Ways to Maximize Saving Using Coupons


Are you a daily shopper? Is shopping your hobby? Since saving money is on everyone’s mind these days, using coupons to maximize your savings just might be a boon to you unless of course, if you are one of the few lucky ones who doesn’t have to worry about money and save as much as possible? If you are interested in couponing but not sure how to get started, then you should definitely read on to know how to start saving 25-50 percent on your grocery bill using discount codes.

A lot of women who use coupons ask why after using coupons are they still not able to save 30 or 40% at the grocery store? Actually, the answer is simply saving money using coupons takes time and a 30% savings is a really great start.

  • The next question that comes to any one’s mind is where to look for coupons?

And the simple solution to your question would be making the lists of the products and brands that you regularly use at the grocery store and track coupons as many as you can.

  1. Newspaper: Your Sunday newspaper can be the first place where you need to start looking for coupons since they include coupons for a variety of brands.
  2. Magazines: Magazines such as Woman’s Day, Family Circle and Red Book carry some great manufacturer coupons. Next time do take a peek at some of these magazines.
  3. Grocery and drugstore Websites: These websites now offer coupons which can be downloaded directly to your store card. Next time do check for new coupons before you head to the store and to redeem your coupons, just by presenting your store card at checkout.
  4. com: Coupons.com offers hundreds of printable grocery coupons for all the major brands.
  5. Store Mailings: you can get a shopper card for the grocery stores where you buy your stuff regularly because you may get rewarded with special coupon mailings according to your purchase habits.
  6. On Products: Next time, before you throw away the packaging of the products have a look at it for special loyalty coupons.

How to maximize, your savings:

  1. Be Patient!

You need to understand that getting to a point where you can save 80-90% each and every time you hit the store takes time. There are various steps involved such as you need to build-up a stockpile and build up a good supply of coupons to choose from.

If you are thinking to get super good deals every week then you are wrong unless you as of now have a tremendous pantry loaded with food or are intending to eat out for each feast until you’ve set up your stockpile, you will, in any case, need to supplement your coupon shopping with non-coupon, non-sale items so that you have something to eat

  1. Be Committed:

Maximizing your savings using coupons is not that difficult but you need to have a system, plan your trips, keep your coupons organized, establish a stockpile, and be willing to change your shopping habits such as using a few coupons every now and then when you feel like it is going to get the job done.

  1. Shop at the variety of stores:

You need to realize that it is easier said than done especially when you have small children and yet consider the main reason stores run sales each week because they know most people won’t bother going to 3 or 4 different stores to get the best deals. When you shop at multiple stores, you will have a variety of priced items to choose from.

  1. Stop Being a Brand Loyal:

Using coupons to buy products like dab pen has many benefits since almost everything you buy is name brand. There are many brands that go on sale more often than other or has the best coupons but might not always be the brand you prefer. For instance, in a situation where you have 2 brands to choose from, it would be better to stick to “your” brand, despite the loss of savings.

  1. Don’t Burn Out:

Well, it is obvious to not get excited about couponing. When you first start, you feel like going to store every single day. You couldn’t just wait to find the next deal, you become giddy every time a new sales ad you see. You have to come to your senses and need to find a right balance between saving money and everything else and honestly, there will always be more great deals.

  1. Extreme couponing? Really?

The concept of extreme couponing is all about stockpiling but not literally speaking that you fill the garage or your spare bedroom with coupons. You need to have as much variety as possible. Try to buy enough to last your family at least 2 months.