Loan Code – 

There are two options for Idea users when it comes to talktime loan services. 

  • For Rs. 5 talktime Loan – dial *165*5#
  • For Rs. 10 talktime Loan – dial *150*10# 
  • For Rs. 20 talktime loan – dial *150*20#

To avail of this facility, the company has a set a particular condition. The condition is that your balance should be below Rs. 2 to avail of this facility and the user should be a user of the Idea network for at least 90 days.

Idea Internet Data Loan Number (Idea Internet Loan Code) – 

There is a unique USSD Code for all the idea users who wish to get the Internet Data Loan. The company has offers in both 2G and 3G MB loan services. Below is the list of codes that you can use – 

  • 25 MB 2G Internet Data Loan – Dial *150*06# [You will be charged Rs. 6 for this]
  • 35 MB  3G Internet Data Loan – Dial *150*333# [ You will be charged Rs. 11 for this] 

Apart from these ways, you can also get the loan using the My Idea App that is available in the play store. 

Aircel Loan Number [Aircel Loan Code]

All Aircel users can also use Aircel Loan services. To take a loan from Aircel, all you need to do is dial *414# or call 12880. In addition to that, you can also SMS “LOAN” to 55414 to get Rs. 12 loan. 

Reliance Loan Code / Loan Number 

Like all other Network companies, Reliance also has an option of loan for all the users. There are two options – Rs. 5 & Rs. 10 loan. 

  • Rs.5 Loan Code – dial *141*5# 
  • Rs.10 Loan Code – dial *141*10#

BSNL Loan Code 

BSNL talktime loan is also available for the BSNL users. To get the loan all you have to is dial *518#. 

Mentioned above are the loan numbers of all the major Telecom network companies. So, if you want to get the instant talktime and Internet data loan, here is the complete information on the loan number and codes of all the major network companies operating across the country. We hope that this article helped you find the loan code that you need.