Airtel to Airtel balance transfer


Given a case where you need to call someone for an emergency and you don’t have enough balance in your mobile phone. It feels so helpless when we are put into such a situation, to better such situations for its customers Airtel applied the scheme of give and take balance from friends by which you can send balance to any of your friends and ask for balance from any of your friends. But this can happen only when both the customers have Airtel as there network carriers. With this article I wanna explain the easy and basic process of how to send and ask for balance from Airtel to Airtel mobile numbers for the ones who don’t know.

Airtel provides you with a USSD code to send balance from your mobile number to your friends mobile number for which Airtel charges Service charge for this transfer. All you have to do for the balance transfer to happen is to process the USSD code *141# and then enter the details like the receivers mobile number and the amount of balance you wish to transfer at their required fields.

You just have to follow a few simple steps to transfer balance from a Airtel mobile number to another Airtel mobile number.

How to transfer a balance from Airtel to Airtel mobile number?

To enable the Balance transfer procedure, you have to always take two important things into consideration. One of them is that both the Network carriers from the mobile number you are transferring and to the mobile number you are receiving the balance should be of same service provider and the second one is would have to know the USSD code provided by the mobile operator for the Balance transfer process.

For a favourable hassle free balance transfer between two mobile numbers you have to take the following aspects into consideration like the USSD code and the network providers which are explained clearly below

When you have Airtel as your mobile operator ,then the USSD code for the balance or talk time transfer from one mobile number to other is *141#.

When you process the USSD code *141# from your Airtel mobile number, A set of options will be displayed on your mobile screen which looks similar to this.

Share Talk time.

Buy Happy hours.

Take loan/ ask for talk time.

Gift pack.

Call me back SMS.



From the menu, you have to select the option of Share talk time to transfer balance from your mobile number for which you have to select number 1 corresponding to the option Share Talk time.

You have to the enter the amount of Talk time you are willing to transfer to your friend or someone at the receiving end.

The limitations Airtel has put for the balance transfer is between Rs.5 to Rs.40 as the lower and uppers bounds respectively.

Airtel will be charging a service charge of Rs.10 when you transfer balance to your friends and there are limitations for the transfer based on the day and month which is 5 times per day and Rs.150 per month which means you can perform the transaction of sharing your balance or talk time with your friends only five times a day and you can only share a amount of Rs.150 per month.

Now you will be getting the details of the amount of balance you want to transfer to your friends including the service charge which you need to confirm.

Once you are done with the amount you wish to transfer you will be asked for the mobile number of your friend or someone at the receiving end.

Enter your friends mobile number and click on the send option.

After a successful balance transfer you will get to see the details which include the receivers mobile number and the amount of talk time you shared with the service charge you have been charged for the amount of balance you transferred.

The one who receives the balance gets a text message with your mobile number and the amount of talk time he received from you.

This process of transferring the talk time from one Airtel mobile number to the other is very simple with few simple steps to follow and few simple things to remember while you enable the transfer which shouldn’t be a problem and there is no chance for a problem to occur or a hurdle to your balance transfer once you have read this article.

Airtel doesn’t hold any responsibility in losing your balance by entering a wrong mobile number during the process. Hence, it is suggested to properly check the receivers mobile number before clicking the send option while you transfer your balance with your friends. Now you can easily share your talk time with any of your friends by following the procedure explained above.