10 Drawbacks For Naming A City, State Or Country To Google

A few days back I heard a story that Kansas capital Topeka, has unofficially changed their city’s name to Google.Its correct Mr William W. Bunten, Mayor of the City of Topeka, Kansas urge the citizens of Topeka, to recognize and support the continuing efforts to bring Google’s “Fiber for Communities” experiment to the city, and do hereby proclaim that for the month of March 2010, the city of Topeka will be Known as Google, Kansas – The Capital City Of Fiber Optics.

In the Proclamation by the Mayor he refers to the 100 times faster Internet service and the name change is only for this purpose.

google search for topeka

In my perspective it’s a brave decision and i like it. But, there are few drawbacks for naming the city to Google (Topeka). Here are they:

1. Map of Google : Finding Topeka’s Map now will be like finding Google Maps in Google Search. For My city, I generally search “Jaipur Map”.

2. Finding Pizza : Till date Google Search has enabled some awesome results when you search Pizza and your city name. For example – “Pizza in Jaipur“. For Topeka it will be now “Pizza in Google

3. Finding Distance Between : Let’s say you want to find distance between two places in Google Maps. No guesses what difficulty will Topeka face here. You will have to Search for Distance between “Google and California”.

4. Traveling in Google : I love to Travel at places and if you are planning to visit Topeka, you will now have to search for “Places in Google” or “Tourist Places in Google” or “Bus Service in Google”.

5. Google Weather : What’s the Weather condition today in Topeka ? For that you will search “Weather Google”. Any guesses what will you find?

6. Finding Movies at theaters in Google: Finding Movies is yet another usual thing i search for in Google Search. Topeka people now have to search for a “Movies in Google“.

7. Who is the Mayor of Google : Who are the Political Leaders in a City. How about Finding Mr William W. Bunten, Mayor of the City of Topeka. Now you can find him by Searching “Mayor of Google”

8. Google Images: I want to see how Topeka looks or image results from that city. You can Search that by typing “Google Images”.

9. Institution Search in Google : Studying in Topeka can be a little problem as well. Finding Colleges, Schools in Google can be Fun.

10. Jobs in Google : Last but not the least, if you want a job in Topeka, what would you like to type in Search engine “Jobs in Google”.

I hope you will like the thought process behind & I would like to have your own thoughts about this. And yes it will be always confusing if you name a City, State or Country name “Google“.

Do Drop in your comments and also write in any other Funny Search Result you have thought in this context.