Must-Have Apps for Mac Users in 2019

Apps for Mac

Apps are an essential part of how billions around the world work, live and play. Apps make our lives easier, from online payments, banking, shopping to productivity, entertainment and dating. So as a Mac user, you need the best suite of tools and apps to make your life easier.

The problem is, as any Mac user knows, spending any time searching for something decent in the Mac App Store (MAS) means searching for ages to find anything decent. When you are busy, you don’t want to wait or download something that isnít what you need or requires an in-app purchase. You need a more convenient solution, which is why Setapp was launched in 2017.

Setapp is the first subscription service in the world for macOS users. Get access to over 130 Setapp apps for one small monthly fee. Within Setapp, you are going to find, quickly and easily, some of the best apps for Mac, to keep you productive.

Staying productive has never been so important. Busy professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners never have enough time to do everything. So any advantage you can gain using technology and apps is worth taking. Setapp apps include some of the best productivity apps for Mac around, and here are five worth downloading.

5 of the best apps for Mac

#1: For productivity: Pagico

Pagico is an app that makes task and project management easier. Managing tasks, files, projects and clients can be difficult to juggle successfully at times, so anything you can use to be more effective is worth trying.

With interactive flowcharts compiled automatically, you can keep everything you need in the same place, such as travel itineraries next to boarding passes and design notes and assets next to project briefs. It is one of the best productivity apps for Mac, and you can download it today with Setapp.

#2: For task management: Be Focused

Staying focused is more of a challenge than it was before social networks, YouTube, reddit and countless other online distractions. It can be too easy to search for something and get distracted, or pick up our phone for one reason then spend twenty minutes checking our favourite social networks.

So find an easier way to stay on track, with Be Focused.

Be Focused is a powerful planner that helps to eliminate distractions. As a project management tool, you can use this app to outline the scope of work for any project, create tasks, and track your progress. Break up big goals into smaller chunks to make them not so overwhelming.

#3: For creativity: Swift Publisher

Print publishing has always been an invaluable marketing tool and way of sharing knowledge, information and advertising everything from weddings to product launches. As the world has gone increasingly digital, more consumers than ever are preferring and responding to printed promotions and advertising.

Make it easier to create print materials on a Mac. Downloading Swift Publisher is an app that is so easy-to-use it feels like you are taking shortcuts. Swift Publisher is a desktop publisher for Mac that delivers professional quality print and digital results without you needing to master an entire publishing suite.

#4: For writing and blogging: ProWritingAid

Whether you are sending an email to a client, your boss, or are publishing articles on a blog, itís always worth checking what you write. In Pages, Word or Google Docs, built-in spellcheck tools are fairly basic, and they don’t always pick up on the regional wording and phrasing you need.

Instead, put your writing through ProWritingAid, a powerful and easy-to-use grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one convenient app. It won’t write for you, but it will make your job easier.

#5: For Lifestyle: Cappuccino

Staying on top of the news is important for our careers and sense of place in the world. People want to stay informed. But there are millions of websites out there offering us views, opinions, news and advice. How do you keep track of everything?

Try Cappuccino, a user-friendly, efficient RSS app lets you build a custom news hub featuring content from your favorite sites. Make it a part of your morning routine along with a coffee.

Key takeaways

Setapp provides customers with access to over 130 apps for one small monthly subscription. You can gain download a wide selection of premium macOS apps for only $9.99 per month, with other options for families and students. Early in 2019, Fast Company recently announced that Setapp is one of the top 10 most innovative companies in Europe. The Fast Company Most Innovative Companies (MIC) award is an annual contest that features cutting-edge ideas advanced by pioneering companies.

Unlike the Mac App Store, there is no difficulty finding what you need, no in-app purchases and no adverts in any of the apps on offer. Download what you need when you need it. Use apps that improve the experience of using your Mac, with much greater choice and productivity options.

Author Bio: James Dorian is a technical copywriter and a blogger. He is great at solving modern business issues and applying tech innovations. James knows how to be extremely productive at work.

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