Data-only SIMs Explained

data only sim

Unlike a regular SIM, a data only SIM card does not have minutes or texts allocated to it. A data only SIM deal is ideal if you own a device (laptop or tablet) that accepts a SIM card, and you want to go online when there is no Wi-Fi accessible. A data only SIM card works with a tablet or laptop given that the device supports a SIM card. However, there are some tablets that will work only on Wi-Fi, so make sure about the built you are purchasing before you buy one.

When we talk about devices, data, and connectivity, we are privileged to have multiple choices. Although, every option is the appropriate fit for someone, how does one get to decide if a data only SIM card deal will give real value to them?

One of the important things to make a case for a data only SIM is that it is a convenient and flexible option to manage costs, avoid commitment, or connect less conventional system devices.

A data only SIM package is not just a perfect solution for personal needs but also for business overhead. Let’s look at some of the key aspects of this package:

  1. Flexibility: With data only SIM deals, you have the flexibility to choose contract terms, data capacity, network, and devices.
  1. Device costs: Buying a SIM card separately and not as a package with your phone doesn’t always sound right. But it can work in certain scenarios:
  • When you have a perfectly functioning device which is out of contract
  • When your system devices are already in use
  • When you want to switch SIMs between your unlocked devices
  • When you want to upgrade your device, you will have more freedom to do so
  1. On your terms: You can acquire data only SIM cards on monthly rolling contracts. If you are unsure about how much data you will be using in a month, or if you need it for a specific time period such as for some remote working, you can choose your contract to suit your usage and keep it in control all the times.
  1. Dual SIM options: Getting dual SIMs is a good option when you want to keep your business and personal lives separate but in one place. People can use their personal devices for work and keep the usage and accounts distinct.

You can use a data only SIM card for:

Phones: The most obvious use of a data only SIM card is to make the internet facility available to the users while they are on the move. In such circumstances, users can get a 3G data only SIM package for their handsets and mobile devices.

Tablets: If your work is dependent on the usage of tablets and iPads, your employer can get you a data only SIM to use your device for recording orders, raising invoices, and conveying information to head office, other departments, and even the kitchen/counter in a restaurant.

Dongles: If the nature of your work is as such that you have to take your laptops out of the office and work remotely in a day to day role, you can use a data only SIM card in a dongle. You can connect it to the laptop for consistent internet access, letting you perform work efficiently.

How is the data only SIM package beneficial?

There is no need to pay for something you do not use or consume. A SIM card with texts and minutes tariff allotted to it might be useful for business mobile phones, however, you do not need one for the uses and other devices mentioned above. A data only package is cheaper than an inclusive tariff, so they are definitely the best choice for money value if you only require internet connectivity.

You can use a data only SIM package if you have specific needs such as sending emails to keep in touch with colleagues, customers, and suppliers. Emails have now become a fundamental tool for business communication. It is also important to have access to documents all the time to respond to internal or customer requests. If you are a student, these documents will turn into lecture notes and presentations. You can also access collaboration tools such as when multiple people or students are working on the same project, having instant access to real-time changes can be a huge boost to productivity.

How to find the best data only SIM deal?

Your provider will help you identify the best data only SIM package catering to your needs.

  • The number of devices
  • The amount of data to be used per month
  • Deal flexibility – whether a set period or rolling contract is suitable for your needs
  • Network – which one gives you the best coverage