Top 6 Best Grocery List Apps

In case you are used to with paper grocery lists, you definitely know that they are quite easy to lose and even forget. If you have a smartphone, it makes sense that you use grocery list on this device.

There are a number of apps which allows you to organize shopping, also create master lists of different things that you buy every time when you go to the store and even can share lists with your partner. Here are the six awesome grocery list apps which you can install and then use on your smartphone.

Basic list managers

The simplest way to create and keep grocery lists that you can use are the basic list apps with are available on iOS or Android.

1. Apple’s Reminder App

comes preinstalled on Apple devices

This app allows you to make lists along with syncing them with your iCloud account. You can also share various lists with others, and your partner can also use the same lists, along with adding and deleting items that are required. You can create many lists as per your requirement. You can also setup one lists for each one.

2. Google Keep


On Android, you can download this app which allows you to sync the lists to your Gmail account. However, you can’t share these lists and no other person can edit it. Still you can share the lists via email.

In case of iCloud and Google Keep, you can easily access any of the lists on the web as you can also update those lists from a computer too.

3. Wunderlist


This is another general list which you can also use for maintaining grocery lists. This app allows you to create various to-do lists along with dates, alarms and different works. But you can also utilize different lists to keep the grocery list. It is free for its basic service. However, you have to pay $50 a year for its pro version which is particularly designed for business which comes with various advanced collaboration features. You can also share these lists with the person who also use the app and they can also add, edit and even check items. In case you have finished shopping for your items, you can also uncheck those items for other visit to the store. You can also delete the old lists.

4. AnyList


This is one of the apps which are created for grocery lists and recipes. After starting to add a new item, this app displays an auto-complete list. You can then tap to add item on it and AnyList groups items in your own list by different store sections like Bakery, Dairy, Meat and others. You can also make many lists for different store you visit. You can also share the list with people who also use this app. You can even add recipes, such that every item that needs to be added to your grocery lists. Its complete subscription is for $8 for individuals, or $12 for family, for access to one year. You can also add photos, get access to your app via the internet.

5. Grocery IQ


This app form coupons.com is specifically designed to provide help to maintain and manage your grocery lists and also save money simultaneously. There are different categories which are shows when the coupons are available, leading you toward different specific brands. You can also scan barcodes to further add items to any list and can also search and find local grocery stores. You can also share the lists along with accessing them via the internet.

6. Recipe manager Paprika


This app comes with an in-built browser which assists you in searching and finding different recipes which you like on the internet and then allows you to import them to your own personal recipe list. Paprika will also store the recipe which means when you prepare any meal, you can see the list. You can also add different items to the grocery list and also remove those items which you already have.

You can also change the sizes of serving, and it allows you to adjust and alter the quantities as per your requirement. You can also set up different meal plans for any week, and you can take all the items from grocery list for your entire week.

However, you can’t share these lists, but in case the other person log into your account, this app auto-sync feature will allow you to both view and edit the same list. You can even email your lists if you wish to send to a person who doesn’t have this app.